Ha!  That's what you think!

By K-chan

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He barely glanced at his surroundings as he made his was through the busy school yard.  People pushed at him from all angles, not even recognizing him as being present, all too wrapped up in their own little worlds to notice his existence.  Muttering to himself, "It's not even first period," he dodged yet another charging student on their way to class.

"AHH I'M SOOOO LATE!!" a whiney voice yelled over the throng, just befor the owner of the voice barreled into the unsuspecting muttering boy.

"Oof!"  Both boys crashed to the pavement with a solid thud.

"Ah geez…" the boy on top groaned, sitting up, grasping his head.

Still clutching his somewhat aching head the late boy reached over and grabbed his hat, which had fallen off in the collision, and placed it over his tousled blue hair; paying no attention to the young man he was sitting on.

"Would you get off!"

Blinking his large blue eyes rapidly the boy looked down and finally realized he was sitting on something or rather someone that wasn't the cement walk way.  With a loud "Oops!" he scrambled off the other boy.  Laughing nervously he reached out his hand to help him up.  The other boy, who appeared to be a year or two older ignored the hand and stood on his own.  Dusting himself off, he threw a glare at the laughing young man.  "Watch where you're going."  He growled, picking up the black bag he had been carrying.

"Sorry about that!  Runnin' a little late is all…" His eyes widened with realization.  "WAA! I'M LATE!!" he exclaimed yelling once more before taking off towards the front doors.  "By the way!" he called over his shoulder, "the names Tyson!"  and with that disappeared through the doors into the school.

Rolling his eyes the boy once again started his journey toward the front doors, noticing by this time the amount of students rushing to class had decreased significantly and he was no longer being pushed to and fro.  He disliked it already, the school that is.  It wasn't that large but it was crowded and obviously filled with less than intelligent people.  He scowled, why he'd even agreed to go to a public school was beyond him but he was already regretting this decision.  Reaching the entrance, he pulled open the doors and quickly located the office.  He entered the fairly large office and stepped up to the counter, the scowl never leaving his face.  The receptionist looked up and nocticed the scowling boy.

His chestnut eyes were narrowed and glinted with annoyance.  His hair was an interesting mix of forget-me-not blue bangs and royal blue hair.  He had blue triangles tattooed on his cheeks and it seemed to her he was holding himself rather stiffly, as if just hing there pissed him off.  Raising her eyebrow she questioned, "Yes?"

"Kai Hiwatari."

As he said his name, she noticed his voice was flat and cold almost monotone.  She nodded her head, pointing off to a door on the right.  "Ahh, the new transfer student.  Principal Dickenson is expecting you."

Grunting a reply the blue haired boy shifted his bah on his shoulder and headed trough the indicated door.  Upon entering the office he was greeted by a tomb-like room.  Black bookshelves lined one of the walls, while another wall was lined with huge filing cabnets.  Facing the door, against the back wall, a large, black stained oak desk with a large thrown-like chair was situated.  Seated in the large chair behind the enormous desk, was a man that looked completely out of place in the dark room.

The man was almost completely bald – only having this patches of white hair that ran parallel to each other on each side of his head, meeting at the back.  His cheeks were a rosy pink color and they shined as bright as his bald head.  A bushy white mustache covered his upper lip, this combined with his large portly body gave him the image of a beardless Santa Clause.

As he closed the door behind him the Santa Clase look alike stood and greeted him with a fatherly smile.  "Kai Hiwatari I presume?  I am Mr. Dickenson, Principal here at Bakuten District Highschool.  We're pleased to have you, please have a seat."

It was then he noticed the two plush chairs in fron of the monster desk.  He sat down in the one on the left and crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for the old man to continue.  "As I said before, we're glad to have you and welcome you here fully.  Now I was looking through your file and I understand you were the head of the sophmore class at Abbey Private school last year?"

At the almost inperceivable nod of the boys head Mr. Dickenson continued.  "If you don't mind me asking, what made you switched from a private school to a public school?"

Kai shrugged indifferently.  "Mom thought it would be good to get to know people from other walks of life."  The sneer in his voice was obvious to both.

"I see."  The older man sighed and took off his glasses to rub his eyes.  "I believe you mother is correct.  Getting to know a diverse group of people is good for a young man such as yourself."  He ignored the snort that interrupted him, "Also well flipping through your files I discovered that you were the captain of the beyblade team at Abbey.  The same team that went to the nationals last year."

"That's right."

"I am pleased ot hear that.  In fact I was hoping you would consider becoming the captain of the beyblade team here.  We have quite the collection of talent."  Mr. Dickenson folded his hands on the desk in front of him.

I'll bet.  The voice in his head dripped sarcasm.  How could a small town such as Bakuten, Colorado have any blading talent?  "If their so good why didn't they go to the nationals last year?"  Kai's outer voice sounding every bit as sarcastic as his inner one.

"Ahh…" the white haired man waved his hand dismissively.  "Problems with captains and so forth, none of your concern.  I can assure you that the Beyblading club here is very strong."

Kai snorted again, shifting in his seat.  "Fine.  But it better not be a waste of time."

"Good then!  They should be practicing this lunch period – which is about fifteen minutes away, just ask for a map when you retrieve your schedule from the secretary. I will inform the current captain of they're replacement."  Mr. Dickenson stood again, signaling the end of the meeting.

"Fine." The current captain was none of his concern.

"I'll see you late Kai, oh and ask the secretary for your uniform,  I believe it came in yesterday."  He guided the boy to the door.


"Will this class never end???  I can only take so much math in one day!: a scruffy blond whined from the back row, his head dropped in his crossed arms on his desk.

"Chill dude, not so loud or the teacher will make you stay longer."  A dark haired, bright eyed boy shushed form two seats up.

The girl beside the blond laughed quietly.  "Rei's right Eny, besides math isn't that bad, better than English right?"

"Hardly.  They're all the same to me.  All horribly boring and time wasting."  The blond continued to whine, actually lifting his head from the desk.

Another girl that sat directly in front of the other girl flipped her pink pony tail over her shoulder.  "Now you've done it Enrique, here comes Ms. Haori."  A small grin spread over her lips and she winked at him over her shoulder.

This earned a groan out of him as he straightened himself in his seat and attempted to look like he was working. 

"Mr. Sattiay."

Looking up, Enrique pasted an idiotic grin on his face and replied, "Yes Ms. Haori?"

"You were making quite a bit of noise Mr. Sattiay."

"Yes, Ms. Haori."

"I hear you just love math, Mr. Sattiay."  The teacher was leading the scruffy blond into a trap and everyone could see it, everyone but Enrique apparently.

"You bet!"  His voice was a bit too bright and cheerful.

The girl beside him discreetly slapped her forehead.  Enrique was a brilliant actor… but so dense sometimes.  The teacher's back was facing her so she tried to catch the blond's eye to make him aware of the looming trap.  Unfortunately his attention was fully on the teacher – too bad he didn't pay attention to the teacher when it was actually beneficial.  Sighing she made eye contact with the dark hared boy and rolled her eyes in exasperation.  Rei smothered a grin and shrugged helplessly.

"Really Enrique?"  her voice rung false hopefully.

Alarm bells went off as the teacher switched from last to first name but Enrique continued to grin dumbly at the almost smirking teacher.  "Yup!"

BANG!  The students around him tried not to groan out loud as Enrique hammered the last nail in his own coffin and was still completely oblivious to the fact that he had just signed his own death warrant.

"Well that's great Enrique!" she paused long enough to draw the boy into believing her got off scott free then pounced.  "Since you seem just love math so much then you wont mind spending a little extra time with me at lunch hmm?"

The blond wilted visibly at this and muttered a miserable, "No ma'am I wont."

The two girls and Rei hid snickers as the teacher returned to her desk, pausing only to say, "Alright class you may pack up, all except Mr. Sattiay of course who has so generously offered to keep me company at lunch."

Enrique slammed his head back down on his desk with a loud moan and the people around him finally let their snickers free.  "Oh Eny, how did you not see that trap?  She totally set you up!" exclaimed the girl next to him.

Lifting his head slightly he pouted at her sullenly.  "You could have warned me Iki!" He whined at her, not really expecting sympathy but hey a guy could hope!

Liika Tomoda –Iki as he called her had been his best friend almost from birth.  He lived in the house behind her grandfather's dojo where she grew up.  Despite making new best friends through school they were still close.  So he was less than surprised when she retorted.  "I did try to warn you, but you were too caught up in your brown nosing act to look over at me."

He moaned again just as the bell went signaling the end of class.  Liika laughed at him as she stood up and stretched.  The girl in front of her grinned at him, her gold eyes flashing with amusement.  "Have fun Enrique!  Be sure to enjoy some extra math for me ok?"

Enrique started fake crying in response.  Rei shook his head in sympathy and slid his arm around the pink haired girl's waist.  "Leave the poor guy alone Mariah, don't you think he's had enough?"

Mariah laughed.  "Oh please, it's really not that bad.  He'll probably only be here for five minutes.  Besides he brought it on himself."

"That's right!"  Liika threw in, patting Enrique's blond head consolingly, while laughing.  "Well the sooner we leave, the sooner you get to leave.  See you at practice Eny!"  The three already heading for the door.

The blond opened his mouth bid them farewell when he was cut off by the PA system.  "Liika Tomoda, please report to Principal Dickenson's office, Liika Tomoda.  Thank you."

The girl in question paused then heaved a large sigh.  "What could he want?"

Rei and Mariah stopped as well.  Rei raised an eyebrow and asked smirking, "What did you do now?"

Liika threw him a dirty look.  It wasn't her fault all of Mr. Topper's (the biology teacher) mice disappeared last week.  It was Max's idea!  "Nothing!"  Principal Dickenson just didn't like her.  "Gah!  Whatever.  Tell Robert to start practice if I'm not there in five minutes k?"

He gave her a mock salute then led Mariah out of the classroom.  "You better jet before ya get in more trouble than me.  Bye Iki!" Enrique waved.

"You know I hate that name!" she called over her shoulder as she crossed the threshold of the door.


If she didn't have somewhere to be she would have turned around and smacked him.  But alas she did have somewhere to be so the smack would have to be saved.  She wondered what the Principal wanted.