A lone figure about twenty was walking down the desolate roads of the Himalayas in India. Not many people could be seen this up in the mountains. But this man exuded a sense of importance and gravity around him. With regal features, high cheek bone, and a handsome face, models would kill for. The roads he was walking on was the pathway to the fabled saints and monks of Himalayas resided. No one knew for sure as no one had ever met them in person but it was rumoured that the monks were beings of great power. They were the very epitome of peace and calmness. They held key to great knowledge and held answers to all the mundane questions of humans. But according to the tale only the worthy could ever find them and till today no one was deemed worthy enough for it. The man now walking upon the trail seemed exhausted. He seemed to have been walking for days if not weeks upon the trail. Even though tired determination to achieve his destination burned through him and provided him the necessary strength to walk upon the perilous path.

Days and Nights went by as the traveller went up the path tirelessly for he was determined to succeed. After walking for about a fortnight he came upon a truly wondrous sight. In front of his road rose the Kailash Mountain the fabled home of Lord Shiva, the protector and destructor. He was fabled as the protector of the saints and monks that lived up on the mountains.

But even then the road to the mountains seemed perilous and mysterious with exotic animals waiting upon the path. With determination Percy put his legs forward as he made way to the Kailash. After going about 2 paces he came face to face with devious creature, with two heads, four hands and four legs the creature in front him exuded true maliciousness and danger. It held 2 swords in 2 hands and 2 trishuls in the other hands. The creature had smirked in his direction and jabbed a sword and trishul at him at the same time. Percy was then hard-pressed to keep up with his continuous attacks.

"What is your destination Greek?" It had asked.

"The answer to my question.I have been advised to seek my answers from the great monks of Himalayas." Percy replied.

The demon had then given a truly malicious smirk and said, "I am the protector in these roads boy. Turn away now so that I won't have to kill you. I have seen potential within you, I would hate for it to be wasted like this. The road to your answers are full of perils and men more capable than you have fled these very roads when they came to face their nightmares within these paths, many even succumbed to their death holding on to their vain feeling of superiority . I am merely a creature wishing to protect the sanctity and peace of the great sages,but there are also creatures who would feast upon your delicious human flesh without a second thought. So better turn away now and seek your answer after you have completely developed your potential."

After saying his part the demon had stopped his attacks and waited for Percy to make his decision.

Percy then pondered for a bit then he asked, "You say I have yet to reach my true potential but I already feel a lot more powerful than I had earlier. I even defeated Gaia, how powerful can these monsters be?"

"You Greeks and your pride. "Said the demon while sneering. "You may have forced mother earth into her sleep once again, but you could never truly defeat her in your current state. She is much more powerful than you for that. And even if you had defeated her truly the monsters here are numerous, with a cunning mind and power and will attack you at your weakest with their best weapons. How would you propose to fight them off then?"

Percy had then seemed truly depressed and went down on his knees truly devastated. He had much hopes of finding the answers to his question with the saints. Then suddenly with a renewed vigour he had gone up swiped anaklusmos and had separated both the heads of the monster from its body.

"I will get my answers, even if I die." He said and moved forward.

The road was narrow with trees on both sides. The thick canopy of the trees had nearly completely blocked the light passing down to the roads. With flowers and fruits hanging on the branches it seemed like a beautiful sight. But it was a like a Lady. Beautiful but deadly. Those trees while beautiful were the home to some of the most dangerous animals and monsters of the world. The fruit and flowers hanging off the branches looked beautiful and enticing but in truth were some of the most poisonous substance.

Percy had the trudged on the road constantly alert glancing left and right for any sign of danger. He had only gone a mile or so when he came a clearing where light was falling freely and it also looked as if a lake was there in the clearing. On coming up on the lake he saw that it was a huge water body going on and on as a snake slithering on the ground with its bendings and turnings with many animals were drinking water from the lake while the sun shone brightly on the lake giving off a truly beautiful sight for his eyes to feast on. The water in the lake seemed pure as crystal. Even though he was a son of Poseidon, he still needed water for his continued sustenance. So even though he had realized the dangers that could be lurking in a deep lake such as the one in front of him, he gave in to his cravings and dived into the lake. The pure water he drank revitalized him while the water healed the various scrapes and injuries on his body as well as energized him. He stayed in the water for some time as the water continued healing him. He had closed his eyes and was meditating trying to clear his mind in the best possible surrounding for him as he let the water do the work. He had then realized that stumbling upon such a wondrous place in places as perilous as the one he was at was too good to be true. He had suddenly then opened his eyes and he what he saw advancing upon him shook him to his core.

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