AUTHOR'S NOTES: nearly 2 years ago, I began this story as something of a random slow-paced side-project. Admittedly, the early chapters were slow-going because the games were the same way. Others were lengthier or shorter, and some were downright thrilling for me to write. Whatever the case, here is the final epilogue of The Victors' Chronicles, as I leave with a passing message of gratitude for any and all who read and enjoy this story. Those who enjoyed it might also enjoy some of my individual fics, such as the ones based off of chapters 91, 92, 93, etc., but I'll leave that up to the readers. Anyways, here we get to see what became of the 48 tributes that escaped from the Hunger Games, as well as the Mockingjay herself and her second-in-command.
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EPILOGUE: After the Games—The Heroes

Some of the most impacted people by the war of course, were Korra Francisco herself, who led the revolution, and Amy Zavala, who was her right-hand during the war. Apart from them, the most impacted people were the 24 victors that were reaped and nearly sent into the 100th arena, as well as the 24 boys and girls that they were forced to pick to accompany them. While most of them went their separate ways, every year or two these 50 individuals (Amy, Korra, and the 48 tributes) would reunite at the Capitol Square on the anniversary of their victory against Romula's regime for celebrations and festivities, among other things. The fact that the Capitol was now often times unofficially referred to "District 14" was another symbol of the freedom Panem enjoyed.

Lucius Banks and Lucina Aldrich returned to their homes in District 1 and went back to leading fairly normal lives, although both were talented individuals who excelled in their fields. Lucius became a well-known jeweler, while Lucina became a popular supermodel who took many trips to the Capitol and to District 8, where her looks and appearances started new trends across Panem.

Zoram Michelli and Zerlinda Franz were very influential people upon their return, where a certain sense of natural leadership was spotted in Zerlinda in particular. Zoram backed her up in this regard, and the two were instrumental in helping the Capitol adapt to a less wasteful society. After Korra Francisco declined to become the next mayor and leader of District 2, Zoram launched a campaign to get Zerlinda elected, despite her young age. He succeeded in this endeavor, and Zerlinda helped lead District 2 into an era of further prosperity.

Circuit Lohan and Crystal Martinez lived quietly, although both worked to aid District 3 in their recovery efforts after the war. While neither of them gained as much notoriety as some of the victors of the district, they were content to retain their reputations as "heroes from the rebellion" and keep it at that rather than try to expand it further. As such, they lived happily.

Tide Swenson and Sunny Zendenga retreated to District 4 once the war was over, and little more was heard from them. It's commonly believed that they simply returned to living normal lives, although it was clear that like most of District 4, they rebuilt their district and enjoyed the beautiful scenery in peace and without any more bombings.

Surge Takamatzu and Varsha Zenzi vanished with nary a word as they went back to the mysterious recesses of District 5. While little more was heard from them after that, it was largely believed that they were part of the innovative sector of the district, and that despite their general silence and lack of being seen or heard, that they both still showed up every year for the victory anniversary.

Track McCloud and Marin Chutes went back to their lives in District 6 without much else in the way of fanfare. While they didn't feel like they were as heavily involved as some of the others, they were still treated as heroes, and were content with the deeds they were able to contribute in this way or that.

Birch Santos and Mozello Shao were similar insomuch that they returned to District 7 and led mostly quiet lives, but Mozello's ambitions ended up getting her elected as mayor of the place. She helped modernize the lumber industry a bit, but kept industrialization clean, as to keep the forest charm.

Jeremy Wilde and Mara Cerulean, both being fairly outspoken activists in District 8, helped turn the place around when they got home, but like most of the younger tributes, they spent most of their young adulthoods trying to live normal lives and recover from the war. Given the pro-rebellion nature of District 8, it was not hard for them to get all kinds of support in this endeavor.

While District 9 was a rather quiet and unassuming place before, during, and even after the war, no one could deny the powerful influence Roy Keaton and Zelda Alto had had, and naturally, they were the most popular people in District 9 upon their return, even moreso than any of their victors (except perhaps the late Olivia). Both of them were given sears of government, and from all the time spent together in the war, the two wound up marrying. In a way, they credited their mentors for being responsible for bringing them together.

Rangi Darius and Elissa Calhoun returned to District 10 and quietly lived their lives as usual. They had not revolutionized the place the way their friends from District 9 had, but they did not mind the lack of attention on themselves either.

Josiah Flax and Amari Flax spent various amounts of time in Districts 14, 13, 12, and 11, and the two were inseparable. While neither one ended up in positions of government, they kind of established reputations across Panem as "those two siblings", but were ultimately well-liked. They became the first pair of citizens to take a grand tour of Panem without using a train or a hovercraft, which at the time was considered quite the accomplishment. Once they finished this, they returned to District 11 for the time being, though both of them dreamed of blazing new trails as they went.

Maric Dragmire and Malak Dragmire followed in their mother's footsteps, although considering the free-roaming nature of District 12, it was not surprising to see them influenced by the victors of the place. The sometimes travelled to the more rural districts like '11 or '7, always being ones to appreciate Panem's countryside. They even ventured into the District 13 surface regions, and assisted them in some of the reconstruction efforts as well. Ultimately however, they returned to District 12 to enjoy living their lives with their mother in peace.

Lucas Drazen returned to District 1 where he was elected mayor for a while. After serving faithfully in this position for a few years, he retired and allowed a younger individual to take his place. He remained hale and lively into his older age, and was still able to drink anyone who challenged him under the table.

Lux Calameda went with her husband Cadence to District 14 where they threw a more formal/official and lavish wedding ceremony. After this, they lived rather quiet lives, and Lux turned out to be an exceptionally loving (and protective) mother of many beautiful children.

Katsuo Raiden never truly recovered from the trauma of his games, but he ended up finding a secluded place in District 9 to settle down and live out the rest of his days in peace and quiet.

Kaede Raiden was similar in this regard, never fully recovering from the horrific traumas she suffered in the games. She joined her brother and settled down in District 9 as well, for the same reasons.

Shigeru Lombardi helped in the rebuilding of District 3, and in the installation of the vast system of networks and communication and transportation lines that formed first in the district, and then in District 5 and into the Capitol, and then across the country. He settled down back in District 3, however.

Ikki Ortolani led one of the most ambitious technological overhaul projects ever witnessed on Panem. She spent great deal of time in Districts 6, 14, 13, 5, and 3, before finally settling back down and using her vast influence across District 3 to help lead it into a level of prosperity akin to Districts 1, 2, and 5.

Gill Wainright enjoyed the beaches of District 4, although after seeing how war-torn the district had become, he assisted in the cleanup efforts before marrying his sweetheart Kozue Sowa, and moved to District 1 with her.

Mandy Ikezhen remained in District 4 for most of her life, despite travelling to many of the other districts in the meantime. Her daughter earned a governmental position, which she assisted in as well, helping to rebuild their broken district and bring it nearly back up to par with Districts 3, 2, 5, and 1.

Cadence Montoya was not thrilled about the lavish wedding either, but knew that his wife Lux Calameda deserved that much. He went with her to District 14 and spent the rest of his days with her in relative peace. He also became an outstanding father, and parented a remarkable number of children.

Bethany Shanza was not a woman who sought much attention, and so like many from District 5, she went back to her home district to quietly live out the rest of her days. She had no complaints.

Shishio Meraxa continued the "Family Trade" in District 6, although also got into medicinal work as well, finding it rather enjoyable. He sometimes visited Districts 13 or 14, but mostly loitered around home.

Meili joined Zhin in District 13, deciding that she needed a change of pace. She assisted in the surface-area construction efforts, and lived a happy rest of her life there.

Kara Petersen travelled a great deal and helped lead and organize many reconstruction and humanitarian efforts, but ultimately ended up back in District 7, where she helped lead them to more prosperous times. Despite her age, she was still looked to as one of the greatest leaders of her time.

Connor McIrish went back to District 8 and helped keep things calm and flowing there. Without an active rebellion, most of the people fell back into line and order was easily restored, and Connor was believed to have helped play a part in this as well.

Lyndis DeSiete could not earn her family back from the clutches of Romula's Capitol since she could not raise the dead, but she stayed in District 8 with her surviving family, and eventually had children of her own, which she raised with love and care, knowing they would never have to know the Hunger Games—or the horrors that their mother, grandmother, and great-grandfather faced in those arenas.

Carver Tabris, having never been a terribly remarkable victor or district hero, went off on an adventure across Panem, drinking at each stop with impunity. He eventually settled down in District 5.

Marian Greene took a similar route, for similar reasons, although her travels ended her up in District 11. The similar atmospheres were a welcome sight for her, as was the even more rural farming.

Immanuel Cox returned to District 10 without much fanfare, and his partner Tiffany Waxler ended up going to District 6 for some reason. Some said it was because of a medicine/drug addiction, but most inquiries just had Tiffany smirking and walking away.

Eli Christiansen returned to his large family in District 11, and participated in a great deal of humanitarian efforts, particularly among the poorer and more war-torn districts to help as many people get back on their feet as possible. His peaceful nature and caring heart earned him an easy "Gentle Giant" reputation, and he was beloved by all.

Kozue Sowa was a wild individual who was difficult to keep tied down, but she remained with her sweetheart Gill for the rest of her days, and joined him in retirement over in District 1, where they eventually married and had children—all as wild and carefree as their parents.

Vigo Zakatau returned to District 12 and helped modernize the place, while also helping it keep some of its wild charm. His artistic skills went to great use in beautifying the district, and some of his images and murals still exist to this day. He also wound up marrying his successor Aveline, and the two lived a happy life together.

Aveline Togisala was one of the primary string-pullers in District 12, her quiet but cunning nature helping her keep things going exactly how she wanted them. Fortunately for others, her intentions were positive, and thus the district benefitted from her influence. She married Vigo despite the 6-year difference between them, and the two of them lived happily together.

Amy Zavala remained as something of a mentor figure as she matured even more so from her games. While she never grew much in terms of physical height, she was a brilliant-minded figure that was often sought out for advice. She and Kada Francisco married shortly after the war, settling down in District 2.

Korra Francisco remained in the spotlight after the war because of her leadership, selflessness, and heroism, and statues of the heroic "Mockingjay" line every District Square in front of the magnificent new Justice Buildings. The centerpiece of the Capitol became an enormous monument to Korra in her likeness, and the fact that the pedestal was emblazoned with a District 14 seal may have contributed to the locale's unofficial nickname of "District 14". As for the woman herself, Korra settled down in District 2, marrying the same Akiyo Chandaki that had served as her therapist during the war. She remained a popular and influential figure all across Panem, but at the end of the day, Korra herself felt that what made her special was simply that she was a young woman who was at the right place at the right time; just an ordinary woman who stepped up to do extraordinary things and help people.

Whatever the case, these victors and children of all walks of life all went their own separate ways, although yearly most or all of them would gather in District 14 for anniversary celebrations of the end of the Capitol regime, and celebrating the Golden Age of Panem. While there were many musings and speculations, one thing was clear: Panem was at peace, and the Hunger Games were over—for good.

AFTERTHOUGHTS: And like all great things, this story now comes to an end. Originally chapters 100, 101, & 102 were "secret chapters", and then with the addition of the epilogue, chapters 103, 104, & 105 became "secret chapters" instead. However, this is truly the final chapter, and the last of the last. Sometime in the future I do intend to have another fic that showcases what these victors were like before their games and after them to display the changes they went through and such... although that's still a ways off.
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