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It was late when Tadashi finally got home. Aunt Cass seemed even more concerned than ever upon seeing how absolutely weary Tadashi looked. But Tadashi tiredly brushed aside any questions, saying that he had just had a very busy day and wanted to go to sleep.

Not exactly a lie. After everything that had occurred, Tadashi absolutely wanted to lie in bed. But he definitely wasn't going to end up sleeping. Forget the fact that he had been haunted by nightmares for the past few weeks. Forget the fact that there were some nights when sleep just wouldn't come to him, no matter how long he lay there in silence.

He would definitely not be sleeping this time…Not after what he had learned. How could he possibly rest for even a couple hours with the knowledge that his brother's and mentor's murderer was out there?

"What am I supposed to do?" Tadashi asked himself quietly as he headed up to his room after wishing Aunt Cass a good night. He dropped his hat off on one of the hooks on the wall, "The police don't even believe me…Baymax, I'm back!"

Baymax was over by Hiro's desk, curiously poking at Megabot. Tadashi quickly walked over there and forced him away.

"Don't do that," he said sternly.

"I apologize," Baymax responded before adding, "Tadashi, while you were out I took the liberty of downloading the emotional and mental healthcare program you had on the computer."

"What? Baymax, that program is still in its early stages, it's practically useless without-"

"I also downloaded information on dealing with personal loss from the internet," Baymax continued.

"You did what?" Tadashi asked, honestly taken aback.

Baymax was supposed to have a good amount of autonomy to him. It would be essential to his caregiving. But Tadashi hadn't exactly anticipated just how much autonomy Baymax had. Had Tadashi made some miscalculations in the programming?

"Tadashi, according to the data I have found, I wish to assure you that there is no timetable for grief," Baymax said in his ever calming tone, "Everyone grieves differently."

"Um, thanks, Baymax," Tadashi replied awkwardly, "B-but it's fine, I don't need you to-"

"It is considered important that one talks about their feelings," Baymax interjected. Baymax waddled a little closer to Tadashi, looking down at him and tilting his head, "I am here to listen to what you say."

"Baymax, I really don't have anything to talk about," Tadashi told him as he took a few steps back.

"It is considered unhealthy to ignore your feelings. It is alright to cry."

Tadashi sputtered for a response, wanting to say that he definitely was not going to cry. But Baymax stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Tadashi, patting his head gently.

"Physical and verbal reassurance can help ease the pain," Baymax stated, "There, there, it will all be okay."

Although he was definitely weirded out by the actions, Tadashi found himself easing into the hug, resting his head against Baymax's soft vinyl. Of course, he only allowed himself to do so for all of five seconds before worming his way out of the nurse bot's grasp.

"Baymax, I appreciate this, buddy," Tadashi smiled despite himself as he started to root through his dresser drawers and change into his pajamas, "I seriously do. But I don't need any of this, I swear."

"Perhaps you would prefer the presence of loved ones?" Baymax suggested.

At the sound of a few beeps, Tadashi spun around and saw the faces of Gogo, Honey, Wasabi, and Fred on Baymax's chest.

"NO!" Tadashi yelled, "Don't contact them!"

"Tadashi, it would be healthy for you if-"

"I don't want to hear it!" Tadashi growled, "Do not contact them!"

Tadashi just couldn't see them…He couldn't. Baymax seemed to relent to his request, the faces of his friends vanishing from Baymax's chest.


The twenty year old let out a groan as he turned to see Aunt Cass coming up the steps.

"Hey, I heard some yelling," she explained as she entered the room, "Got kinda worr-Isn't that your robot?"

"Hello," Baymax greeted with a small wave, "I am Baymax. I am here to assist Tadashi through his grieving."

"Oh!" Aunt Cass gasped, looking over at Tadashi, "Well, hey, if you can help…"

"Aunt Cass, I'm fine," Tadashi insisted.

"Honey," Aunt Cass started in a tone he had heard so many times before.

"Tadashi, if I may offer another suggestion," Baymax started, "Talking with a psychologist may help to relieve your stress."

"Oh, Dr. Rodriguez-Moore is a psychologist!" Aunt Cass added, "You know her, Tadashi, the woman who comes in every Saturday-"

"I don't need a psychologist!" Tadashi exclaimed, "I don't need any of this! I just…Can I just go to bed?"

Aunt Cass kissed his cheek and soon left the room. Tadashi sent a glare over at Baymax before heading towards his bed. He passed by Hiro's desk, glancing over at Megabot.

As he had done so nearly every night previous, Tadashi took the battle bot with him. He collapsed onto the bed, holding the robot close to his chest.


"What, Baymax?" Tadashi groaned.

"May I offer some assistance with your sleep deprivation issues?"

"If you want…"

Tadashi turned over to his side, his eyes going over Megabot's form. He still remembered when Hiro started working on the bot several years ago. The arguments they had about bot fighting. The static in the background…Wait, what?

Tadashi turn over and saw Baymax standing by the bed, a small screen on his chest showing a sleeping figure, static noise coming out of him.

"White noise, Baymax?" Tadashi asked.

"The equal amount of noise at every frequency has been suggested to help people sleep at night," Baymax stated before shutting off the sound, "Would you prefer a lullaby instead? I have several lullabies recorded in my system."

"Uh, n-no, I don't need-"

"Lullaby, and good night…" a woman's voice crooned from the screen.


"Hush little baby, don't say a word…"

"I'm glad you finally got some sleep, Tadashi!" Aunt Cass exclaimed, giving her nephew a tight hug before turning her attention back to setting up the customer's order.

Tadashi let out a sigh as he tightened his apron, getting ready to help out with the morning rush at the café. Surprisingly enough, though he spent two hours switching between trying to get Baymax to stop with the lullabies and covering his head with a pillow, Tadashi actually did manage to knock out sometime later. It had been the first few hours of rest he had gotten in nearly five days…

Tadashi put his all into making the different caffeinated drinks and delivering the orders to their correct tables. It was good that it was Saturday, so he didn't have to pretend to be at college to prevent Aunt Cass from being suspicious of yesterday. The regular customers all greeted him, saying how they hadn't seen him in so long and were glad he was out and about. A couple of them said their sympathies regarding Hiro. Tadashi made sure that Aunt Cass took over for those customers.

The only reason he was helping out at the café instead of hiding away in his room as had been the norm for the past few weeks was precisely because of Hiro…Or his killer, to be specific.

That masked man stole Hiro's inventions, set the fire, killed Hiro and Professor Callaghan. Tadashi knew that much as fact. But his mind and heart were at war over what to do about it.

The logical side of him said he couldn't do anything. He may know karate but such skills meant nothing against an army of microbots that could do whatever the user could imagine. Without any physical proof, there were no law enforcement agencies in the country who would take him seriously. No matter how much it wanted to make him scream at the world, he'd have to deal with the fact that the masked man would be free to do whatever he wished until someone stronger came along.

But the other half of Tadashi, the half that held all the sorrow and rage of a boy who life dealt a third bad hand to, wasn't satisfied with waiting. That half wanted the masked man in pain. Wanted him to suffer. Wanted that man to know even a fraction of the pain Hiro and Professor Callaghan must have been in as they were trapped in that inferno. But, most of all, Tadashi wanted a reason. It would never justify anything. He didn't even know why he wanted to hear the masked man's reasons, if there were any.

It was this side of Tadashi that was currently winning…But what could he do?

"Alright, my hard working big guy gets the rest of the day to himself," Aunt Cass laughed as the morning rush came to an end. She grabbed a donut and offered it to Tadashi, "Hungry?"

Tadashi hung up the apron and looked at the donut apprehensively. But he saw the hopeful expression on Aunt Cass' face and took it. Aunt Cass smiled as he took a big bite of the pastry and swallowed, doing his best to suppress his gag reflex.

"I think that Baymax is doing some good things for you, sweetie," Aunt Cass said.

Tadashi offered a small nod in response before heading upstairs. The second he got to his room, he threw the rest of the donut in the trash. He took a seat on Hiro's chair as he observed Baymax curiously playing with Mochi, who was swiping at Baymax's finger.

"Hey, Baymax?" Tadashi waited for the robot to stop playing with Mochi and look at him, "…Suppose you knew the person who hurt someone you loved. Would you go after that person yourself?"

"I do not understand, Tadashi," Baymax answered.

Tadashi figured as much. Hypotheticals weren't very useful in these cases.

"That masked man," Tadashi felt his nails digging into his palms, "He's responsible for Hiro and Professor Callaghan. And no one else is gonna believe us or help us. Hiro's gone because of him."

"Hiro is here," Baymax said.

"Baymax, what have I said about saying that?" Tadashi hissed. He let out a sigh, trying his best not to snap at Baymax, who he knew didn't know any better, "…That man is planning something with those microbots…"

Tadashi stood up, a spark starting deep within him.

"We have to stop him ourselves, bud," Tadashi looked over at the line of battle bots that lined the shelves, "…I think I need to take a page out of Hiro's book this time."

"Stupid! Useless! Worthless brain!"

"On a scale of one to ten-"

"Not now, Baymax!"

Tadashi smacked his head against the cold wall of the garage a few more times, yelling insult after insult against himself. He had dragged Baymax into the garage where he and Hiro had always worked on inventions. It was Tadashi's first time in the garage since the day of the showcase.

Tadashi knew that he himself could do nothing against the masked man. However, upon looking over Baymax, Tadashi saw endless amounts of potential.

It went against everything he studied. It went against everything he built Baymax for. Tadashi was not meant for this. Baymax's role was providing healthcare. His own role was to advance the medical world, to help as many people as possible. He built the gentle bots, Hiro built the destructive ones.

But if it caught the masked man…

However, the college student quickly realized he did not have Hiro's talent for building battle bots. He couldn't figure it out. The answers had to be simple, but they just weren't coming to him.

"I can't believe this!" Tadashi moaned, collapsing into a nearby chair as he turned his hat backwards, "I'm a college student in a top robotics university and I can't figure out something this simple? Ugh!"

His fist slammed down hard atop the desk, causing a stack of books and papers to topple and spill over the floor. Tadashi angrily gathered up the materials, Baymax trying his best to help out, despite having a hard time bending down too far.

"Hiro," the robot suddenly said.

Tadashi felt the annoyance bubbling over, sick and tired of the nurse bot constantly bringing up his brother's name. But when he turned to yell at him, Tadashi saw that Baymax was staring at one of the books on the ground. He got closer, only to feel his heart drop when he saw what the book was.

A thick notebook, papers jutting out of it. The cover had silly pictures scribbled over it in a painfully familiar style. At the top, in giant red letters, was the name "Hiro".

"…He used this book to design his battle bots," Tadashi whispered, eyes locked on the book as he went on one knee, "I gave it to him when he was twelve, said he could use it to put his ideas on paper. Didn't expect him to focus so much on bot fighting…Page after page of the weirdest designs, what their capabilities were, what materials he could use…"

He could use this. Perhaps Hiro's book could give him the ideas he needed to get his project underway. As his fingers lightly grazed the cover, Tadashi found himself smiling.

"Hamada Bros Rule 76," he chuckled.

"Rule 76?" Baymax repeated.

"Hiro and I made a bunch of secret brother rules growing up," Tadashi explained, the memories washing over him, "Four hundred and fifty-seven of them. We memorized every one of them too. Most of them were silly things, but…"

But each rule held a special memory for them.

"Rule 76," Tadashi recited from memory, "Hamada bros do not touch, steal, and/or borrow each other's inventions/ideas unless given explicit permission or if the end of the world is nigh."

"Oh, I am familiar with that rule," Baymax noted.

Tadashi was too focused on the notebook to puzzle over the odd statement. He picked up the notebook, getting to his feet as he slowly started to flip through the pages.

"This may be an end of the world scenario," he murmured, "…Think you can lend me a hand, baby brother?"

He should've figured after showing Baymax off to Hiro, his brother's mind would immediately go to how to make the bot "cooler". Tadashi couldn't help but laugh when he found several pages of Hiro's drawings of Baymax in several types of armor, the notes in the margins jumping between scientific jargon and the teen's usual snark. As Tadashi read over the notes, he settled on a design that looked simple yet useful enough. The padding would protect the soft balloon bot from harm. And the harder material would give Baymax a painful punch.

With Hiro's notes giving him the inspiration, Tadashi found the programming part to be simpler than expected. He downloaded several videos from the karate tournaments he had been in, adding in some footage from some of the action films that were gathering dust on the shelves in his room. He downloaded all the information onto a single red chip, signing it with a frowning face.

"Tadashi, I do not understand how this armor and karate will make me a better healthcare companion," Baymax said as Tadashi led the bot to the karate studio, which happened to be closed for the day.

"You protect and heal the sick and injured, Baymax," Tadashi explained as he used his spare key to get into the building, "That masked man might end up causing a ton of injuries with what he's planning. If you take him down, you can stop that from ever happening. It's just some…preventive care."

Tadashi quickly set up some boards and training dummies. He made a mental note to apologize to his sensei for the extra damage he'd be causing, if the programming worked out properly. He held up a board and braced himself.

"Alright, buddy, let's see you break this!"

Baymax took a second to analyze the board before striking swiftly, the board breaking in two right in the middle. Tadashi gasped and then let out a laugh before dragging over a pile of cinderblocks.

"How about this?" Tadashi asked.

He coughed as Baymax shattered the blocks with his elbow, kicking up a ton of dust. Tadashi grinned; the armor was working perfectly in giving Baymax the strength he needed. He brought Baymax over to the striking post he had set up.

"Let's practice those strikes of yours," Tadashi could feel the energy pulsing through him, "But, more importantly, I need to see if you can control yourself."

"Control myself?" Baymax repeated.

"Strike the makiwara but don't break it. That strength of yours will mean nothing if you can't stay in control."

Baymax obliterated the makiwara in one hit. Mentally tallying up the costs, Tadashi led Baymax to the next post. As the hours passed, Baymax gained more and more control.

"Atta boy!" Tadashi cried, "That was great! I knew you had it in you! Fist bump!"

He held up his fist, a large grin on his face. Baymax tilted his head as he looked at the fist.

"Fist bump?" he said questioningly, "I don't have that attack stored in my database."

"No, buddy, it's…ah…something people do when they're happy and wanna celebrate. Let me show you."

"Okay, first it's like this," Tadashi manipulated the robot's hand carefully for the first part, "Now, make a fist. And then we connect them. Ready for the last part?"

Tadashi pulled his fist away, wiggling his fingers and making an explosion noise. He snickered as Baymax repeated the noise in his own way.

"You're a fast learner," Tadashi smiled. He took a deep breath, looking at how dark it was outside. Tadashi reached into his pocket and pulled out the petri dish with the microbot, "Now let's put this knowledge to use."

Tadashi and Baymax hid behind the giant shipping container, trying to stay as quiet as possible.

The microbot had brought the pair to the piers, the bot flying out of Tadashi's grasp. The two hid as the masked man appeared out of the fog, riding a wave of microbots. Tadashi narrowed his eyes at the strange, algae covered machine that the microbots dropped onto the pier. A red bird was painted on the side.

"What could he need that for?" Tadashi wondered under his breath, "What is it?"

"Tadashi, shall I use my karate?" Baymax asked.

"Yeah, let's do this, Bay-"

Tadashi covered his eyes with his arms as a sudden light blinded him. He peered in the direction of the light to see a van there…A very familiar van.

"Baymax, please tell me you didn't…" Tadashi groaned.

"Tadashi!" Honey Lemon's voice called.

"Baymax!" he shouted.

"I contacted your friends earlier to see if talking with them would improve your emotional state," Baymax explained.

"But I told you not to-"

"Tadashi!" Fred shouted gleefully, hooking an arm around his shoulders, "Long time, no see!"

"We saw you sneaking around the alleys, so we followed you," Honey stated.

"What are you doing out here so late?" Wasabi questioned. The man did a double take, "…Is that Baymax?"

"Is he wearing carbon fiber underpants?" Gogo asked, giving Tadashi a look, "I thought bot fighting wasn't your thing."

"Guys, listen, it's great to see you," Tadashi talked rapidly, his eyes darting to where the masked man was before, "Really, it is, but I need you to leave."

"Tadashi, please stop driving us away," Honey placed a hand gently on his shoulder, "We're your friends, aren't we?"

"No, I seriously need you guys to go!"

Tadashi smacked his forehead as Baymax started talking about his emotional state and how they should share their feelings. Part of him was curious as to what Fred was going to say, but the answer died down the second the shipping crate came flying at them.

After making sure his friends were safe, Tadashi glared as the masked man looked down on them. He was about to order Baymax to fight when Gogo grabbed his arm and dragged him into the van, shoving him in the back between Honey and Fred. Baymax ended up joining them seconds later, crashing atop the van.

"What were you thinking!" Gogo screamed at him, taking over the wheel upon getting annoyed at Wasabi's super safe driving, unfitting a car chase.

"I was thinking about taking that guy down!" Tadashi shouted in return, maneuvering himself into the now empty front seat. His chest started to hurt, a wave of nausea coming over him, "I have to…"

"Are you nuts?" Wasabi asked, flinching at every close turn and near collision Gogo caused, "That guy's trying to kill us, Tadashi!"

"Classic supervillain, we've seen too much," Fred piped up from the backseat.

"C'mon, we don't know for sure he's trying to kill us," Honey giggled nervously. A car nearly slammed atop them, "Okay, he's trying to kill us!"

"He won't kill us!" Tadashi glared out the window, spotting the masked man right at their heels. He couldn't breathe, "N-not if you let Baymax and me take him!"

His breathing quickened with each second. Too fast, they were going too fast.

"W-w-we have to s-stop him!"

Those were sparks he saw come from the tires.

"If we don't, he can hurt p-people! We have to…!"

He smelled the water. The car started to turn around and around as it rode the tunnel of microbots.

"We have to-!"

"Tadashi, you're starting to hyperventilate!" Honey exclaimed worriedly.

He felt like he couldn't breathe. The smell of water, the squeal of tires, the sparks, the swerving and twisting of the car.

It was too much like the nightmares of his childhood…The ones of what he imagined his parents and Hiro went through that rainy day a decade ago.

"Stop the car, stop the car, stop the car," he kept muttering over and over, his heart pulsing rapidly.

"Tadashi, we can't!" Gogo yelled, "Not with that man after us!"

The man…Tadashi tore his thoughts away from his nightmares, focusing on him.

"I have to stop that man!" Tadashi gasped, hitting the dashboard to try and calm down, "He set the fire at the hall! He's responsible for Hiro and the professor…He killed my brother!"

What his friends were about to say in response he didn't know, because at that moment the car splashed and sunk into the waters.

Honestly, it was a surprise no one had called the cops or something on the group of five young adults and a giant marshmallow bot, all soaking wet and making their way down the street in a very posh neighborhood.

Tadashi was glad he had decided on the huggable design for Baymax, because he and his friends may have drowned otherwise. As it were right now, they'd catch hypothermia if they didn't find a place to warm up.

He shuddered as he remembered practically losing it when the car sank into the water. Of course, he was already losing it before then. It was because of those panic attacks that he had gotten caught those two times by the police. He'd start driving recklessly, only for the nightmares to come to his mind, and then he would freeze up in the middle of a busy intersection or end up on the sidewalk, getting him caught. They never happened when he had to drive like that to save Hiro from bot fights or on that day long ago with the hovercraft, though perhaps that was because he had been too focused on Hiro at those moments, whether it be scolding him or keeping him safe.

It wasn't driving recklessly itself that triggered it. It was the swerving and twisting. It was why he refused to go on roller coasters. It got especially bad if water was involved. It was why he'd plead while crying when he was younger for his aunt not to go out on rainy days.

"Tadashi," Baymax's voice broke him out of his thoughts, "I apologize for not taking care of your health needs earlier. My sensors detected a spike in your adrenaline and the tension of your chest and throat muscles."

"It's okay, Baymax," Tadashi pat the robot's arm gently, "We were kinda in the middle of a chase, so you couldn't attend to me right then and there."

Tadashi glanced ahead and saw his friends watching him with concern.

"Really, guys! I…I'm fine," Tadashi said. He forced himself to smile for them, "Sorry I worried you."

"Sorry I made you panic," Gogo replied, elbowing him in the side a little.

"…I really have missed you guys."

"Ohh, we missed you too, Tadashi!" Honey was sniffling a bit as she smiled at him.

"The five amigos are back together again!" Fred shouted excitedly.

"I'd be happier if we didn't just escape with our lives from some weirdo in a mask," Wasabi added.

"Way to kill the mood, Wasabi," Gogo chuckled.

"Your body temperatures are decreasing with each minute," Baymax stated, "It is crucial that you get warmed up as soon as possible."

"Don't worry, we've reached our destination!" Fred said.

Everyone stared at the giant mansion before them. Gogo, Honey, and Wasabi were quick to question Fred living in such a fancy place…until the butler named Heathcliff showed up.

"How are you not shocked?" Wasabi asked Tadashi.

"I ended up here once," Tadashi responded with a shrug, "It was after Baymax's 72nd test run…"

He saw Gogo, Honey, and Wasabi staring at him in confusion.

"Trust me, you don't wanna know," Tadashi insisted as he watched Baymax fist bump Heathcliff.

A very toasty Baymax lay atop Tadashi, his friends all leaning against him to warm up. While Gogo, Honey, and Wasabi talked with Fred about his room, Tadashi drew the strange symbol he saw on the side of that machine the masked man retrieved from the ocean.

When he showed his friends the symbol, no one recognized it. Tadashi furrowed his brow, trying to figure out the puzzle. Was it the brand from some obscure company? What kind of company? And why was it in the ocean? More importantly, what exactly was that thing?

"Tadashi, were you serious about that masked man?" Honey asked after everyone was properly warmed and were seated on the couch, "Did…Did he really start the fire?"

"All signs point to him," Tadashi clenched the pencil in his hand so tightly it snapped, his eyes pointed at the drawing of the bird, "He did it to steal those microbots and two innocent people paid for it."

The room grew quiet at that.

"A masked criminal, a mysterious machine, murder…" Wasabi scoffed, "What is this? A cartoon?"

"Who could that guy even be?" Gogo asked, "Who could have wanted Hiro's microbots that badly?"

"I know!" Fred shouted, suddenly running to the shelves of the room.

The others all gaped at him as he went on and on about the criminals of the comics he showed them. All of them being secret rich folks in disguise.

"Which means our masked man can be none other than…" Fred turned on the TV, "Alistair Krei!"

"What?" was all the others could reply with.

It was absolutely bizarre and weird and impossible…And yet, Fred's reasoning made sense, which seemed most strange of all. Krei had wanted Hiro's microbots, would've nearly stolen one if Tadashi hadn't brought it up the night of the showcase. There was also the fact that there seemed to be something between him and Professor Callaghan. Something was wrong…

"Krei's gotta be the guy behind the mask!" Fred concluded.

"He's so high profile though!" Wasabi argued.

"But Freddy does make some good points," Honey said thoughtfully.

"Alright, so what're we doing?" Gogo questioned.

"Tadashi," Baymax started, "I am sensing that you are stressed. Your blood cortisol levels are escalating rapidly."

All eyes turned to Tadashi, who was staring at the picture of Krei on the screen, the drawing of the bird being crumpled up in his shaking hand.

"Tadashi?" Honey called out.

Tadashi turned to his friends, an unnaturally cold expression on his face.

"Where can we find him?" he asked in a low voice, "I have some questions for Mr. Krei…"

Done! Ooh, a slight change up from the plot, huh? Like I said, gotta figure out how Hiro and Tadashi would react, how they'd be similar in some respects but different in others. Hiro may have decided upon the superhero thing pretty quickly. But I'm not going that route for Tadashi (I mean the automatically deciding on superhero route...he's still gonna be a superhero). Tadashi is angry and grieving and in a bad state, but I feel like he'd switch between actions based on rage and actions based on logic. Krei's the prime suspect? Then, he has some questions for the guy…Also, if the scene where Tadashi is teaching the fist bump to Baymax sounds familiar, may I suggest going back to chapter 1 of this story for a few seconds? By the way, the 457 Hamada Bros rules thing isn't my own invention, that's an actual thing. In one of the Big Hero 6 books called "Hiro and Tadashi", the boys actually have at least 457 rules. Rule 76 itself is one that I made up. Rule 457 mentioned back in chapter 3 is a canon rule though.

By the way, I am learning more and more about karate and the science behind stress, depression, and panic attacks and personal loss than I ever thought possible. The art of breaking things in karate is known as tameshiwari, not as common nowadays but still there. The makiwara is basically a striking post that's padded and used for practicing strikes, useful in not only practicing one's own strikes but also conditioning someone to handle the force behind other people's strikes. Actually, the makiwara isn't really used in Western school, due to health concerns, but San Fransokyo is basically a mix of East and West anyways. I ended up reading for a few hours on the science behind stress/depression/panic attacks, mostly because I kept getting distracted by more and more articles I found. I also spent way more time reading up on personal loss articles than I planned to.

I'm kinda annoyed because on the one hand, I love doing all this research because I am someone who strives for accuracy, though I may not be perfect all the time. But on the other hand, I'll do hours upon hours' worth of research, only to put 1-2% of that research into my writing. I mean, there was so much more science I could've added to Baymax's diagnosis, but that would be way too much for a diagnosis. I could've gone into a lot more detail regarding the scene in the karate studio, but I figured it would be far too much and a bit too complex. 99% of the things I read on personal loss weren't even put into that scene. I even read a whole article on white noise for the sake of a couple throwaway lines. It's for the sake of the story, but I still can't help but feel bad that over 95% of that research doesn't get put into the story. Eh, well at least I'm learning new things every day, right?

Anyways, I hope you all keep reading and reviewing, please!