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Percy's POV

This morning I am practicing down in the sword fighting arena, trying to get rid of this massive ball of nerves that is in my gut. The Hephaestus cabin recently made a massive high tech training arena that is underneath the real one that rather impressive. Think of the Danger Room from the X-men comics, then add about a shit ton of monster programs and individualized work out plans along with general levels. Then you will have the basic idea. So I went down and set it for the Percy Jackson workout plan. Because I am, according to the Hephaestus cabin, "too powerful to plan for", my workout plan provides a random assortment of monster replicas for me to fight for however long I set it for and so I set it for about an hour. Today, it started me out with some Dracaena, then it moved me on to Drakon training, then I finished with the Minotaur. Next, I go to the canoe lake and go for a swim to clear my head some more, and wash off the stink from my workout. When I feel ready I sheath Riptide and start walking out of the arena I hesitate slightly, feeling the engagement ring in my pocket, and thinking, "Am I sure about this? Am I ready for this kind of responsibility?" Before I can rethink this and back myself out, I set off to find Annabeth. I ask Chiron where she is. "She is down at the beach last time I saw her." Chiron answers. "Thanks teach! Wish me luck" I said and take off towards the beach. When I get there, I see Annabeth out surfing on the large rollers coming in. When she sees me, she smiles and waves and I decide to help her out and summon a perfect wave to bring her in. When she makes it in, she smiles and says, "Thanks Percy!" and turns around to pick up her surf board. When she turns back around, I am kneeling before her and holding up the box with the ring in it.

She gasps and says, "oh my Gods! Percy, it's beautiful! Is this what I think it is?" I smile and nod, saying "Yes, Annabeth, it is. Annabeth, will you marry me?" She suddenly starts crying and says, "Yes, Percy, I will" I jump up and wrap her in a hug and we began to make out.

Narrator (I will only be using this occasionally as it will only be used for foreshadowing)

And so the happy couple set of, planning to tell the Olympian Council tonight, because they like to know what is going on in their Hero's life (Their Hero being Percy). Unbeknownst to them, there was a watcher in the woods. A newer camper named Mark Debersius, a rather unusual son of Demeter, was watching from the woods along the beach.

Mark POV

"Damn! That is a nice piece of ass right there! Oh my GODS! The things that I would do to her if I could get her alone!" I thought, "Too bad that asshole Jackson just proposed to her otherwise she would be all mine." All of a sudden, I hear this whispery voice from seemingly nowhere, but everywhere at once. It says "Who says she cannot be yours, young Mark Debersius? You are powerful enough that you could take her if you wanted to; all that stands in your way is that asshole Percy Jackson. Take her from him and BREAK his spirit and will." I laugh at this voice, saying "As awesome and strong as I am, Percy is favored by the Gods, if I was to do that, I would never survive. Why they love that weak ass pussy, I will never know, but I do not have the power to face the Gods. Percy, I can take, them, I cannot." The whispery voice replies, "While they are powerful, I am far more powerful. If you wish to have this girl, and more, I can protect you, but for me to do this, you must first pledge yourself to me and renounce the Gods. I quickly answer back, "What do you mean by "more"?" The voice answers "Power! Strength! Wealth! You will be the KING of all when I take over! You will be my envoy, my voice, to the people of this world! You will lead my armies against the Gods, their allies, and their kin. All you must do is pledge yourself to me" "DONE" I say, "What must I say to pledge myself to you?" The voice replies "All you must do is say: I, Mark Debersius, Renounce the Gods, and pledge myself to CHAOS, and swear to do all that I can to serve him." I repeated this oath and there was a bright flash followed by a loud laughing. Suddenly, I felt stronger, faster and just plain awesome.

Annabeth's POV:

After Percy proposed to me, we walked along the beach for a while, just to enjoy each other's company, and to talk about our new future together. We decided that we wanted to get married in one month's time, in the middle of July so that we could have our wedding on the beach. We decided that we were going to have our wedding in Camp Half-blood, and would get the Gods to allow my parents in and Paul and Sally, or, should I call them Mom and Dad as well? After we are married, we plan on making a family in New Rome. We both want to have kids, but we are not sure what to name them. We talked about our future for a long time until we finally decided to go to tell the Olympians.

Percy's POV:

When we got to Olympus, the Gods were already there so we asked for an audience with the it was granted we went in and Zeus asked with his booming voice "What do you need young Percy? We have not heard from you in a while. What is it in our favored hero that he comes before us to say?" I stood up and said "Uncle, nothing is wrong, Annabeth and I just wanted to tell you our great news; Annabeth and I are engaged!" The Olympians erupted with words of congratulations. When they all settled down, Hephaestus stood and announced, "I would like to give a gift to these two fine young heroes. Would anybody else like to present gifts as well?" Most of the other Gods said that they would. The only ones that did not was Hera, because she hates Annabeth, and Artemis because she does not like marriage, and given the fact that she is a virgin Goddess, it was understandable.

From Hephaestus, we got our wedding bands. "These bands," he said, "will allow you to always know if the other person is in danger." From Poseidon, we received two things. "The first present I have for you my son, is a house for you and Annabeth that is available for you to have as a second home for you two to live in Atlantis with me. You may think of it as a vacation home, if you wish, or you may use it as your main home. It is your choice. My second gift is not actually for both of you, it is actually for Annabeth." he said. "What is it, P… Father?" she asked. Poseidon smiled at her and held out two bracelets. "These bracelets," he said, "Will allow you to have some of the same powers as my children. They will not allow you to control water or the earth like Percy can, but they will allow you to breathe underwater, decide when you will get wet and when you will stay dry, and it will allow you to survive and see at any depth. This is so that you can visit Atlantis, and for you to enjoy all the wonders of the ocean Percy can show you." Annabeth gasped, and said "Thank you, Father. How can we ever repay you?" Poseidon smiled and winked at me and said slyly, "Well, I have always wanted grandchildren." Annabeth's face turned as red as a tomato, and I am sure mine was just as red. Poseidon laughed and said "Relax, I am teasing. No thanks is necessary."

Next was Zeus. "My gift," he said, "Is not as grand but I think you will appreciate it all the same. My gift is that I will allow any God or Goddess that chooses to, to go to your wedding. Normally, the Ancient Laws would not permit this, but since neither of you have any mortal friends other than the Oracle, I shall allow it." At this, of the Gods and Goddesses said that they would be there. Next to stand was Athena, or I guess Mom now. "My gift," she said, "Is that I will supply you both with all the supplies and resources within reason, needed to design and build your dream house." Annabeth was ecstatic, and I was actually pretty excited too. The ability to build a dream house is not something that comes along very often, and with Wise Girl designing it to fit both of our ideas, it is going to be awesome. The next person to offer their gift was surprisingly Ares. "My gift to this little punk ass hero and his girl," he said with his usual sneer, "is a matching set of swords and a matching set of armour. These armours and swords are made of a special alloy that is made by combining Imperial Gold, human titanium, and Celestial Bronze, making it nearly indestructible, while remaining light and comfortable." I thanked Ares for his generous gift already thinking how much fun my next battle with the Minotaur is going to be. "This alloy," he continued, startling me because I thought he was done, "Also has a curious effect when kinetic energy is applied to it. When applied, it stores this energy, only to be released roughly 2 fold when you hit something with it. However, because hitting something to release the built up energy also creates kinetic energy, you must purge the armour of all stored energy after every battle, or it could reach a critical mass and explode." "Oh boy this is going to be fun" I thought, "Oh the things I can do with this. This shall be a fun new toy."

Next was Hades. I honestly did not know what to expect from Hades. Ever since I had returned his and Hestia's thrones to them, they have basically treated me like one of their own. "My gift to you two is 2-fold." he said with a smile. "My first gift is to Percy, and it is partially in thanks for returning Hestia and I to our thrones. Percy, to you I give all the same powers that my son Nico has. I know that you two are very good friends and I trust that he will teach you to use these powers like a boss. My second gift is by no means certain, but I believe that there is a good chance of it being accepted. I will journey with you to see the three Fates, and we shall ask them to allow us to bring the heroes Charlie Beckendorf, Bianca Di Angelo, Silena Beauregard, and Luke Castellan back from the dead. Their lives all ended far too soon, and I feel that It would do this world a service to bring them back. But in the end it will be up to the Fates." My mouth hung open like a fish and I stuttered out, "Y- y- you would d- do that? Just for getting your throne back?" Hades just smiled. Next was Hestia. "Percy," she said, "You have been like a son to me over the years, and for that, I thank you. You have treated me with respect rarely seen in mortals or demigods. For this I offer you the same thing that Hades did; you will have power over fire, but it will be up to you to figure out how to control it. In addition I, along with Demeter place our blessing on you that you will always have plenty to feed you and your kin." I graciously thanked her, not entirely sure what i was going to do with all of this, but there was still more to come!

Next was Apollo. He gave me a million watt smile and said, "I bless the two of you to be fantastic musicians. You both can now sing like angels, and you may each pick an instrument for you to be, well, as awesome as me at." I thought for a minute and said "I would like to be able to play the guitar like a boss." Annabeth said, "I would like to play the flute." Apollo snapped his fingers and we both had our chosen instrument in our hands and knew how to play it. Next was Hermes. Again, I did not know what to expect. Hermes got along pretty well so he could give me anything really. "My gift," he said, "is a pair of flying shoes. for each of you. Have fun and cause some great pranks." Last and definitely least, was Dionysus. "My gift," he said, "is that neither of you will ever suffer a hangover again, and I will provide the beverages for your wedding." The last person to give a gift was Aphrodite. As soon as Aphrodite stood up, Annabeth and I were immediately nervouse. Aphrodite's gifts often have a bite to them, and we were nervous as to what she was going to do. "My gift to you two," she said, "is that I will prepare both of you for your wedding and organize the wedding for you. I will need to talk to you both later to organize it how you want it but I will get it all set up for you." Annabeth and I both thanked her, even though we were still a little nervous.

Now that all the gods that were going to give gifts had given gifts, we thanked them for their generosity and left to go and tell our mortal parents. Both sets were ecstatic and we all began to make plans for the wedding

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