It had been a week since Evan's Hogwarts letter had come and it was now his birthday. His party was a small affair consisting of his pa and dad, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, and his friend Skylar, a kid from down the street that Mrs. Hudson had introduced him to about a year ago.

'Happy Birthday, Evan!' signed Mycroft as he came over to the birthday boy and handed him a small wrapped package. Evan smiled, "Thanks Uncle Mycroft", he then tore into the paper and smiled seeing the newest book in his detective novel series he'd been reading lately. He set it aside and wrapped his uncle in a hug, 'you're welcome Evan.'

'Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Evan, happy birthday to you!' was sung and signed as Sherlock and John approached with his birthday cake. It was placed before him and he blew the candles out with a big grin on his face. "Thanks guys, this has been a great birthday!" He'd received some new clothes from his pa and his own microscope and slides from his dad, the book from Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson had made the cake and promised to come and make them dinner later the week, and Skylar had gotten him a bag of his favorite candy and a new phone case for his phone. He smiled around at his friends and family, he didn't know how he was going to do it but he knew he had to go to Hogwarts, he was sure going to miss his support system. The party ended shortly after and Evan was left alone again with his dad and pa.

"I need to go to Hogwarts… I'm going to miss you guys but I need to learn how to use my magic." Evan mumbled as he was sitting on the couch between his parents. Sherlock and John shared a look but nodded, 'we understand Evan, and it's only for a few months before you'll see us again and we can write all the time to each other. Mycroft as always been working on a way for your phone to work around magic, he hasn't had any luck yet but he's working on it.'

Evan smiled, "Really? Mycroft's doing that for me?" Sherlock nodded, 'he'd do anything for you, you know that right?' Evan nodded, "I know, he's just so serious, it's nice to know that he cares for me that much. So will you tell Mycroft I've decided to go to the school so we can figure out what I need to do?" Sherlock nodded already grabbing his phone and sending off a text to his brother, who responded shortly saying that one Severus Snape would be stopping by the next morning to take them to Diagon Alley and explain anything else about the start of term. Sherlock explained as much to Evan, who nodded.

A short time later they headed to bed so they'd be rested for the following day. The next morning they were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when a knock came from down the stairs. John stood to go answer the door and returned moments later with a man who's dark hair was pulled back into a low pony tail and was wearing a pair of black pants and a black button down shirt with a jacket folded over his arm.

Sherlock stood to greet the man, "Severus Snape, how nice to meet you. You spend most of your days underground and working with chemicals, a chemistry teacher for the school perhaps?" Severus quirked an eyebrow at the man, "close, potions. Something that your son will learn at the school. I hear that he's deaf, I'm here to explain his past to him as well as tell him how the school will work with him being deaf. If that's okay with you of course, I hear his past isn't the greatest." Sherlock nodded and turned to explain such to Evan, 'this is Severus Snape, he's a teacher at your school and knows who you were before you came to meet us. He's here to explain that to you as well as how the school will work for you. You understand?'

Evan nodded and waved shyly at the teacher, "Hello Mr. Snape. My name is Evan Holmes. You know who I was before I met dad and pa?" Sherlock nodded, 'yes I do Evan. I also know BSL so I can communicate with you. Something that will come into play for your schooling but I'll get to that in a second. Your real name is Harry Potter, you're somewhat of a celebrity in our world. When you were a year old your parents, Lily and James Potter were killed by a very bad wizard. You somehow defeated this wizard when he tried to kill you and are known as the boy-who-lived to all wizards. You will most likely get many stares when out and about and many will want to be your friend because of your past. You have spectacular parents though and can easily see individuals true intentions.' Evan nodded at this, "So Mr. Snape, how will school work for me? Do all the teachers know BSL or will I have an interpreter?"

Severus looked down at this, "So Albus Dumbledore, whom you all met yesterday doesn't think it necessary to require all the teachers, which by the way are called professors, so instead he's creating a special schedule for you where you are primarily my apprentice, since I know BSL and then will meet with the other professors for an hour or so at separate times."

"So you're segregating him just because he's deaf! Why can't he attend class with the other students? He can read lips and we would gladly pay for an interpreter if the money is an issue. He shouldn't have to be taught one on one by the professors outside of a class setting." Sherlock screamed while signing as well so Evan could be informed.

Evan nodded, "I'm really good at reading lips Sir and am a really quick learner. I read course material and am actually a grade above what I'm supposed to be. I'm pretty smart, I can pick up things really fast. I should atleast get a chance to be with the other students, please Professor."

Severus nodded, 'I agree, but Professor Dumbledore has final say. I will talk to him and tell him what you've said and see what can be done. But in the mean time what do you say to going to Diagon Alley to get your supplies? You're going to need them either way.' Evan nodded, his smile returning. "We get to go to a magical area!" Severus nodded and then gestured to the door and lead the way out onto the street where they called a taxi to head to the Leaky Cauldron.

Evan's eyes widened as they entered the alleyway as most kids did when seeing the magical environment for the first time. "Wow…" whispered Evan, Sherlock and John nodded in agreement. Severus smirked and led the group down the alley to Gringotts so they could show Evan his vault as well as get some money for shopping. All jaws again dropped at seeing the massive amount of money in the vault that had been left for Evan by his parents.

After that they made their way to Madame Malkins for his robes, then went to the bookstore and apothecary, followed by a trip to the Owl Emporium so they'd have a way to communicate while Evan was away at school. Last they went to Ollivanders.

"Ahh, Mr. Potter, I was wondering when I'd see you in my shop. I remember your parents well." Greeted Mr. Ollivander as they all walked in. Evan looked to his parents in confusion and they quickly translated, "Hello Mr. Ollivander, I apologize Evan here goes by Evan Holmes, we adopted him 3 years ago and he is also deaf. We can easily translate for him but we are in need of a wand for him." Mr. Ollivander nodded, "yes of course." He then proceeded back into the store and returned with a stack of wands, 30 minutes later Evan picked one up and a warmth flooded through him and he smirked as a shot of sparks shot from his wand.

"Curious, very curious. I know every wand I've ever sold Mr. Potter. It's curious that your wand would be the brother to the wand who gave you your scar." Evan looked at him in alarm, "It's fine Mr. Potter, the wand chooses the wizard. I think we can expect great things from you young man." Evan nodded slowly.

They left the store and proceeded back to Baker Street. "Well Mr. Snape, thank you for escorting us today. Evan will see you at school." Severus nodded pulling out an envelope with a train ticket inside, "This is your ticket to the Hogwarts Express Evan, it picks up on platform 9 3/4. The platform is reached by running at the pillar between platform 9 and platform 10 at the Kings Cross Station. Does that make sense?" Evan nodded with a raised eyebrow, "There isn't a simpler way, who thought running at a wall was a smart idea? How do the other first years find it?" Severus shrugged, "I've often wondered the same thing. Well Evan, it was nice to meet you. I must warn you I may treat you differently at school because of your name and who I am but my door is always open to you to talk, okay?" Evan nodded again and waved goodbye before proceeding into his bedroom to sort his stuff into a trunk and then crawled into bed and promptly fell asleep, which is where Sherlock and John found him when they poked their head in later.

They smiled closing the door softly, "I'm going to miss him John. Do you think we are doing the right thing letting him go to this school?" John smiled, "I don't know Sher, but we have to let him go. You're always saying we have to let him be independent this is just another opportunity."

John nodded and then jumped as an owl tapped on their window, Sherlock went to grab it and smiled. "Dumbledore has agreed to our request for Evan to attempt classes with the other students using an interpreter, he says he has someone available to assist in classes. He's still weary to let Evan do Defense and Potions in the classes but says he will let him try for a week and then assess from there." John smiled, "good, Evan deserves to be in the classes with his peers, not segregated."

They smiled at each other and quickly penned a thank you note off to Severus before heading to bed, knowing the last few weeks before school would go by fast and would be trying for them all.