The world of pokemon, a marvelous world where humans and powerful creatures known as pokemon live together. They become friends, some are pets, and some are used in battle. We join our hero Ash Ketchum doing training with a fellow companion.

"Now Scraggy use Focus Blast."

"Scraggy!" Scraggy launched an energy blast as his opponent was a Snivy.

"Snivy dodge it." Snivy's trainer said as Snivy jumped over. Snivy's trainer had a white T-shirt with black sleeves and black pants.

"This time I'm going to beat you Ross." Ash said. Ash was battling Ross in Professor Oak's ranch after his journey in Unova ended.


"Don't bet on it." Ross said.


Of course there is more than just the world of pokemon. In another dimension with its own Earth was connected to another world known as the digital world. In that world were extraordinary creatures known as digimon, where they live with humans on Earth as friends and partners. In this world lives a young hero named Davis Motomiya.

"Veemon come on we got to go." Davis said.

"Alright I'm coming." Veemon said as they ran through the streets of Odaiba. What may have been months in the pokemon world were actually weeks in the digital world.

Davis once was in the pokemon world and traveled with Ash and Ross and won the Hoenn League. Though sadly he and his friend Kari had to leave that world with the friends they made and they thought the journey ended, but for trainers the journey never ends.



It's all about the challenges

It's a brand new game, brand new world

New rivals as you fight for survival

Nothing can stop you

Digital World


It's all about the battle

You gotta play smart

You gotta move faster

Behind every win there's a chance to begin again

You gotta take it all

If you want to be a master



It's time for adventure digital

We can change the world


(Ash's voice) Two Worlds Are One

"Now Snivy use your Leaf Tornado." Ross said.

"Snivy!" Snivy created a green whirlwind from its tail and attacked Scraggy ending the battle.

"Oh no not again." Ash said.

"Better luck next time Ash." Ross said.

"One of these days I'm going to beat you Ross." Ash said. Then there was a strike of lightning in the sky. "Hey did you see that?"

"Yeah that was weird, there's not a cloud in the sky. Where did that lightning come from?" Ross said. Meanwhile they were being watched by Team Rocket.

"There they are." Jessie said.

"Soon their pokemon will be ours."

"That's Pikachu too." Meowth said as they chuckled.

The Digimon World

Davis and Veemon kept running to the park to meet up with the others.

"Sorry if I kept you guys waiting." Davis said.

"It's fine, we weren't waiting long." Kari said as she grabbed his hand. Ever since their journey in the pokemon world ended Davis and Kari have been going out.

"So what do you guys want to do today?" Tai said.

"I don't know about all of you, but I want to pay a visit to the digital world and to see our digimon friends." Mimi said. Then there was a flash of lightning.

"What the heck was that?" Veemon said.

"It looked like lightning, the weather man must have gotten his forecast wrong." Agumon said. Then more lightning started to flash.

"Okay this is unreal." Davis said.

"What's happening, it's like the sky is being torn apart." Biyomon said.


The Pokemon World

More lightning started to flash around, faster than the next as Ross, Ash, Pikachu, and Squirtle tried to take cover.

"Where's all this lightning coming from?" Ross said.

"I don't know, but we got to get out of here." Ash said. Meanwhile Team Rocket was trying to get to their balloon.

"What kind of crazy weather is this?" James said.

"I hope it doesn't rain or else my fur will get soaked." Meowth said.

"Forget your fur I don't want my hair to get ruin." Jessie said as they just made it to their ballon, but then lightning struck and they were blown away.

"We're blasting off again!"

"Ash hurry in the lab." Ross said.

"We got to make sure all the pokemon are safe." Ash said.

"Yeah I guess you're right." Ross said, but soon they were surrounded by lightning and soon covered in light.

The Digimon World

The digidestine were soon surrounded by light as lightning flashed down everywhere.

"This is insane." Yolei said.

"I'm starting to feel weird." Agumon said.

"What's going on with my body?" Hawkmon said. In space it looked as if both worlds were coming together, overlapping each other. Soon everything settle down.

"That was so weird." Matt said.

"Is everyone okay?" Ross from digimon world said.

"I think so." Tai said.

"Hey I feel so different." Veemon said.

"I feel different too." Gatomon said. Then their bodies changed into Imperialdramon and Angewomon and seemed to be only a foot taller than Davis and Kari.

"Veemon, Gatomon did you digivolve?" Gabumon said.

"No our bodies changed on their own." Imperialdramon said.

"I even feel different." Angewomon said.

"How so?" Tentomon said.

"I feel like the way we did when we…..were in the pokemon world!" Imperialdramon said.

"The pokemon world!?" Davis said. then a shining light emerged and Ross from the pokemon world and Ash fell right through in front of them.

"Ow I think I landed on my head." Ash said.

"No you landed on my head." Ross from pokemon world said.


"Squirtle." Both said in dizziness

"I don't believe it. Ash, Ross!" Davis said and they looked up to see Davis and the others.

"Davis, Kari is that you!" Ash said.

"No way." Ross said as they both got up.

"Pikachu, Squirtle great to see you." Imperialdramon said.

"Pi Pi Pi!"

"Squirtle Squir!"

"I can't believe you guys are here, it's so great to see you again." Kari said.

"It's great to see you guys too." Ash said.

"Oh right Ash and Ross from the pokemon world, you two traveled with them." Tai said.

"Yeah and you guys are their friends." Ross from pokemon world said.

"What's going on; how did you two get here?" Davis said.

"Is May here too?" Kari said.

"No sorry Kari, May went back to Petalburg City a long time ago." Ash said.

"What's wrong Ash, miss your girlfriend?" Ross said as he rubbed his elbow against him as Ash's face was red.

"So what have you two been up to? Last time Kari and I were in your world was weeks ago." Davis said.

"Weeks! In our world you guys have been gone for months." Ross said.

"Yeah Ross and I traveled to a region called Unova, caught new pokemon, and entered the Unova league, thought we didn't win." Ash said.

"Wow really, can we see the pokemon you've caught." Davis said.

"Sure thing." Ross said.

"Wait a minute." Izzy said, but they weren't listening.

"Everyone out!" Ash and Ross said as they tossed out their pokemon. Ash' pokemon were Chrizard, Pignite, Snivy, Oshawott, and Scraggy. Ross' was a male Unfezent, Snivy, Durant, Chandelure, and Palpitoad.

"Wow I never saw these pokemon before in your world." Davis said.

"Davis, Kari, meet Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, Scraggy, and my old friend Charizard." Ash said.

"Oh so that's the Charizard you know about." Kari said.

"Meet my pokemon. Palpitoad, Chandelure, Unfezent, Durant, and my own Snivy." Ross said. "Back at Professor Oak's lab I also have a Maractus, Braviary, Cryogonal, and Elgyem."

"I have my own Unfezent and Palpitoad too, with a Leavanny, Boldore, and Krookodile." Ash said.

"That's great and all, but put them away before someone sees. You're in our world now." Izzy said.

"Oh he's right no one else has seen pokemon. Everyone return." Ross said as they got their pokemon back in their pokeballs. "You and me might want to be more careful." When he looked up he saw some Pidgey fly over.

"Ross what is it?" Ash said.

"Yeah uh…me, what's the matter?" Ross from digimon world said.

"I could have sworn I saw a flock of Pidgey fly over." Ross from pokemon world said. Then he looked around and saw pokemon everywhere and no one was freaking out. "Guys there are pokemon everywhere." They all looked around and there was.

"Yeah, but why is everyone acting so calm." T.K. said.

"Are we still in our world?" Ash said.

"I don't think so, it still looks like Odaiba. So what's going on?" Tai said.

"I can answer that." They all Gennai show up.

"Gennai?" The digidestine and the digimon said. They all sat down and Gennai told them something they didn't believe.

"What!? Both worlds are now one?" Ross said.

"How did that even happen?" Izzy said.

"That's what I'm trying to find out. As of right now Japan is now part of a region called Digose." Gennai said.

"Digose?" Ash said.

"So how come we were the only ones wondering what was going on?" Sora said.

"Well with the worlds becoming one everyone thinks it's always been like this. You guys don't might be because of your crests." Gennai said.

"What about me and Ross?" Ash said.

"It might because you've traveled with Davis and Kari and have been around them for a long period of time." Gennai said.

"So what about the digimon?" Joe said.

"Well most are still in the digital world, but the ones that are here are pokemon." Gennai said.

"Gennai's right you digimon classify as pokemon in my pokedex." Ross said. "Agumon is a fire type, Gabumon is an ice type, Aquamon and Gomamon are water types, Gotsumon is a rock type, Palmon is a grass type, Biyomon is a flying and fire type, Patamon and Hawkmon are flying types, Armadillomon is a ground type, Wormmon is a bug type, and Tentomon is a bug and electric type."

"Cool so Ross can I can catch our own digimon." Ash said.

"Actually that would be difficult. Now they would be hard to come by and you would have to be a high level trainer like a gym leader, elite four, or the champion." Gennai said. "However this might interest you. The Digose league."

"Digose league!?" They all said.

"Just like any other pokemon league, a tournament where you need eight badges to enter." Gennai said.

"Sweet a new kind of pokemon league." Ash said.

"Oh yeah and you can bet I'm entering like last time. It will be like old times." Davis said.

"But Davis you already won the Hoenn league." Ross said.

"Who says it has to stop there?" Davis said.

"And Kari there is a Grand Festival coming here as well." Gennai said.

"The Grand Festival, that's amazing." Kari said.

"Oh this has to be the coolest thing." Davis said as he cheered.

Well it seems our heroes have reunited with old friends as a whole new adventure awaits. What lies ahead for our heroes on this journey? Stay tune to find out as this journey begins.

To Be Continued….