Okay this is the end.

Epilogue Sasha POV

I can't believe I have completed my first year of college. It has gone by so fast. I look around what has been my room for the past ten months. Everything is mostly cleared out, apart from some books and photos.

I pick up one photo with my father, Michael, in it. He passed away fourteen years ago when I was five. He was a great man. My mom and dad often remind me that Michael didn't give up his life for me; it was simply just his time. I know, deep down, he did.

For my first few years of life, it was just him and me. I do remember that time well; I was three almost four when my mom, Beebee came to stay with us. I had already loved her; it's hard not to love someone like her.

The three of us became a family—we were the three musketeers. We had our problems: big ones being Mom and I were both sick often. Plus, we had lack-of- money problems, but there was no shortage of love in my family, despite what my father and mom thought. I never wanted for anything.

Placing the last photos into my bag, the one with me hugging my best friend, my dad, my teddy grabs my attention. I still remember the first day we met. He had a glow about him with a warm heart that sang to me. Not sure how or where, I knew the second my eyes met with his, that he was going to be in my family. I just knew he was going to help us.

It was not long after this that my father left mom and me unexpectedly. I had to watch Mom get sicker. I was so young and didn't know how to help her. I watched as she called someone over and over begging them to help. To say I was a little stunned that my friend Teddy showed up would be an understatement. But he just scooped Mom into his arms taking us away from everything.

Looking back on the events after this, are quite amusing. The dance they both seemed to do around each other, but I know they both felt that spark even if Mom still tries hard to dispute it.

My dad went off to find my father when I got sick. I was so happy they both returned home looking fine. It took us to the end of the first day to become a family. I know now how strange that would have been for people looking at us, but we just worked. I think it's the fact that my father's death hit me harder, almost like he died in vain.

"Sasha," I hear my father say. "Sasha, baby," he says again and I giggle opening my eyes, but feel sleepy.

"Me tired," I tell him pushing him a little.

"I know, baby, I just need a little of your time, then you can go back to sleep." I huff, but open my eyes.

"There's my baby," he says grinning at me. "Do you remember where you have been?" I frown tilting my head and smile as I remember I was just wheeled away for my operation.

"Yes; me better now?" I ask him and his face lights up as he nods.

"Yes, baby, you're going to have a long, beautiful life." I watch as he strokes my face, and a single tear runs down his face.

"I am sorry, baby, but I need to go with the angels." I shake my head at him.

"Me no want you to," I tell him. "Me want you to stay with me, Teddy and Beebee."

"I want to, too, but I can't." I shake my head at him feeling my heart and mind starting to race.

"Sasha – Baby, I just came to tell you that I love you so much, and I will be with you always," he tells me placing his hand over my heart. "I need you to be a big girl; will you do something for me?"

I sob, but nod. "I need you to be a good girl for Bella; she loves you like you're her own. Let her love you, guide you, and remind her she's important and has to look after herself. Edward, he needs you to remind him every day that he has a good heart, and is loved very, very much. It's just the three of you now."

"Four, Daddy, Twilight sparkle," I say and he grins nodding at me.

"The four of you are a family." He stops talking and looks to the door.

"They are coming to look in on you, baby," he leans over me, kissing my head. "When you are ready, you can call them Mom and Dad. I love you always, baby, and I will always be here whenever you need me." The door opens and my head turns to look at the nurse as she walks over to me. I look back at where my father was to find him gone.

"Hi Sasha, how are you feeling?" I look back at the nurse and sob a little.

"I want Beebee and Teddy," I tell her as she looks at me sadly.

That was not the last time I saw my father, often in the corner of my eye, I was sure he was standing there smiling as he watched the four of us doing things as a family.

I move to the next photo which is of Mom and Dad's wedding day.

Mom was heavily pregnant when she and Dad got married. Her pregnancy had not been an easy one, and grandpa C was often looking her over. Dad footed around her worried all the time. They both wanted to be married before the baby arrived, so when she was feeling a little better, with only a month to go, Dad started his plans. Of course, Aunt Alice wanted to drum it all up from a small family wedding at the courthouse, to a five-star, all singing and dancing wedding.

I covered my mouth as the chuckles come out as Aunty Alice started listing off everything she was planning. If Uncle Jasper had not pulled her behind him, I am sure Dad would have shot Alice with the gun he was pointing at her face. After that, Aunty Alice shut up and two days later was Mom and Dad's wedding.

I was dressed in what was the most beautiful princess dress. "Beebee," I said as I danced around.

"Yes, baby?" she asked as she looked at me closing her eyes and covered her mouth.

"Do you think I look pretty?"

"You look amazing, baby," she told me, and I looked her over. She had a little more color to her face and her eyes weren't as dark or puffy, but she still looked ill.

"Beebee okay?" I asked placing my hand on her bump. It was so small; she didn't look like the ladies from the TV or books.

"I am," she told me. "Will you help me get my dress on?" I smiled and nodded.

Shakily, she stepped into the dress and I jumped on the chair to help her pull it up, and I zipped her in.

"You look like a princess," I told her as I hugged her.

"Thank you, baby, and time to get Edward." I nod at her, moving off the chair slowly. Edward has told me that I needed to be extra careful around Beebee. I take a hold of her hand and we both walk out and down the stairs. As we were walking down the stairs, Teddy appeared looking at both of us with a huge smile on his face.

"You two look amazing." He took hold of our joined hands, bringing them to his lips to kiss them.

Beebee and I let go of each other taking one of Teddy's hands as he led us to the car.

The car ride was short and we walked in to the courthouse to find the rest of the family, along with my papa Aro and Doc.

My eyes go to the Doc; I'm still unsure around her. Too often I have seen her and she had to run some sort of test on me. Some days she wasn't my favorite person.

"I'm here for the party," she whispered in my ear. I gave her a nod, but look at Papa Aro who nodded and winked mouthing that he'd keep me safe.

The wedding only took half an hour, and we all went to a restaurant that Teddy booked.

I had been dancing with brother bear when I ran to hug Beebee, who was looking tired.

"Love you," I told her and she smiled, but got whiter as she started dripping water.

"Beebee, you peeped!" I said and she closed her eyes.

"Get Edward and Carlisle for me, baby." I nodded and ran to where they were talking.

"Teddy," I said running into his arm.

"Hi, princess," he said kissing me, but I shake him off bringing his ear to me.

"Beebee peeped herself," I whispered hoping no one could hear me. I know it's okay to have accidents, but still, no one wants anyone to know. Teddy frowned at me and then his eyes looked around the room for her.

"DAD, BELLA'S WATER BROKE!" he yelled making the whole room go silent.

Before I could say a word he was running over to her with me in his arms.

"Firefly," he said kissing her head.

"Sorry," Beebee said with a sob.

"Princess, sit here for me," he told me placing me on the table before he hugged Beebee.

"It hurts," Beebee said with a gasp.

I watched unsure of what was happening. As everyone gathered around Beebee, Teddy picked her up in his arms.

"Princess, I need to take Beebee to the hospital, she's having the baby. Stay with Esme and she will bring you as soon as the baby is here."


"When will the baby be here?" I asked Esme again.

"I'm not sure, but it could be a while. Why don't we go to bed," she said with a smile, but I shook my head.

"No, me want to stay awake till baby's here" I said crossing my arms as she chuckled a little at me.


"Sasha," I heard Esme say. I opened my eyes to see her looking down at me. I frowned a little, why was she waking me up, I just want to sleep.

"The baby's here." I jumped wide awake as I remembered what happened at the wedding.

The drive to the hospital seemed to last forever, but I was too excited to sit still. As soon as the car was in park, I started to drag Esme, who was going too slowly for my liking. I busted through the door seeing Teddy on the bed hugging Beebee who was holding a small bundle.

I run to the bed and Teddy picked me up kissing my head. "Sasha, princess, this is your brother, Michael," he said and I looked down at him falling in love right away.

Despite the adoption having gone through before Michael had arrived, it took till he was one before I started calling Beebee Mom and Teddy Dad. The first time I did, they both had huge smiles on their faces, but there was pain in their eyes and I knew they missed my father, too. But slowly, each time I called them Mom and Dad the smiles stayed the same, but the pain lessened.

All too soon my mom passed her college courses and Dad gifted her with a small restaurant that he bought, and it's still doing very well.

I feel an arm wrap around my waist making me jump. "It's me, sweetheart." At Matt's soft voice, I calm down looking at him.

"Hi," I say feeling my face blush. I'm embarrassed over the fact I was so into my thoughts that I never heard him come into my room.

I hear him chuckling and I slap his arm. "Are you ready to go?"

I nod placing the photo in my bag and zipping it up. I look at him and remember that not only am I moving home for the summer, but I am being driven there by my boyfriend—my first boyfriend, who is about to meet my parents. My head goes from nodding to shaking as I start to feel panic.

"They met me, remember?" he says kissing my temple. He's right, they have. Matt was one of the TAs here and we became fast friends, as he supported and helped me through my first year.

"But they met you as my friend," I say sitting back down. He crouches down placing his hand on mine.

"It'll be okay."

"But what if..." he silences me by kissing my lips.

"I love you, Sasha. We've done nothing wrong. When we formed a friendship, and I developed feelings for you, I moved classes so I was no longer your TA." I sigh placing my hands on his face.

"How did I get so lucky?" I ask him. Matt is very intelligent and gifted; he could have the pick of girls, but somehow, he chose me.

"You mean how did I get so lucky?" I roll my eyes at him; he is always saying stuff like that to me. He, along with Mom and Dad, will tell me how beautiful I am. Due to having FAS, I am only five feet tall, which isn't really that small compared to Mom, who is five two, but still. I have small eyes and my upper lip is so thin it's almost invisible.

I moved into public school in grade three, but when I was in tenth grade, I started getting bullied and called names, such as, freak face, Michael Myers, and that's just some of the names.

As suddenly as it started, it stopped. The girls seemed to keep away from me, and when they did pass me, they would look scared shitless. It was six month later I found out my mom and dad paid each of their parents a visit, and told them if their daughter so much as glanced at me, they would lose their kneecaps. I'm sure I was told the PG-13 tale, but I was so mad either way.

Mom and Dad were so proud of me when I graduated from high school. They were even more proud when I got accepted into college. It may have just been a local one, not even an hour drive from them, but I still got in, all on my own.

Matt helps me into his car before placing my bag in the trunk. The whole drive home he holds my hand, and I can't help but smile remembering Dad's words to me.

"Princess, we need to talk about boys," he said as he sat down with his tea cup and crown.

"All too soon boys will ask you out, but I need you to know that there are rules about who to give your heart to." I frowned at him and he smiled at me.

"A guy should always help his lady to sit, and open doors. It's not that he doesn't think she's capable, it's just that he wants to be near her until the last possible second." I giggled but nodded knowing he found it hard to let Mom go. I noticed more often I would see he made her sit on his lap for a few seconds before he let her go.

"He should tell you that you are beautiful, and make you smile. He should always be proud to show you off, and stick up for you no matter who mouths off about you." Again I nodded.

"Just whoever wins your heart, make sure they love all of you, even the bad bits," he said winking at me.

"Now should we get on with this party?" he asked in a girly, snobby voice making me chuckle again.

"We're here, love," Matt says as he gets out, walking around to my side, and helping me out. He takes my hand as he leads me to the trunk to get my bags out. It's not like he would let me carry any as we walk to my parents' front door.

Before we can open it, Mom and Dad are standing there looking between Matt and me.

"Mom, Dad," I say letting Matt go hugging them both. We all walk in and Matt smiles as he softly touches my back.

"Matt, aren't you headed home?" Mom asks as he shakes his head no.

"No, he's staying," I say in an almost whisper. I clear my throat as Matt rubs my back. "Mom, Dad, Matt is my boyfriend," I say looking at Dad hoping he doesn't bring out any of his guns.

"Told you! Pay up!" Michael yells from the top of the stairs.

"Well, Matt, why don't you come with me for a chat so Sasha can help her mom?" Even though Dad made it come out like a question, we all know it wasn't.

"I would like that Mr. Cullen," Matt says with a strong voice.

I look in to my dad's eyes and he moves to me. "Just having fun, Princess, no harm in scaring him just a little," he whispers to me. "Besides, you'll be doing it to Michael's cheerleading girlfriend tomorrow." He pulls back giving me a wink and I hold back my giggles till they have moved out of sight.

"So," Mom says as we walk away.

"I love him," I tell her and she gives me a smile and a nod.

"Tell me all about it."

I take a deep breath, looking behind me, and tilt my head when I see my smiling father give me a wink. I look back around to see Mom has the same look and I know she saw him, too.

"Well, it started a week after I arrived at college..."

I talk away filling her in on every little detail knowing this is not the end, it is the start of a new story.

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