Prologue: The Destruction of the Core of Light

It was a sunny day in Skylands. Legendary Spyro and Gill Grunt were wondering what to do for fun.

"What should we do today," Legendary Spyro asked the gillman. "We can go swimming, go to the lava pits, or we can go fishing. Ah, that's kind a weird, though, since you're a fish." Then the blue and gold dragon realizes that Gill Grunt is looking into the distance and slaps him on the back to get his attention. "Gill, snap out of it."

"Is that just me," asked the gill man, pointing a finger at a group of really dark black clouds. "Or do those clouds look super-evil."

"It's Kaos," Legendary Spyro replied. "We got to get the Skylanders together." They headed toward a cave where a Portal of Power resided. "I'll go find the other me while you go rally the others." The two Skylanders jumped on the Portal and vanished.

In Hyrule…

At Hyrule's Faron Woods, three children from Ordon Village were chasing monkeys around the woods.

"Colin," yelled a voice. "Stop running off."

The children stopped chasing monkeys and turned toward the cave to the south. They saw a twenty-two year-old woman running toward them.

"Ilia," replied Colin. "Don't be so worried about us. Link got rid of Ganondorf years ago."

"You know that Ganondorf is the incarnation of Demise's hatred toward the Goddess Hylia and her chosen hero (Link and Zelda of Skyward Sword)," Ilia criticized them. "He will return one day." She then told them to head back to Ordon Village.

On the way back to the village, they saw a flash of light emit from the entrance to Ordon Spring.

"Wait here," said Ilia. She neared the spring quietly. She looked around the gate to the spring and saw a blue dragon with golden horns (Legendary Spyro) leave the spring; heading toward the house that Link used to reside in until five years ago.

"Was that Spyro," asked Colin.

"That wasn't Spyro, dip head," replied Beth. "Spyro has purple scales and bronze horns, not blue scales and gold horns."

Legendary Spyro was heading toward what he thought was Spyro's tree house home. When he knocked, there was no answer. He thought that something was wrong. So, he opened the door by magic and walked in. Everything was neat and organized. The human bed was made; the dishes were in the cabinet, and no dirty laundry on the floor. The only things wrong were that there was a thick layer of dust everywhere and there were no human clothes in the wardrobe.

'What's happened here,' Legendary Spyro thought. 'Did he move away?' When he exited the house, he saw three children and a woman walk by.

'I better ask them,' he thought.

"Hey," he yelled. The group turned toward him; shocked to hear a dragon talk. "Do you know where Link Hylia is?"

"Why do you need to know that," replied the woman. "Do you want to eat him?"

"I don't want to eat him," Legendary Spyro Replied. "Skylands needs Spyro's help and Link is the only being in all creation that knows where he is."

"Oh," she replied. "You won't find him anywhere in Ordon. He married Princess Zelda five years ago. He now lives in Hyrule Castle."

"Thank you for that information," acknowledged Legendary Spyro. "I have a long distance to fly, but that'll take too much time." He then returned inside Link's house and located a Portal in the basement. He hopped on the portal and vanished again.

He reappeared at the western entrance to a town. He saw that Hyrule Castle was north of the town. Due to the shorter distance, he chose to fly over the castle wall.

Link Hylia was in the castle grounds, training with the other royal knights. He was using a wooden sword to not give the other soldiers and the trainees any serious injury. Only five beings in the world that are alive besides his loyal Pokémon know his secret. He was Spyro the Dragon, Skylands' most esteemed champion. He was training against a fellow soldier when his Butterfree flew over the castle wall and approached Link.

"What is it Butterfree," he asked it.

"Free! Free," it replied. Apparently Link understood what it said. He looked to the southwest and saw a dragon-like figure approach the castle.

Legendary Spyro neared the west wall of Hyrule Castle. When he landed in the castle grounds, however, he saw an enormous crowd of Hyrule Soldiers surround him.

"Do any of you know where Link Hylia is," the dragon asked. Then Legendary Spyro heard a familiar voice cry out, "I'll handle this." A soldier moved to the front of the crowd and took off his helmet. It was who Legendary Spyro was looking for.

"Link," Legendary Spyro gasped. "Kaos is back and is aiming to destroy the Core of Light. Every Skylander needs to prevent this from happening."

"I'd better tell Zelda," Link replied. "And inform Whirlwind as well." He grabbed a scroll and started to write a letter to Whirlwind. When he finished it, he pulled out his enchanted laptop from his utility belt and accessed the Pokémon storage system. He clicked the mouse on an icon of a Gardevoir. A Pokéball appeared and he grabbed it.

"Gardevoir," Link said as he tossed the Pokéball into the air, "I have a job for you."
Out from the Pokéball appeared a Gardevoir. "Gar," it asked him.

"I need you to take this message to Whirlwind," Link replied. "It needs to get to her as soon as possible, so use your psychic powers to fly to the SkyWing palace." Gardevoir nodded in understanding, received the message, and flew away.

Elsewhere in Hyrule…

At the SkyWing palace, Queen Scarlet of the SkyWings and her adoptive daughter, Whirlwind of the Skylanders, have recently returned from the arena. A few months earlier, she gave the Skylanders permission to use it for training. They were doing their royal duties when a tall, bipedal creature with what appeared to be green hair on its head and a dress flew in through a window with a scroll in its hand."Gardevoir," it said; holding the scroll out to Whirlwind.

"Are you one of Link's Pokémon?" Whirlwind asked the Gardevoir. It nodded.

"Is it for me," she asked. It nodded again.

"Gar," Gardevoir replied in gratitude. It handed Whirlwind the scroll and flew away. Whirlwind read the letter and looked up, protective instincts taking control.

"I have to leave for Hyrule Castle immediately," Whirlwind said. "Kaos has returned to Skylands and is planning to destroy the Core of Light. Without it, the Light Spirits won't have any power, the world would be covered in a perpetual twilight, the Darkness would make things even worse, and evil beings like Ganondorf, Vaati, and Malefor will rise from the dead."

"This seems to be Skylander business," Scarlett replied. But before the SkyWing queen can say another word, Whirlwind vanished in a flash of light that resembled the energy of a portal of power.

Back at Hyrule Castle...

After Link informed Zelda of what is happening, the two of them went straight to the throne room. Little did the citizens know that

At the Core of Light...

Kaos's hydra blasted its power at the Core of Light and it exploded. Just as it exploded, Spyro harnessed the power of the Shadow Crystal (his body turned black with blue patterns that were identical to those of the Twili), became Twilit Spyro through harnessing its power (while as Twilit Spyro, he can create and use Twilit Portals as well as use Twili Magic), and used a Twilit Portal to try to go to Hyrule Castle. But as he warped away, his consciousness slipped away. The other Skylanders, including Link's doubles and Legendary Spyro, were banished to another world.