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Title: Trading Spaces II: Symmetry in Opposition

Rating: M or R, if you prefer.

Summary: Just a little snippet from the sequel – consider this a teaser/trailer.

Pairing: H/D (MALE/MALE SLASH: you've been warned! If you're offended, you obviously wanted to be, in which case, I'm happy to oblige!


Timeline without Tom Riddle. Fifth year at Hogwarts. Note: This takes place before the events of Trading Spaces (which would take place in their seventh year). This snippet is a just a past moment in Harry & Draco's life, as it would have been had Tom Riddle never grown up. Enjoy!

Harry took a deep breath. He could feel Draco moving through the room, like a chill wind. Slowly he looked up, his gaze automatically engaging the silver spheres that burned so brightly in the blonde's face. The cacophony of noise from the other students vanished, replaced by the slow, thunderous beat of his own heart. Harry couldn't move, couldn't breathe … couldn't look away. Harry's destiny was in the Prince of Slytherin's eyes, inexplicably and incontrovertibly their fates were entwined. And in the next second, all of Hogwarts, all of the world would know why.

Harry awoke with a start to Draco's face looming over him. He breathed deeply, slowly, trying to calm his racing heart. Looking up into Draco's grey eyes helped to calm him, as it always did, even though Draco had been the subject of the disturbing dream.

"Bad dream, mate?" Draco looked concerned as he elegantly sat himself on the edge of Harry's bed. He was wearing his outdoor cloak, and regally tossed his scarf over one shoulder. "You're the only one I know unlucky enough to have bad dreams during a catnap."

"Something like that." Harry pushed a hand through his hair as he sat up, nearly bumping into Draco. "Why'd you wake me? Was I …?" Screaming? Saying your name? Crying? All things that Draco had witnessed before.

"No. I have something for you." Draco beamed at him, the real smile that so few besides Harry actually saw.

"Oh?" Harry felt his cheeks start to heat. He steadfastly ignored whatever emotion was looming low in his belly, as he always did when Draco smiled at him lately.

"Happy Birthday." Draco looked up at him through frosty lashes, the sparkle in his eye wicked. He handed Harry a tiny treasure chest, the size of a Knut.

"It's not my birthday." Harry's brain was still sleep-fuzzy, that's why he couldn't think. It had nothing to do with the way Draco was looking at him.

"Yeah, well, I've been trying to get this for you since then." Draco smirked, barely concealing his excitement.

"But you already got me something for my birthday." Harry smiled, settling himself on his side and putting the little chest on the bed in front of him. Draco had bought him a new broom, and a new winter cloak, lined with black velvet.

"Stop being stubborn. You like presents." Draco knew full well that Harry was every bit as spoiled as Draco was, between his doting parents and extravagant godfather, Sirius Black, not to mention Draco and the Malfoy's in general. All of Draco's close friends tended to be showered with the same largesse they showed their son. But no one was ever as grateful for presents as Harry was. It was almost as if he had been neglected in some past life.

"I do." Harry laughed. He especially loved presents from Draco, they always seemed more meaningful, more special. Often Draco's presents were among his most cherished possessions.

Draco gestured impatiently. "So … open it!"

Harry plucked the chest out of Draco's hand and opened it with a flick of his finger. Inside were two green pills engraved with a silver snake in the shape of the letter "R" resting on a velvet pillow. "What's this then? Really fancy breath mints?"

"That, dear Potter, is Rapturous." Draco folded his hands behind his back, letting his cloak fold back around his shoulders like the black wings of some dark angel. "Let me guess, you have no idea what that means."

Harry shook his head.

"You're so sheltered, luv. I adore that about you. It's a very potent potion contained in a sugar capsule. The effects of swallowing it are … well. Rapture. Bliss. Joy." Draco caught Harry's eye as he got up and crossed the room to pour them each a glass of firewhiskey. "It lowers the inhibitions and improves all perception."

"Wizard drugs!" Harry exclaimed. "You're giving me drugs for my birthday?"

"Scared, Potter?" Draco set a glass in front of Harry.

"You wish." Harry considered the pills before them. Despite his constant plea to his parents that Draco was not a bad influence on him, Draco did have a unique way of tempting him into more trouble. Here he was drinking with Draco, smoking cigars in their private room. Was doing this really all that much worse? "Is it safe?"

"Yes." Draco rolled his eyes.

"Bad side-effects?"

"Perfect memory of everything you said and did without your inhibitions, but other than that . . . you'll be a little thirsty. When you come down, you'll probably sleep for awhile." Draco shrugged. "So, what do you say?"

"You first."

"What makes you think I'm taking one? It's your birthday present."

"Because there are two, and if you think I'm letting down all of my inhibitions around the Slytherin Sex God, while you're good and sober, you've lost your blue-blooded mind." Harry smirked at his best friend.

"What, afraid I'll take advantage of you, Potter?" Draco gave him another sultry look from underneath his lashes.

"You're a Slytherin, Dray, I know you will." Harry rolled his eyes and quickly looked away. What was wrong with him? Draco was his best friend. He shouldn't be having these thoughts. It must be a phase. "You ever take this before?"

"No." Draco smiled impishly. "But I've been with people who have. And I always wanted to. What do you say, luv? Wanna be bad?"

"Alright then." Harry shot a wicked look back at him. He popped one pill into his mouth, and when Draco followed suit, they clinked glasses and swallowed. "What now?"

"Now, we get dressed to attend the Slytherin victory party, luv." Draco grinned. "As per our bet, you agreed to be my escort, remember?"

"Did I?" Harry stared up at Draco who now stood directly in front of him.

"You did. And, you must spend the whole evening at my beck and call. And at my feet." Draco's eyes darkened and caught fire.

Harry groaned, both dreading and anticipating the night ahead. He tried to shake away the queasy feeling in his stomach. Maybe it was the drugs. Yeah, that had to be it. "Why do I let you talk me into these things? As if losing to you in Quidditch wasn't bad enough."

"Because I'm cute." Draco reached down and curved an elegant finger under Harry's chin. Harry gasped at how great the contact felt. That really was the drugs. Draco winked at him. "Now, let's go."