A/N I wrote this imaging it in the 2k14 'verse, but it could really be any one in which these two are a couple. Rated for minor language and implied innuendos… ;)

Dirty Laundry


The aforementioned mutant turtle jerked from his relaxed position on the couch to April's angry voice. She had been perfectly content thirty seconds ago when she got up to deal with laundry. The turtle shook his head as he elevated his considerable bulk from April's couch and proceeded to the laundry room. April's "laundry room" was actually more of a small closet where a dryer was stacked on top of a washer beside a hot water tank. It was confined enough with the appliances alone, so Raphael did not feel guilty when he froze in the doorway at the look on his girlfriend's face.

She held up a piece of red fabric with venom in her eyes, "Raphael what is this?"

Normally he would have used the opportunity to smirk and throw a sarcastic remark in her direction but quickly decided against it, "Uh… My bandana?"

She nodded then aggressively threw it in the dryer and returned to the washer pulling out a bunched up piece of fabric. "And what colour is your bandana?"

He gaped at her a moment puzzled by her interrogation. Raphael could not help but roll his eyes, "Red."

He instantly regretted this action as she violently threw the saturated ball at his chest. Of course he caught it, although he did feel his heart rate increase ever so slightly, "And what colour is that Raphael?"

He looked down at the scrunched wad in his hand. It wasn't really one colour. It looked as if someone had tried to tie dye it red and botched the job… Crap. Raphael struggled to remove his eyes from the abomination in his fist, "Uh…"

To that response she pulled out an armload of sheets, towels, and originally white objects and practically stabbed the dryer with them. "It's PINK RAPHAEL! Everything's pink or some messed up version of a psychedelic trip from the 60's! And do you know why?"

Of course he knew why. He hadn't even thought about what was in the machine when he casually threw it in with the other already soaking objects. Red bandana plus whites plus hot water equals one pissed April.

Double crap.

To delay meeting her eyes again he unfolded the article in his hands. They were panties. Not just any panties though. No these were one of April's particularly lacy, delicate, flattering, and most importantly, revealing little numbers… Yeah he recognized them… Remembering their original purity made his heart beat a little faster.

April had finished stuffing the dryer and turned to face him. He dragged himself to the present steeling himself for another outburst as he met her eyes. They stared at each other for an instant and to Raphael's confusion April burst out laughing. He frowned wondering if she was messing with him, but after about ten seconds he realized she was laughing at him. He sniped, "April what the hell?"

She wiped her eyes and waved in his direction, "You holding up those while looking so… So… So you!"

He rolled his eyes at her unrivalled maturity. He tossed the panties at her in a huff, "Weirdo."

Her snickers followed him down the hall.

A/N Come on doesn't the image of Raphael holding up a pair of April's panties in a cramped laundry room make you snicker just a little?

This is my first Raphril fanfic so let me know what you think! I'm a huge Raphril shipper, but was always nervous to try writing anything because there are so many really great pieces out there already! KameTerra and princessbee are practically legends (in my book anyway)!