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Note: This is what happens when I refuse to sleep. I write stories about people refusing to sleep. Anyway, I always liked FACE fics, so it's all good.

8:30, the time of the day Arthur feared most of all. His husband didn't understand his resentment for this time but since when did Francis ever understand him? He pulled himself reluctantly away from his paper work to face the daily challenge.

He approached the living room where his two boys sat playing. Matthew was silently in the corner with some legos while Alfred moved his toy truck around the floor noisily.

"Time for bed, you two."

Like an angel toddler in disguise, Matthew began picking up his toys. Alfred continued to play like he didn't hear his father. Arthur gave him a chance to do as he was told, just like the chances he gave him every night.

Matthew finished and was already on his way to brush his teeth and give Papa a goodnight kiss. Alfred stubbornly kept playing.

"You heard me, young man."

The toddler finally looked up at his father.

"But I'm not-"

"I know you're not sleepy. And I don't care. To bed. Now."

Alfred shook his head with a pout, leading father and son to have a stare down. Arthur wasn't going to resort to bribery again, not when he was determined to wean his son off the sugary snacks and burgers. Threats it was.

"You'll get no dessert for a week."

Alfred looked scared for a moment, then his expression returned to defiance.

"I don't care."

More like you know your pushover Papa will give you dessert anyway, you little wanker. Arthur thought with a scowl. Francis was way too soft on him.

"You won't get to watch any telly."

"I'm not going to bed!"

"Then you'll never have ice cream-"

"Mon cher," that damn flowery voice had to come now of all times.

Arthur scolded as his husband came into the room with an amused grin on his face. Francis always liked to brag how the boys liked him better. It was all fun and games, however and Arthur understood that. Besides, someone had to be the tough parent. Francis smiled at Alfred.

"Your father says it's time for bed. So you need to go."

"But I don't want to!"

"Oh? Why not?" Francis faked a pout.

"Because I'm still playing."

"Very well. You can stay up."

"WHAT?!" "Really?"

The outbursts from the other two came at exactly the same time. Alfred was smiling giddily. Arthur was glaring at his French lover until Francis held up a finger.

"But just so you know, we only make you two go to bed so you don't have to see us expressing our love for each other. We know how gross you boys think it is. But if you're okay with it, let's start cuddling Arthur."

Francis was about to kiss a flushing Arthur on the lips when a repulsed Alfred dropped his toy.

"Okay! I'll go to sleep."

He was about to run off when Francis grabbed him.

"You're forgetting something."

Francis leaned his head in so that Alfred could give him his mandatory kiss on the cheek. Alfred was okay with those kinds of kisses. Just not gross cootie-filled kisses that couples did. Alfred went up to Arthur on his own.

"Night Daddy."

Arthur got his kiss too and the boy left. He was happy but also sad. Sad because he was now going to hear the bragging.

"Told you I was better with them."

"Shut up, Frog."