Vicious Propensity

Summary- Mafia man Edward, has closed his heart off to everyone outside his family. He gets injured, and is helped by a young woman who seems to not like him. He then meets a young girl that tugs at his heart and he soon finds himself wanting to be something else so he can be worthy of them both.

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I fix my tie as Mike opens my car door. I turn to get out sliding on my shades. As I walk into the auto shop, I am flanked by Emmett and Jasper.

I keep my eyes on the man in front of me. "Sam!" As soon as I say his name, I see his hands begin to shake.

"Mr…Cu..ll..en," he stutters.

"Your payment is very late," I say taking off my shades. "I am a patient man, but we are now well into week three."

Sam looks to the ground knowing I have let this go on too long. "I know and I am grateful that you've given me this leeway, but I just need a little more time, my daughter, she was sick."

I smirk knowing he is lying straight to my face. "That's funny, I saw Emily with Leah today and she looked just fine. Leah, on the other, hand was sporting a nasty black eye."

"You know her, she's just so clumsy," he says with a chuckle and I follow with a sarcastic chuckle of my own.

"Yeah, she has seen my father so often this month; I had begun to think they were having an affair."

Sam's chuckling stops right away and his hand rolls up in a fist. "But we'll get back to that. I am more worried that you were able to find three thousand dollars to give to James, yet your kid needs new shoes?"

"Well, you see—" I cut him off as my fist hits his face.

"There are a few things I hate. One being when someone doesn't pay their debt to me, which is like stealing from me, and another when I'm being straight-faced lied to. Although my worst pet peeve is those fuckers that beat their wives, allow them and their kids to go without just so they can get a fix!" I spend the next hour giving Sam some good old fashioned home medicine.

Once I feel calmer, I let Sam be and give him four days to find the full twenty thousand he owes, or I'll be taking his auto shop.

I am not your average man; I am Edward Cullen, head of my own created mob-type Mafia family. I did have help from my godfather Aro. Aro is the godfather of the Mafia world here. He has been able to teach me a lot and has given me a few good men. What I have built over the years is mostly my own doing.

I have four night clubs, two strip clubs, and a show girl club. There are also my six apartment buildings, and I have six odd shops that I have acquired. Not bad for a man who has just turned twenty-nine.

In my personal life, I am a single man, and thankfully am not in the public eye. I am not classed as an eligible bachelor and I don't have women throwing themselves at me. It is really quite the opposite. Women out of the family don't really speak with me, and most of them seem to be afraid when doing so.

In my family there is my mother Esme, she is a therapist and works at the abused women's center. She is married to Carlisle. He is my father in every way that matters, and I will always call him Dad. He is a doctor and works at the local hospital. He is a great man, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. I know my chosen walk of life hurts him. He struggles with his love for me and his pledge to first do no harm. I may have beaten someone once in front of him and I can still see the shame in his face when he looks at me.

But regardless, he still loves me, and has never turned his back on me when I have needed him. Next up is Emmett – Esme and Carlisle's first adopted kid. He is twenty- five, and is an active member of my team. Lastly, there is twenty-six-year old Alice, who was adopted into the family when she was the sole survivor of a house fire at fourteen. She is a little bundle of joy, but has some problems. Due to the house fire, she is heavily scarred on her face, neck, and front torso. Not only that, she was found not breathing, and due to the lack of oxygen, she has memory problems, and is very naïve, but I think that came from being so protected by our parents.

Besides my immediate family, Aro and Jasper are close family friends. They are the only ones that see me for who I really am—the monster that I am. I know I'm a monster and nothing will change that; therefore, I accept myself for what I am.

"Sir, we are at the club," Mike says. I step back out of the car and give a quick nod to Jasper and Emmett as they pass me in their own car.

"I need you to get safety payments from building B." Mike nods and I start to walk away. I stop short, turning my head to look over my shoulder. "And your rent is due." He pales just enough for me to see, and just nods.

I walk in even strides through Dolls, the show girl club, and into the back where some of the girls are getting ready. The girls just keep chatting as I pass them without even giving me a glance. Not that they are being disrespectful, but they are used to the fact I, and other male workers, walk through all the time. At the same time they are aware neither I nor they are checking them out. I only hire males that see these girls as workers, women, and dancers. If the word whore or slut gets thrown around, that person is fired and gets a lesson in respect.

I make my way to the office, unlock the door, sit down at my table, and start going through some of my books. I am not long in when there is a knock on my door. I yell at the person to come in.

"Boss, I have the paychecks for you to sign." Tanya hands me them and I sign them all, handing them back.

"Royce King is requesting a front table again and..." I stop my workload and look up at her so she will carry on. "Izzy, the new kid… he requested a private dance with her."

I lean back on my chair. "These girls are showgirls; he's coming to the wrong club for that." Tanya nods in agreement.

"Yes, and I told him such, but he was adamant that he see her to a private room. He even offered ten thousand to have her shipped to one of the other clubs." Fuck, that's a load of money, but there is something off, I don't trust or like Royce. "Izzy had overheard him ranting about it and said she doesn't do that and never will."

"Well, that's the end of it then. I am not in the business to force someone to strip for some asshole when they clearly don't want to."

"Yes, sir, I know. He was not happy when I told him. I just wanted you to be aware in case of any problems tonight."

I look back down at my paperwork. "Make sure Felix and Alec are aware of it, and find me if he starts anything, no matter how small."

Tanya doesn't say another word as she walks out. It comes to no great surprise at ten o'clock; I am radioed to be told Royce started trouble.

Soon I am in the main part of the club. I see Royce waving his hands around as he yells at Tanya with Felix and Alec on each side of her.

"Mr. King, Izzy is under no requirement to do anything you have requested. Now, you have been given your answer, please take a seat," Tanya says keeping her voice firm as she speaks.

"Cullen," Royce sneers as he turns seeing me come up behind him. "You need better staff! This one seems unconcerned about meeting my needs."

"My staff is not here to meet your wants and neither am I. You are free to take your business elsewhere. No one is keeping you here."

Royce looks me up and down chuckling. "Fine," he smirks at me. "Tell the whore I'll be seeing her real soon." He walks out with his two misfits right behind him. I tilt my head and walk calmly toward the door.

Royce is well in front of me, but I can clearly hear him laughing as he stands at his car. He opens the door and I move in smashing his head on the hood, holding him into the car.

"What the fuck!" he yells and I tape his mouth shut with the help of Alec. Royce's eyes widen when Alec and Felix get in his car and start to drive.

Royce mumbles something out and I lean a little to him. "What was that?" I ask with a raised eyebrow. When he mumbles again, I smack him with my gun handle.

"Maybe you should shut it!" The rest of the way to the docks, he's silent and I drag him all the way to the barrel. He looks over the edge seeing the cold water and looks back at me with wide eyes.

"You have been pissing me off for months now!" I say as I punch him. "You're always demanding shit from me, from my workers!" I say with another hit. "But tonight, you made a remark about taking one of my girls, when you have been clearly made aware that you are not getting her. This is your one and only lesson; make sure you learn from it." I set about leaving him in a heap. I head back to Dolls to complete my work.


It is the early hour of the morning when I arrive to my empty home. I pull off my tie as I pour myself a Whiskey and sit down on my couch drinking it slowly, in the dark.

I am woken by my cell ringing, I groan rubbing my face. As I pick it up, the ringing stops and I look at the time seeing it's just past seven in the morning. I let out another groan which gets cut off by my cell ringing again.

I look at the display seeing Aro's name and I answer.

"It's seven in the morning," I say with a yawn.

"You beat up Royce!?"

I lay back down knowing this may take a few minutes. "Yeah… he was out of line."

"They have been calling me all night, the meeting starts at two."

"He was in my club, on my turf, telling me what to do. That's not even adding the comments he made about one of my workers."

"He's not happy and neither is his father."

"They should be; I left him alive after all."

"Edward, just be here at two." I grunt and hang up.

I lie back down on my couch getting a few more hours of sleep. When it's time, I get up, wash, and drive to Aro's showing up fashionably late. I don't like to be told what to do.

"Edward, what time do you call this?" Caius, Royce's father, asks.

"I would have to say quarter after two. What do you call it?" I reply as I sit down on a chair putting my feet on the table.

"Take off your shades, boy," Caius sneers and I chuckle, standing up pointing my gun at him.

"Really, Aro, this is your meeting? He's been rude and disrespectful!" I chuckle, but keep my gun on him.

"Respect comes with respect, Caius. Your son was disrespectful to me and my staff."

"He wanted to buy a whore from you. It should have been a done deal!" I moved fast slamming Caius against the wall.

"I don't fucking trade women you fucking tard. This will be the last time I tell you and your stupid fucker of a son! He is no longer welcome in my club or on my turf. If I see him, I will kill him." I let him go and he falls to the floor gasping for air.

"Caius, my friend, you are aware that Edward does not deal in sex trafficking; your son has been told. Edward has the northern areas; if you don't start to respect the boundaries, then maybe I should look more closely at our friendship."

"We have been friends for decades, and you are allowing this boy to come in between us? Mark my word, Aro; he will lead you to your death. He is too hot headed and unwilling to see the other side of the coin, he wants rainbows and roses. But, the old way works and will always work. Sex slaves are still as active as ever. Just because he has a cross to bear with it, doesn't mean we should lose out. Think about it, Aro." Caius walks quickly out and I sneer at his back.

"Edward, what the hell has gotten into you?" I sigh and sit down.

"I will not be told what to do, not by him and not by his fucker of a son." Aro lets out a long breath and shakes his head.

"You need a woman." I roll my eyes and look away from him. "Fine, you need to get laid then. I know a few women that would help with your stress."

I chuckle. "No thanks, I'm not Charlie Sheen. Besides, it gets stale." Aro sighs and nods.

"Then maybe it's time for you to settle down." I chuckle shaking my head. I was sure he was never going to give up.

"You can't stop love, Edward."

"I know, but if I ever fall in love, I would stay away from whoever my heart beat for. They would deserve more than me, I'm a monster."

"You truly believe that?"

"I do."

"Edward, love can mend even the most broken of hearts."

I spend the afternoon and evening with Aro and his new wife Jane. It is quite late when I head home.

I am just over halfway when my car sputters and comes to a complete stop. I go through my pockets, and pull out my cell seeing it's dead.

"Fucking hell!" I scream in my car.

I get out slamming the door and start walking the twenty or so minutes to the gas station.

I feel someone coming up behind me and I turn quickly. "Give me your wallet," the man says pointing a knife at me. I take a few seconds to look him over. He's dirty, and I can smell him from where he stands. His hand has a slight shake and he seems on edge. No doubt this is a street bum looking for cash for his next fix.

"Wrong guy, asshole," I say as I pull out my gun. He pales a little.

I watch a grin come over his face when I feel a knife poking into my back. I put my hands up like I am going to surrender, but turn hitting the person that's behind me. As I go to hit them a second time, I am stunned to see it's a woman. I gasp and she stands up picking up her knife as her partner, who's thankfully a male, hits my side. I quickly turn on him and after a few good jabs, he and the woman run away. I pick up my gun and I'm aware the fucker must have picked my pocket at some point, taking my wallet.

"Son of a bitch, you just signed your death warrant!" I yell. I let out a huff before I start walking to the gas station again. Knowing the sooner I can get Jasper and Emmett out here, the quicker I can get those fuckers picked up.

I am walking along the road and I start to feel a little tired. I slap my face and widen my eyes trying to wake myself up a little. As my eyes start to feel heavy again, I see the light of a car coming toward me, making me realize I am walking into oncoming traffic. I move on to the side, but the light seems to come more fully on me and I swallow seeing it's not a car, but a ghastly looking truck. At the last possible second, the truck swerves and goes down the small dirty road and comes to a complete stop as it almost hits a tree.

I bend over feeling a pain in my side as my breathing comes out shallower. "Are you out of you fucking mind?!" A voice yells. I stand up slowly taking my hand away from my side, as the figure comes close. My eyes look to my hand which is covered in blood. "Why the hell were you walking in the middle of the road? Do you have a death wish or something?" My eyes go to the person, seeing it's a young woman.

"No hospitals," I say as everything spins and then goes dark.

I wake and I look around the unfamiliar room. "Yes, Cullen is at the center…." A young female voice says. "It's just my luck that I would almost run the asshole down." I sit up, but the pain rips through my side. "Yes, YES, Jesus I just said yes, okay yes!" I hear her sigh and I fall off the side of the sofa that I have been left on and everything goes foggy.

I feel someone wrap their arms around me and they try to pick me up. Soon as I have regained some of my strength, I push them against the wall holding them by their throat. I glare down at the young woman.

Her hands comes up to mine and she tries to pull my hand way. "Who did you just call?" I frown a little knowing I have seen this woman. "I know you," I say losing my grip a bit, and she shakes her head.

"You don't know me." Again she shakes her head.

"Liar, I heard you say my name, and I don't have my wallet."

"I know your name, yes, I've never spoken to you and you have never spoken to me, therefore, I don't know you." I raise my eyebrow at her.

"What's your name?"

"Isabella," she says and I keep looking at her to carry on, but she doesn't.

"Last name?"

"Swan," she spits out and I rack my brain for an Isabella Swan.

"I don't know that name."

"I never said you did." I chuckle a little, if this girl really knows who I am, she's clearly very brave or very stupid. I'm banking on the latter one.

"Who did you call?" All this anger seems to have wiped me out as I again begin to feel tired.

"Mr. Cullen and Mr. Whitlock. I thought if you didn't want to go to a hospital, you would want them here. I have already stitched up your side, but you lost some blood and you should lie down." I look down at my side seeing a fresh cut that's been stitched. The work looks better than what Emmett would have done anyway. I look back at her as her face looks young and more likely late teens, early twenties. I feel a little guilty that I have been holding her against the wall by the throat for the past ten minutes.

"I am sorry," I say letting her go. I put my hand to my head feeling overly sleepy again.

"Boss!" I hear Emmett yell. I turn facing the door seeing Emmett and Jasper come through looking worried.

"I'm okay," I tell them just as the floor comes hurdling toward me.

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