"Buffy," Xander whispered loudly and frantically, "Now would be a wonderfully perfect time for everyone to back away slowly."

Buffy continued to stand silently in clear, wide eyed awe. Giles managed to snap out of the dazzled trance and ask,

"W-wh-who did you say that you were?"

"I'm Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of this ship," He said, motioning behind him, "This is Kaylee, Wash, Caleb, Inara, Zoey, Jayne, Simon and River."

Everyone continued to stand, slack jawed, gawking over the sight of the Serenity crew.

Jayne yanked off his helmet in a disheveled manner and spat out,

"Look sorry to interrupt the gawk-fest, but would you mind letting us know what planet we are on so we can get all fixed up and back on our merry way?"

He again, was answered by startled stares.

Slowly, Kennedy leaned over to Willow and failed to whisper,

"Did they just ask what planet we're on?"

"Excuse him," Said Kaylee, removing her helmet as well, "He's just cranky on account of our near death situation here."

She looked around at each of the people they were facing.

"You- Tall dark and handsome," She said, motioning at Robin, "You haven't said a word yet. Can you tell us what planet we're on?"

"Um…" Robin hesitated, shifting his gaze to the area around him, "Earth?"

Kaylee let out a loud laugh. "Yeah! Haha, classic. But really. Where are we?"

"Earth," Buffy chimed in, "You're on earth."

"You're not… You can't be serious right? We can't be on earth-that-was, can we Wash?"

Kaylee turned back to Wash, who removed his helmet to reveal a weary expression.

"Um, well, yeah. It's highly unlikely, but theoretically possible that once you pass the light barrier, the laws of spacetime no longer apply. But when I say unlikely, I mean like really unlikely. It's like trying to hit the cornea of a mosquito a mile away by throwing a pin. That kind of unlikely."

"What are you saying Wash?" Asked Mal. Wash looked back to Buffy.

"It may be an odd question, but what year is it?" He asked sincerely.

"...It's 2015,"

This caused a much deeper silence through the streets of Sunnydale.

"Well nǎi ma de," Jayne said, bringing his hand to his forehead. "Capitain, to correct Simon, now we are thoroughly humped.