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SheDaisy – 'The first to let go'

Simple Plan – 'Addicted'

Evanescence – 'My last breath'

Bryan Adams – 'Everything I do, I do it for you'

Aerosmith – 'I don't want to miss a thing'

Elvis – 'I can't help falling in love'

Eve 6 – 'Think Twice'

Goo Goo Dolls – 'Iris'

Liz Phair – 'Why can't I'

Nickelback – 'Never Again'

Trapt – 'Headstrong'

Michelle Branch – 'You set me free'

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Liika sighed heavily and blew some of her blue bangs out of her eyes.  She thanked her lucky stars she was inside, in a nice air-conditioned office instead of outside in the bug-infested heat.  That didn't stop the day from dragging on however, she had been working for almost 7 and a half hours, and her shift ended soon, but not soon enough. 

Just then the phone beside her rang and she sighed again, preparing herself for a barrage of questions that went along with being the concierge's assistant of the quaint rafting lodge in western Colorado, she had been working at for the past month.   Summer jobs blew.

"Hello, Keystone River Lodge, this is Liika speaking how may I help you?"  She said politely into the receiver.  She struggled not to roll her eyes as the person on the other line began to ask her stupid questions –well the were only stupid to her because she had heard them all a million times before.

Faintly she heard the bell for the front desk ring and again she struggled not to sigh.  The day just never ended!  Why oh why did she have to be stuck by herself on rush hour duty??  "Just a moment please!"  She called towards the desk, covering the phone as she did so.  She then went back to the phone and jotted down a few notes regarding reservations before hanging up in relief.  Bloody tourists…

The bell dinged again…and kept dinging.  Liika's right eye twitched in annoyance.  Just when you thought they were horrible…they only got worse.  The bell kept dinging obnoxiously, and Liika's temper grew.  However, she couldn't go and stop the annoying ringing until she had entered the information into the computer, and it seemed that the person wasn't going to stop the dinging no matter how many times she called that she'd be there in a moment.  "Gahh!"  She exclaimed, slamming her hands down on the desk and shooting to her feet.  "For the love of God!"  She cried, stomping from the back office into the lobby.  "Do you have no patience or what?!" 

"Such manners!  I demand to see you're manager!"  A male voice snapped, sounding decidedly angry.

Liika winced, knowing she was in trouble.  Damn, and she had been so good for the entire month!  She hadn't lost her temper once!  She groaned inwardly…there went her bonus… "I'm really sorry!  It's just been a really long day and I-" She cut herself off and came to a dead stop in the doorway that connected the office with the back of the concierge desk. 

There, leaning on the desk, his head propped up in one of his hands was a smirking Kai, his eyes hooded and lazy as they drank in the sight of her.  "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes."  He teased, his smirk growing with ever second.  Behind him Tala, shook his head, grinning with his hands shoved in his khaki shorts and sunglasses sliding down his nose.

"Kai…?"  Liika trailed off, blinking in shock.  "What are you doing here?"

Kai stood up then, shifting his sunglasses in his pale bangs so they sat better on his head.  He snorted haughtily, a slate colored eyebrow rising.  "Haven't seen you in almost a month and that's the only greeting I get?"  He shifted so that his fingers could drum on the surface of the counter.  "Drove five hours too…"

Liika rolled her eyes and huffed, scowling in annoyance.  "It's your own fault!  Showing up like that, annoying me and then scaring me like that!  God, you're such an inconsiderate jackass!"  She snapped, striding over to the counter to slam her hand down on top of his drumming fingers, stopping the irritating tapping sound instantly.

With in seconds Kai had her hand turned over, lacing his fingers through hers.  His other hand came up and pinched her chin between his thumb and index finger.  "And you're an ungrateful bitch, but I never complained before."  He whispered leaning forward and fitting his lips to hers. 

He moaned quietly, deepening the kiss, and almost overwhelming her.  When he pulled away Liika gasped for breath, a smile tilting her lips.  "You're going to get me in trouble!"  She hissed, looking up into his flashing auburn eyes.  "My manager will be back any minute!"

"Mm… Tala's keeping watch."  Kai rumbled, tucking a strand of her blue hair behind her ear.  "A month is too long."

"I missed you too."  Liika replied, standing on her tippy toes to place another kiss on his lips.  "Very much."

He grunted.  "You didn't have to go so far away.  I don't even see why you needed to get a job."  His voice was slightly annoyed, and the same emotion reflected in his eyes.  He really didn't understand why she had to work…let along five hours away from Bakuten!

"We're not having this argument again.  I told you that I need my own money, besides you know Grandpa makes me work during the summer, and I refuse to work burger joint Bakuten."  She replied, trying to move away.

However, Kai wasn't about to let her go.  His hand slipped around the back of her neck and pulled her forward again so that their noses brushed.  "I don't like you so far away."  He growled, his breath brushing her lips. 

Liika rolled her eyes, a light blush crossing her cheeks as it did whenever he got possessive or showed affection in public.  Which he did often.  He liked to stake his claim on her in front of a lot of other males, though she didn't really know why.  It wasn't as if any other guy found her even remotely attractive. -_-  Stupid male testosterone.  "We've been through this Kai, I'm not-"


Liika jerked away from her boyfriend, her face turning bright red as she turned and came face to face with her manager.  He was looking at her with a sort of amused smile, his lips quirked into a gentle smile, his aquamarine eyes glittering with silent laughter.  He was a handsome man in his late twenties, with short blond hair and a warm smile.

"Aah!  Qu-Quatre!  Oh geez… I'm so sorry!  It wont happen again!"  Liika sputtered, grasping at straws.  Hiwatari just always had to get her in trouble!  Throwing a glare over her shoulder she centered her eyes Tala, who was grinning evilly.  She mouthed to him: "Nice look out."

He wiggled his eyebrows at her.  She glowered.

"You must be Kai."  Quatre came forward smiling.  He held his hand out towards Kai.

Kai grasped the older man's hand and shook it nodding.  "Yes, Kai Hiwatari."

Quatre smiled more.  "Quatre Winner, it's nice to finally meet you.  Liika talks about you all the time, quite enamored she is."

Liika turned even brighter red as Kai turned his eyes to her with a curious arch of his brow and a small smirk.  "Is that so?"

"Yes," Quatre replied chuckling at the girl's embarrassment.  "She's a good girl."  He said, placing his hand on top of her head.  "Don't worry about it Liika, I understand, your shift is over anyway.  You can go enjoy your time with your boyfriend as soon as you get him and his friend settled in their rooms, I believe I put them 310 and 311.  Get them their keys and then you can be off.  Soon enough your weekend will be over and it will be back to work for another three weeks."

The blue haired girl sighed an audible sigh of relief, thanking her boss with a grin before dancing off into the back office to retrieve the keys.  She didn't even realize the implication of the blond man's words.

After she had disappeared, Kai turned to the blond man and nodded.  "Thanks for keeping the secret."  He said, holding out his hand again.

Quatre smiled, shaking the boy's hand.  "It was no problem.  She needs a bit of happiness.  I know she gets homesick a lot."

Kai smiled, his eyes softening as Liika bustled back in the room and circled the counter, coming to a stop beside him.  Yes, he just bet she did.  Her eyes weren't as bright as they normally were and she looked tired.  He'd just have to fix that.

"Shall we go?"  She said, smiling at him, twirling one set of keys around her finger while tossing the other to Tala.

"Yeah."  He answered, nodding towards Quatre.  "Lead the way witch."

The blue haired girl led the two luggage laden boys away, waving at Quatre over her shoulder.  The blond man grinned to himself.  He would be glad to see the twinkle back in Liika's eyes. 

"310 is this one and 311 is that one."  Liika explained, pointing to the door across the hallway.  "Do you need help getting settled Tala?"

The red head shook his head and winked at her.  "Nope, just tell me where to find Mari and I'm good."

Liika raised an eyebrow curiously and narrowed her eyes.  So that was why he had come along…she wondered.  Figured.  "Mari's shift ends about now, you'll probably find her in the staff cabins, just ask whoever's at the desk and they'll be glad to give you directions… unless you want me to show you?"

"Oh no," Kai interrupted, taking the key card from her hand and opening the door to his room.  " You and I have a long awaited appointment."  He slanted a stern glare at her and motioned her in the room with his head.  "See ya man."

Tala laughed, shaking his head.  "Have fun, don't do anything I wouldn't!"

"So…why did you come?  It's only three more weeks."  She said sitting on the edge of the central double bed as he tossed his duffle bag on the floor and three the key card on the TV stand.

"Three weeks is a fucking long time."  He grumbled, walking towards her.  He circled the bed and sat down on her other side, kicking off his sandals and scooting further back on the bed.  With out any effort he leaned forward and scooped her up in his arms and placed her between his knees as he leaned up against the headboard.  "Besides, I got an anonymous tip that you had till Tuesday off."

Liika snorted.  "Anonymous my ass.  Mariah told you didn't she."


"Fine then she told Tala and he told you."

"Does it matter?"

She laughed quietly and turned around, sitting up on her knees to look at him.  "I suppose not," she sighed, running her hands over his collarbone and shoulders.  "It was pretty sweet of you to drive five hours just to see me."  She teased softly.

He grunted.  "You?  Whoever said I was here to see you?  I'm here for the rafting and the hot chicks in bikinis."  Kai couldn't keep the smirk off his face.

"Ha."  Her arms closed about his neck just as his hands clasped her narrow waist, toying with the fabric of her uniform jacket.  "You even so much as look at one of those girls and I'll break their legs, then claw out your eyes."

Kai chuckled.  "You know I don't doubt you would, but I value my eyes." One of his hands slipped under the edge of her jacket.  "Anyway, I have all I want to look at right here in front of me."  He growled, jerking her forward so mouth landed on his.

Their tongues danced and dueled for supremacy, a duel that Kai easily won.  He had waited three and a half long and agonizing weeks for this weekend, he wasn't about to waste a moment of it.  Tearing his lips from hers he gazed into her darkened, love filled eyes and smiled, running his free hand down the side of her face.  "You know," he rumbled softly, "You look kinda sexy in that little concierge uniform of yours."

She giggled and leaned forward, brushing her lips across his jaw and down the side of his neck.  "And you look a lot sexy in that wife-beater of yours."

"Heh, I always look sexy though."  Kai said smugly, wrapping his arms around her fully and pulling her against him so that her head tucked under his chin.  With out a thought he dropped a kiss to the top of her head and sighed, closing his eyes.  He felt so much better holding his witch in his arms, hiding her in another world.  Their own world that consisted of only them.  A world that would last five whole days.