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Chapter 17: Mike's Gift

"I don't know about this." Inu Yasha said. Kagome held his hand and lead him toward camp. He didn't wear the blindfold, he just kept his eyes closed.

"What's not to know about it?" ^_^ she said.

"Isn't this going to look strange, with you dragging me around. It's a seeing eye dog, not a seeing eye human. Won't it look silly?"

"Nonsense," Kagome said. "Your health means more then your pride, and no one should know that more then you." ^_^

Inu Yasha sweatdropped and she lead him into camp.

They were all sitting by the fire waiting for Kagome to resume her place as chef. She put Inu Yasha down by his tree and went over to boil the water. Everyone was smiling at her. She looked up at them and sweatdropped. "What?"

"You and Inu Yasha have been gone for over an hour." Shio said smiling.

"What were you doing?" Sango asked slyly.

Kagome blushed and smiled as she set the timer for the boiler.

Shio stood on the edge of a cliff looking out over Musashi. He turned around and the whole group was there. "It was fun." He said with a large smile, "But I gotta leave."

"And the perv was just starting to grow on me." Sango said.

"We'll miss you, Shio." Kagome said.

Shio smiled as if holding something back then said, "Ah, heck!" and we went and hugged and/or shook hands with everyone. He did his special handshake with Inu Yasha and said to Kagome, "Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that guy party if I were you, Kagome. I remember once when Inu Yasha had six prostitutes and-"

Inu Yasha jumped on him and covered his mouth, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHEN TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!?!"

Everyone sweatdropped.

Shio was quite about that but went on talking, "Like I was saying, Inu Yasha has definitely grown out of party night." Shio looked upward and smiled sadly. "Party night is for single guys like me. I might have a lot of fun, but in the end, I'm forever alone." Kagome looked at him sadly, "Shio."

He turned back to look at them still smiling but distantly sad. "Inu Yasha, never let Kagome go." He waved and bounded off after calling, "I'll see you later!"

They started to walk back to camp but something vital to Miroku was missing. He looked around and said, "Dude! Where's my horse?"

Shio road off into the distance on Ushi. "Running and leaping is fun," he said. "But riding is so much more cooler!" He held up the dog biscuit bag, "I'll be back when I run out of these!"

Kagome stood in front of her house and had an extremely pitiful look on her face. She looked down at Mike and he looked up at her with big watery eyes. Inu Yasha stood next to her in "Feh" mode. He could see again. The trainer appeared at the top of the shrine steps. That's when Kagome lost it. "No!" she bent down and hugged Mike. "He can't leave, I love him!" The trainer came walking over slowly, hoping Kagome wouldn't do anything crazy. "Now Miss," he said soothingly. "I gotta take him back, he's my dog!"

"No! He's MY dog!" Kagome glared daggers at the trainer. The trainer grabbed Mike by the collar and Kagome was about to go Sankon Tessou on the guy so Inu Yasha had to hold her back. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! MIIIKE!!!!" she screamed hysterically. "Kagome! You're making a scene!!" Inu Yasha sweatdropped. When Mike and the Trainer got to the bottom of the shrine steps. Mike turned around and barked up at them, 'Ruff ruff roof! Hrreror roof rof!'

Kagome looked at Inu Yasha and he looked at her and said, "He said, Goddbye Kagome, he had the best time of his life.'"

Then Mike barked again, 'Grrr hor hr ruff!'

Inu Yasha jumped at the top step and shouted down at him, "What do you mean, your work here is done?! What did you exactly DO?!?"

Mike barked a couple more times before the trainer put him in the back of his van and drove away.

Some Months Later............

Kagome heaved her backpack over the side of the well. Expecting a normal day, a normal shikon shard hunt, the same, usual, standard, regular, ordinary, and other words that are synonym to normal....

"Kagome!" Shippou, Miroku, and Sango came running toward her. She jumped in shock and they stood in front of her.

"Wha-what is it?" she asked.

Sango grabbed her hand and they started to drag her off somewhere. "It happened this morning!" Sango shouted.

"What happened this morning??" Kagome asked getting a little worried.

"Remember that guy's party with all of the dogs?" Shippou asked.

"Yeah," Kagome said.

They peeked into a clearing and Kagome gasped.

Miroku laughed to himself and said, "It appears that Mike met a girl when he was there!"

In the clearing, a line of five golden retriever puppies sat wagging their tails and panting. Inu Yasha was walking back and forth in front of them like a drill sergent. The puppies watched him walk back and forth. Then Inu Yasha stopped at one end and looked down at them with his serious gaze. "Teeen hut!" he said.

The puppies straightened up and he started to pace again. "If you whelps are going to hang around with me, then there are certain rules you must follow." He looked down at each one:

There was a little black puppy with a green bow.



The second puppy was brownish gold and the smallest.



The third puppy was black with a white spot on its paw.



The fourth puppy was black with a red bow.



Then he stopped at the cute little albino puppy at the end.

"Er....Whatever your name is."


Shippou whispered, "That one we named Inu-kun."

"The rules are," Inu Yasha stopped and pointed down at them. "Don't touch me, don't lick me, don't jump up on me, don't take possession of my friends, and do everything I say!"

They all looked up at him smiling with puppydog eyes, panting excitedly.

"Alright then," Inu Yasha rocked on his heels, "You're dismissed."

All of the puppies ran over and jumped on him knocking him down. "GAAAH!! NO! STOP! GET OFF OF ME! GAAHH!!!" his screams soon turned to uncontrollable laughter as all of the puppies were licking his face.

Kagome was crying, she was so happy. Everyone came in and started playing with the puppies. Kagome picked up the little Kagome puppy. "I'm a mommy!" she shouted. She looked upward, "Thank you, Mike!"

Inu Yasha made a disgusted sound, "EK! It licked my teeth!"


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So where is Kirara?

Sound from under her bed: Mew!

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