Warnings/Notes: This will be shounen ai, mainly Tyson x Kai, but I may add hints of Rei x Max later on (I'm not sure yet).

And please remember that this story was started in late 2002 (yes I know, I very long time ago – I have issues with updating), before I had even V – Force, let alone G - Revolution, so some stuff may be a little off, but I have tried to add in the newer characters as I went along.

And just so you don't get confused…

People speaking is like this "……"

People thinking is like this '…….'

Disclaimer: If I owned Beyblade I: a) wouldn't be writing this, and b) I would be a lot richer. ;

Be My Saviour, and I'll be Your Downfall

Chapter 1

"How are you going to get better if you never train!"

"I DO train. Just because I don't do it every hour of every day doesn't mean I don't do it at all!"

"No, it just means that you will never improve, and you will always have to rely on Dragoon to do all the hard work, while you reap all the rewards."



Max, Rei and Kenny all sighed.

Tyson and Kai were fighting AGAIN.

It was all they seemed to do lately, and it was getting to be very annoying.


"Whatever," said Kai again, and walked off, probably to train.

"THAT GUY REALLY GETS ME!" yelled Tyson, and he then stormed off too.

Max sighed again, "We really have to do something about this."

"You're right," Rei agreed.

"I think we should ask Dizzy if she can think of something that we can do," said Kenny, opening his laptop.

"Hi Guys!"

Kenny smiled at the laptop, "Hi Dizzy! We were just wondering….."

"If I could help you to get Kai and Tyson to stop fighting?"

"How did you know?" asked Max.

"I heard everything!"

Rei leant over Kenny's shoulder to look at the laptop, "So, is there anything that we can do?"

"There sure is! You know that each bit beast has a sort of connection with their master, right?"

"Yeah," said Rei.

"Well, if we can get the bond Tyson has with Dragoon, to connect up with Kai and Dranzer, it might make them get along better!"

"But what would the connection do?" asked Max.

"I'm not quite sure…." Replied Dizzy trailing off.

"Well I think that anything is better than them constantly fighting," said Kenny firmly.

Rei frowned, "I'm not so sure…… We don't know what the link would do, and would it be permanent?"

"I don't think so, we could probably find a way to take it off," answered Dizzy.

Max nodded, "I agree with Kenny, anything is better than them constantly squabbling."

Rei didn't look convinced, "I'm still not sure, I mean, we would be manipulating their connection with their Bitbeasts, if something goes wrong, it might affect their Beyblading skills."

"Don't worry Rei, I'm sure everything will be fine," reassured Max.

"Yeah, the famous last words," muttered Rei.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, fine, what do we have to do?"

"Well you need to get their beyblades, and then, you can plug them into the laptop, and I will forge a connection between them," said Dizzy.

Kenny shut Dizzy and looked at Max and Rei full of determination, "Okay, let's do this."

Getting Tyson's Beyblade didn't prove to be much of a challenge, since he usually just gave it to Kenny whenever he asked for it.

Kai however………..

"Ok here's the plan. Max, you have to come straight at him and give him one of your bear hugs. He'll be so shocked that he won't notice Rei come up from behind and take Dranzer out of his pocket. If anything goes wrong, I'll come out and do something to distract him," said Kenny as they watched and followed Kai walking down the street.

"Right," said Rei.

"Ok Kenny, I'm on it…..or should I say, I'll be on Kai," said Max grinning at them cheekily, before running off in the opposite direction, to go round the block, and come back round in front of Kai.

Rei nodded at Kenny, and started to walk casually towards Kai from behind, but Max came into view again, he began to walk more stealthily.

Max smiled slightly evilly as he saw Kai up ahead and kept running.

Kai frowned.

He swore he was being followed.

He glanced behind him, but couldn't tell if someone was tailing him because there were to many people.

As he looked back around in front of himself again, he blinked as he saw Max come running at him at full speed.

Before he could move, Max went crashing into him, wrapping his arms tightly around Kais waist.

Kai was momentarily stunned before………………

"GET THE HELL OFF ME!" and with a growl he tried to pry Max's arms off him.

Rei moved in and quickly and quietly removed Dranzer from his pocket.

In a flash Kai let go of Max and latched onto Rei's arm.

Rei's eyes widened, "Oh shit."

Kai shook Max off of him and held onto his wrist to stop him running away. He glowered at his two teammates. "What the hell are you two playing at! And why are you trying to steal Dranzer!"

Rei and Max looked at each other, and then at Kai.

Rei coughed, "Well, we, err………"

Seeing how it was clear that operation 'pick pocket' had gone belly up, Kenny realised that he should try to help. After all, there was one of Kai, and three of them.

But, Kenny thought as he ran towards his three struggling teammates, It was one Kai too many.

Kenny whimpered as he got closer, Be brave! You can do this! and with all the courage and strength he had, he jumped onto Kai's back, making Kai let go of Max and Rei and fall down onto his knees.

With a, "Get the hell out of here!" he then charged off back to the hotel, not checking to see if the others were following him leaving Kai by himself sitting on the pavement.

Kai groaned as he stood up rubbing his arse, "Ouch," he suddenly cringed, "Was I just beaten up by Kenny?"

With Kenny not being particularly athletic, Max and Rei managed to catch up with him pretty quickly, and when they got back to the room, they slammed and locked the door behind themselves.

"I (pant)………..can't (pant)……believe (pant)……..that (pant)…………worked," gasped Kenny as he walked over to Dizzy where Dragoon was already plugged in.

"I know," said Rei, passing Kenny Dranzer, so he could hook it up too.

"You better take me outside," warned Dizzy, "I don't know what will happen when we do this."

Kenny picked up Dizzy and the two beyblades, and walked out onto the balcony.

"Ok, here goes," said Dizzy, and she opened up a connection between the two blades.

The blades started to glow, Dranzer red, Dragoon blue, and the laptop started to spark.

"DIZZY!" cried Kenny reaching out towards her in concern.

He quickly pulled his hand back, as, in a flash of light Dranzer and Dragoon rose from their Blades and flew up into the sky, a power emanating from them that none of the boys on the balcony had ever felt before when a Bitbeast left it's blade. They twisted around each other, and then went back down into their blades, which kept glowing, but this time, they each glowed both red and blue.

"What have we done?" whispered Rei as he stared at Max and Kenny with wide eyes.

Tyson had been sitting quite comfortably outside a café drinking a soda when he saw Dragoon and Dranzer fly up through the air.

He frowned, 'What the hell was that?'

Kai had been storming back to the hotel trying to find out what Rei, Max and Kenny were doing to his beyblade, when he saw Dranzer and Dragoon, rise up from a hotel balcony.

To be more precise, their hotel balcony.

He cursed as he saw them come back down, and started to walk faster.

'What the hell was that?'

Kai stopped, and looked around.

There was nobody there.

But he could have sworn……….

'Must be my imagination,' he thought as he continued walking.

'Must be my imagination.'

Tyson blinked.

There was no one there.

'I must be going crazy.'

'I must be going crazy.'

Kai spun around looking for the person who spoke.

He had definitely heard someone, and he thought he recognized the voice.

'What the Hell?'

'What the Hell?'

Tyson was getting confused.

'Who the hell is talking to me? And where are they?'

'Who the hell is talking to me? And where are they?'

This time Kai was waiting for the voice.

He analyzed it for a few minutes.

He did recognize it, it was so familiar he just couldn't place it.

After a few more minutes he realized who it was.

He looked at the balcony where Dranzer and Dragoon had just been……


It had been several minutes since he had last heard the voice.

Tyson had calmed down a bit, and just figured it was his over active imagination.

He decided to finish his soda, and then go and find out what had happened to Dragoon.


Tyson choked and spat out the mouthful of soda he had just drunk. As he heard a familiar voice yell yet again in his head.