Every since th e invitnation of the portal oF DOOM was there a big commotion in the Earth Realm. That was because demons.

But now the answered must questioned. WHo was causing doom? It was demons, thought Deckard Cain after he saw the demonic. He was right, but he needs proven to the king, who was naive and also maybe working for the demons?

"I am here to hire the strongest warriors to kill Diablo and prove the Portal of Doom is bringing demons from Hell" said Deckard Cain, leaning back in his chair with a pitcher of beer. That he drank from.

"I am Clagscnar the barbarian. Said Clagscnar." to Deckard. After Deckard told him to introduce himself.

"and I am the one who will stop Diablo."

"Like heck you will" and then a portal opens up and a 6 armed demon comes out.

"Watch out for that demon!""" said Deckard and Clagscnar ducked just in timne and then uses his battle acxe to chip the monster heart open.

"Now for amazing finish" and then there was a swift kartwhell and a chop down the middle.

"That was too close I think Diablo is on to you're plans" said Clagscnar. But when he turned around Deckard was gone. In his place wa sa note.
"Dear Clagscnar,

I see now that Diablo cannot be stopped. I have foreseen that he knows my plans and that he will always hunt me. you are not safe with me around so I am moving to another land now. Bye."

So that is it. Deckard is gone. Now nobody will stand up against Diablo...