Author's Note:

This was begun during the first big wave of HP fanfic. Origianlly a 'year five' fic, it's now AU, but canon through GoF.

In the middle of writing chapter 7, Real Life hit hard and I have only recently delved back into writing creatively.

I'm going through what's been posted to do some much needed beta-ing, then if the muses are cooperative I'll start writing again.

That said, here's the original, rather lame, author's note:

This fanfic represents my theories and desires for what is to come in the Harry Potter books, whose characters were born in the amazing mind of J.K. Rowling. Apart from that, I have been inspired by other fanfics that I keep up with and some of my favorite songs (I may delve into some song fic at some point in this story, but I'm not sure yet...we'll see how it goes). So if you notice something that seems familiar, I ask you to remember two things:
1) great minds think alike, and
2) imitation is the highest form of flattery.

With that said, let the ficcy begin...