Chapter 2: The Mane Six and the Skylanders

At Sweet Apple Acres...

Applejack and her little sister, Applebloom, were going out to start harvesting apples. As they were on their way to the apple trees, Applebloom had to tell Applejack about the light show the previous night.

"Did ya see that light show that appeared in the sky last night," she asked.

"Ah saw it," Applejack replied, "multiple colors appeared from eight symbols. Ah saw two of them beams hit the apple trees. We better see it's alright before we harvest apples." Her expression then drooped. "It also reminded me of that meteor that killed our parents."

"What if those lights had creatures inside of them," Applebloom asked frightened.

"When ah find those creatures, we kick em out if they're not nice," Applejack answered.

That was when they saw something in the trees, it looked like a mechanical dragon, it had mechanical wings and a helmet (Drobot). In another tree, they saw a small creature with two golden-looking items that it carried on its back (Trigger Happy). Applejack was about to buck the tree with the dragon on it to get it down until she heard a familiar voice and saw Twilight coming towards her with Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and a couple of new friends, some she recognized as dragons.

"Applejack," Twilight asked. "Are you harvesting apples today?"

"Ah was until Applebloom and Ah spotted these two creatures in the trees," Applejack replied; pointing toward what she was talking about.

"Oh," Legendary Spyro stated. "You found Dro and Trig."

"And Twilight, who are these folk," Applejack asked. "The Great Dragon Migration isn't till tomorrow."

Twilight then introduced her and Applebloom to the Skylanders, Drobot and Trigger Happy got down from the trees, and they talked about where the other beams of light landed.

Meanwhile on Canterlot Mountain...

Lead by Captain Speedster, Pegasi guards have been sweeping the mountain, looking for what struck it the previous night. They searched high, low, near the train tracks that go to Ponyville, and near the city gates. Captain Speedster was thinking about reporting that they found nothing. Until...

"Captain," one of his lieutenants called out. "There are nine unknown beings sliding down the mountain!"

"Good work, Lieutenant," Speedster replied.

As they closed in, one of the unknown beings looked like it was comprised of lava. The others were a pointy-eared creature that was blindfolded, a suit of armor with its user being a living flame, a phoenix, and four others.

"Please tell me that Philomeena didn't escape and found some friends," Captain Speedster said in surprise.

"Captain," replied the lieutenant. "They are heading for the gates. We need to warn the Captain of the Guard."

At the City Gates...

Ignitor, Flameslinger, Fryno, Sunburn, Smolderdash, Torch, Trail Blazer, and Eruptor were at the gates and were greeted by a guard wearing purple armor, while those that accompanied him wore golden armor.

"State your business," he said.

"We are just Skylanders looking for the nearest settlement," Ignitor replied.

The Guard paused before replying, "Skylanders? Princess Celestia told us to keep an eye out for Skylanders after the discovery in the Canterlot Archives in the Starswirl the Bearded wing, but I..."

"But you never expected for us to come so soon," Flameslinger finished.

"Just a discovery in your archives," Eruptor asked, "made you know of us?"

"We were told at noon to keep an eye out for Skylanders," the Guard replied. "The Princesses saw you eight slam into the mountain last night."

"Did they see anyone else come down," Sunburn asked.

"They saw eight symbols," the Guard answered, "one oddly resembled the star that both my sister and I have as our Cutie Marks. Six beams split into nine orbs while two split into eight, the orange orbs slammed into the mountain, I guess that was you eight."

"Star on yours and your sister's flanks," Trail Blazer asked. "Is she named Twilight Sparkle at any chance?"

The guard was caught unawares. "How do you know her name," he asked.

The Fire Skylanders then introduced themselves.

"Well then," the guard replied. "I am Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal Guard, and big brother of Twilight Sparkle."

"That's cool," Ignitor stated. "That's is the same position that the Hero of Twilight currently holds back in Hyrule."

"Hyrule," Shining Armor asked. "Is that where Ganondorf came from?"

Ignitor was caught by surprise. "How do you know about Ganondorf," he asked. "Ganondorf was slain ten years ago at the hands of the Hero of Twilight."

"I'll explain later," Shining armor answered. "I'll take you to the library where Twilight used to work in. Cadance, Twilight's old foal-sitter, will be there for refuging any Skylanders."

"Thank you for the hospitality," Ignitor replied.

At Fluttershy's Cottage...

Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Spike, and the Skylanders arrived to see Fluttershy caring for sixteen more Skylanders.

"Guys," Legendary Spyro yelled, "you made it."

They all turned to the group's attention. They saw Legendary Spyro, Cynder, Chop Chop, Hex, Wrecking Ball, Drobot, Sonic Boom, Trigger Happy, Whirlwind, Bash, Terrafin, Dino-Rang, and Prism Break. Fluttershy came up to the group (Navi and Celebi rushed to Ponyville Hospital when they heard about Spyro).

"Umm...Twilight," she asked. "Why do you have dragons and more of these strange creatures with you?"

"I'll explain on the way," Twilight replied. "You and the other Skylanders follow us to the Library, a chariot is taking us to Canterlot."

At the Canterlot Library...

The Fire Skylanders arrived at the Library, waiting for Cadance to arrive. In the meantime, Ignitor layed down the plan.

"We'll rest here in Canterlot," he began. "As soon as the sun comes up, we go out and explore the city and by the next day, we will be on our way to find the new recruits."

"That won't be necessary, Skylanders," said a voice behind them. They turned around and saw a pink Alicorn.

"Are you by any chance," Sunburn asked, "Cadance?"

"Indeed, I am," Cadance replied. "I always thought that the Skylanders were merely legends."

"That's what we thought of Alicorns," Ignitor replied. "Especially in Hyrule. They were once native to Skylands and Hyrule...until Demise banished them from our dimension three million years ago."

"Well," Cadance said in shock, "myths meet myths. Who is Demise?"

"He was the Demon King," Ignitor replied. "As legend says, he was slain by the Hero of the Sky two million years ago. Before he died, he cast a curse on those who had the blood of the goddess, Hylia, and the spirit of the Hero that an incarnation of his hatred would be born and reborn over and over again, in a cycle with no end."

"That's terrible," Cadance replied.

Sunburn continued, "More recently, the incarnation of that hatred constituted itself as a man named Ganondorf."

"He gathered minions and faithful generals," Sunburn continued, "like Malefor and Vaati the Wind Mage."

"He also found a faithful servant in Kaos," Trail Blazer continued, "a Dark Portal Master from the land of Termina. He was the one who exiled us and destroyed the Core of Light, the very essence of defending the world from the Darkness and the source of the power of the Light Spirits."

"So we need to get back to Skylands and rebuild the Core of Light, and defeat Kaos," Flameslinger finished.

"Skylanders protect the Core of Light from Kaos," Cadance said. "How many Skylanders are there?"

"There are seventy of us in all," Ignitor replied. "Nine to all eight elements but Fire and Earth elements of which have only eight."

"That doesn't include the Legendary Skylanders," Sunburn replied, "enchanted statue counterparts of Skylanders that have done extreme feats of heroism. There are thirteen of them."

"Seventy in all," Cadance replied, "and nine to each element but Earth and Fire."

"Well," Ignitor finished, "now there's seventy-two Skylanders."

"Right," Cadance remembered, "Twilight and Spike are now Skylanders."

"As Skylanders of the Fire element," Trail Blazer said, "we thank you for your hospitality, Ms Cadance."

She saw as the Skylanders kneeled down and swore an oath that they thank her for her hospitality. What Cadance knew that the light show, the discovery in the Archives, and the arrival of the Skylanders would mean something to her someday.