Well, here we are. It's been a while coming, and I apologize for the delay on this.

This story is cancelled and will not be continued. I suppose that was made somewhat evident due to the several month hiatus, but I've now come out to officially announce it. I suppose that now that you know it for certain, you can wander off and keep going on about your business. But hey, this is the last time I'll be addressing you guys, so if you want to know a little bit more about why I made this decision, stay a while and read on. Here's why this got cancelled:

Writer's block. Big reason this isn't continuing. Same bla bla bla, words don't come out anymore, etc. I haven't written at all since my last published chapter and I don't feel like my writing talents will be coming back any time soon. It's sad really, I love writing but I simply can't do it anymore. It's like asking a guy with erectile dysfunction to get his dick up. Just ain't gonna happen.

Shame. I'm ashamed of this story. I started out this story three years ago, back when I still wrote somewhat badly and didn't even have a fully proper grasp on the English language, and it's evident. I've grown better, which is definitely seen in the writing's quality as the story goes on. But I feel like there's more things I hate about this story than things I like about it. This quality gap demotivated me because I just kept realizing there were so many things I should've done in the past, and this heavily affected the future of the story. And this is also why I've kept silent for so long - seeing you guys asking me where the next chapter would be coming out and stuff, and I just felt ashamed that I'd have to disappoint you guys. I deeply apologize for this, I should've communicated with you guys better.

It's just not the same anymore. Back when I started out in this website, I had that sense of amazement when you're discovering something new, like a kid finding out about the internet in the late nineties. But with time, this website kind of lost its lust, especially due to the fact that there's so much bad content in this fandom. At one point I didn't even check for new stories anymore, since most writers seem complacent with churning out the same low-quality stories with the same overused premises, and that also demotivated me. Plus, Telltale doesn't make works of passion anymore, same for AMC really, so when the source material goes stale, it's hard to keep wanting to write it.

But yet, I still think it's worth thinking of all the good stuff in this website. I've made a lot of encounters with other people on this website, some of which I grew fond of and still talk to this day. I've got nothing but fond memories of this website, and it was a good run.

And most of all, there's you guys. Never did three-years-ago me think that I could post something online that would come to gather such a huge fanbase, along with hundreds of reviews and over a hundred thousand views. And I'm proud to say that I'm very lucky to have had you guys throughout this journey. Even when I wasn't updating, you guys kept asking me for more. It makes me happy to see that you really like this story, and having a fanbase like you guys really is something I don't deserve, but still appreciate to have nonetheless.

So, on an ending note, thank you. To all of you. This story definitely is something I'll keep in my heart, and despite not liking it too much, it'll stay in the records of this website and I'll still keep fond memories from it. I do have some other projects I'm working on, some The Walking Dead related, some not. Will I ever post something again on this website? Probably not. But then again, who knows?

Have a nice day, you guys.

EDIT: I do actually have a bunch of ideas for a rewrite of this story that would make it quite better, but it's still likely a rewrite won't happen due to my writer's block and the fact that I'm almost 80 chapters in in this story. I've pretty much given away already all my twists and turns. A rewrite would require me to change things up a lot more, so it wouldn't just be a regurgitated story.