Ch. 1 How Things End

Well we got another and this time it is a newly made Destiny story and one that you probably won't see for a while. Be warned that this is will start out in our time before moving into the Destiny universe so don't be surprised to see the character not knowing about an Awoken or an Exo.

There is a pairing for this but I am warning you all now that this story will branch out at one point in time. One version will be the ending that you see at the end of the story so far minus the expansions (will cover those when they get released) and the other will actually feature a big twist to everything. As for the pairing, I have decided on a Human Male Hunter and an Female Awoken Titan and an Female Human Warlock and I am thinking of adding the Exo Stranger to it if I can make it believable enough. Pairing won't start for a while though.

I will probably catch flak for this story but hey to each their own. Updates will be sporadic as I already have two great stories on my plate but I will do my best to keep this updated as well.

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Military convoy en route to ISIS controlled city of Volgograd, June 3rd 2015

152nd US-Russian Joint Strike Force

The APC rolled through the Russian countryside as the four soldiers sat in the back with various emotions going through them. Gabriel Locker, AKA Gabe, looked around at the small team. Junior Lieutenant Sergei Yarnov was the team leader and one of the toughest Russian leaders you will ever see, Sergeant Tiffany Blake was their communications specialist and usually the life of the party and last was Junior Sergeant Viktoria Volkoff, their sniper and the silent but deadly type who never seemed to miss a shot.

Normally as a loner, Gabe would've avoided striking up a conversation but something had been eating at him for a while now. "Sir?" He asked Sergei in a shaking voice. Sergei only turned his dark brown eyes to Gabe with a scowl on his face. Whether he hated Gabe or if that was how he always is then Gabe would never know. "How exactly did they get so far? It was only last year that we heard they were being beaten back."

Sergei merely grunted but Tiffany spoke up. "A whole lot of sleeper cells and blitzkrieg tactics. They used sleeper agents to get into vital areas such as government buildings and then used fast attacks to catch everyone off guard. By the time the country realized what was happening they were already being forced to surrender due to government hostages."

Viktoria snorted in disgust. "They used cowardly tactics in those attacks and now they are using them to try and break Russia. Their latest action did them no favors."

Sergei spoke up with a great amount of hate in his voice. "Behead an entire school for not converting to their side. They only made themselves an even bigger target."

Gabe could only nod in agreement. Since that footage aired, Muslims were flocking to Military recruitment centers faster than anyone thought possible and Muslim nations were denouncing them as evil and vowing to do whatever they can to stamp ISIS off the face of the Earth. "I'm surprised they aren't reduced to rocks and sticks for weapons."

"They still have a few radical backers and don't forget the oil fields they still control. They don't have much but they have enough to keep going." Tiffany said as she typed away on her computer.

Viktoria inserted a clip into her sniper rifle with a loud snap. "They will soon be a few hundred less of them around."

Sergei grunted again before his attention turned on Gabe. "The southern eastern border of Russia isn't as secure as we like. They easily slipped through the holes and into our country."

"I thought that Russia would be prepared for this. You all train in pretty harsh conditions and are some of the toughest fighters around." Gabe said in confusion.

Viktoria scoffed. "They used that damn bull rush tactic but they didn't anticipate us gathering so quickly."

"She's right Corporal, ISIS had planned on being able to get as far as Saratov before Russia reacted." Tiffany said without looking up from the screen.

"They shouldn't have the numbers for that though, that's a big area to cover!" Gabe said in worry.

"They use captured soldiers and territory as buffers. They take a country and then use the country's military in place of their own. When their own movement was halted at Volgograd they had to dig in and now that Russia has begun a siege of the town it won't be long before they are driven out." Sergei said as he turned towards the front. "We will set up on the ridge on the north side of the city and take out any high value targets we see."

"Gladly sir." Viktoria patted the side of her rifle with a smirk.

"We will reach the target area in 5 minutes sir!" The driver said from the front.

"Equipment is up and showing all green." Tiffany said as she double-checked everything.

Viktoria threw her smirk at Gabe. "Think you can handle your duty Corporal?"

Gabe only looked down. "About as well as I can. For once I wish I was back in Afghanistan."

Sergei cracked a smile that made Gabe shiver in fear. "Well then, welcome to Russia and your final resting place."

Gabe nervously gulped and tightened his grip on his rifle while Viktoria started laughing at his face. "Gets them every time sir." She said between laughs.

The computer in Tiffany's hands started going getting fuzzy as she began to type in commands. "Sir we're being jammed." She said as she attempted to fix the static.

"How is that possible?" Sergei shot back with narrowed eyes.

"I don't know, Intel said there wasn't supposed to be anything on our route." She said as her computer glitched before going dead. "Signal lost sir."

"What is-" Sergei was cut off by a loud explosion a few yards from their vehicle.

"Artillery!" The driver said as he swerved off the road.

"Get us out of here!" Sergei yelled but as soon as the driver turned a shell struck the APC and it went airborne before coming to halt on its front and flipping over.

"I think I broke a rib." Gabe said as he pushed himself up. "Yep definitely broke a rib."

"Status report?" Sergei said as he got up and shook his head.

"Equipment is broken and inoperable." Tiffany said as she tried to get up. "I think my leg is broke."

"Driver is down and so is the APC." Viktoria said from her spot.

Sergei opened the back of APC and looked out. "Where did that come from?" He said as he looked around. A loud whistling sound answered as he pulled back inside the APC. "On the ground!"

Everyone got on the ground as explosions began to rumble around them. One lucky round impacted the truck and tore a chunk from it and the next one impacted inside. The last thing Gabe saw was a big explosion and a scream from Tiffany.

There goes the prologue and don't worry next chapter begins the Destiny Storyline. We will start at a new starting point but the rest of the story will be like canon but I will try to make it a great read.

Back in WWII when Pearl Harbor was bombed the US sent Japanese Americans from the coast to intern camps. Many of them volunteered for service in response and fought against their own heritage for our country and did it admirably so it wouldn't be too hard to imagine Muslim Americans have a bout of Patriotism against extremists in their religion if something like that happened. I'm NOT bashing any religion at all and this set up was only for a prologue.

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