Title: FSOG: From Heartbreak to Happiness?

Summary: Ana and Christian both suffered heartbreak from their last relationship with other people. Christian from his first attempt at one and Ana after getting cheated on. Once they meet, it's obvious there is a spark. But the question is, can they conquer their fears of getting hurt again? More info inside. R&R.

A/N: Ever since I finished reading the 50 Shades of Grey book series, I wanted to write a story on our couple, but couldn't think of a plot/outline. I finally thought of one, hence the summary. I apologize if the story isn't the best, but please keep in mind that it's my first one for Christian/Anastasia. I hope you will give it a chance and let me know if it's worth continuing. If you feel it is, I will update when I can so I hope you will be patient. Your reviews/follows/favorites will tell me what to do. I know my writing methods are different than others, but I hope that won't cause you to stop reading. If you are ever confused, feel free to ask and I will reply back either in a PM or in the next update. This is how I write for all my stories. Right now, this story will be rated 'T' due to the language, but may be rated 'M' later. I will let you know if/when that time comes. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the story. I only own the plot.

Chapter 1

Ana: (shouts) "I can't believe you did it! And you claim to love me?!"

Jose: (defensively) "I DO love you, Ana. It was a mistake!"

Ana: (laughs incredulously) "'A mistake'? A mistake is forgetting to unload the dishwasher or forgetting to fill up the car when it runs out of gas." (shakes her head angrily) "No, what you did, Jose, is unforgiveable!"

Jose: "Oh, come on, Ana! It only happened the one time!"

Ana: "It never should have happened at all!"

Jose: (sighs deeply) "Haven't you ever done something you wish you could take back? I'm sure you have."

Ana: (raises her eyebrows) "Have I ever cheated on my boyfriend like you did on me? No, can't say I have."

Jose: "Don't act like you're so perfect, Anastasia Steele. I know you have done not so innocent things in your lifetime."

(Ana tries to control the tears as they flood her eyes and threaten to fall down her cheeks. She sniffles before wiping her eyes)

Ana: "I never claimed to be perfect, Jose. You damn well knew that. Yes, there are some things I'm not proud of, but there is one thing I can say I've never done to them."

Jose: (shrugs) "What's that?"

(Ana casually walks to her boyfriend of one year before looking at him directly in the eyes and speaks just above a whisper)

Ana: "I never cheated on someone." (normal voice) "Until a few weeks ago, you didn't either." (scoffs) "I guess you couldn't keep it in your pants."

(Jose scoffs as he folds his arms and shakes his head)

Jose: "Well, maybe if you would've slept with me, I wouldn't have looked elsewhere in the end."

(Ana sniffles as she can no longer control the tears that fall down her cheeks)

Ana: (angrily) "How many goddamned times do I have to tell you?! I'm not ready to sleep with you!"

(Jose laughs incredulously as he raises his hands to his sides)

Jose: "We have been seeing each other for a fucking year, Ana! How much more patient do you expect me to get?"

(Ana shakes her head in disbelief and sniffles)

Ana: "The way I was raised, you don't force someone to have sex with you even though you've been dating awhile. You respect the other person enough to not pressure them." (scoffs) "You obviously don't care about my beliefs. You just care about the sex."

Jose: (angrily) "You know damn well that's not all I care about."

Ana: (shrugs) "Don't I, Jose? According to the girl you screwed, you were getting tired of waiting. Does that tell me that you don't care about the sex?"

Jose: "I have been very patient with you, Ana. To be honest, sometimes I think you were just leading me on. I don't think you ever had any intentions of sleeping with me."

Ana: (shakes her head) "I won't sleep with someone when I'm not ready. If you don't understand that, there's nothing left for us."

(Jose chuckles softly before rolling his eyes)

Jose: "So you're breaking up with me?"

Ana: (nods) "Yes."

Jose: (chuckles softly) "I pity the guy you date next because I don't think he'll appreciate the kind of girl you are." (shrugs) "You want to end things between us? That's your choice." (shakes his head) "Just don't come crawling back when you've had enough of the next guy."

(Ana angrily grabs her things and as she gets to the front door of his apartment, she hears his voice)

Jose: (scoffs) "Good luck on finding a man who will treat you as good as I did."

(Ana turns around to see the smug look on his face. She slowly walks to him before connecting her fist to his right cheek, causing him to step back from the impact)

Ana: "I will find someone, Jose. Who will treat me a hell of a lot better than you ever did. He will give me the respect and love I deserve." (scoffs) "You sure as hell didn't do that!" (tilts her head) "Goodbye."

(Ana walks out of Jose's apartment, shutting the door behind her. She smiles in satisfaction at what just happened. She hoped his cheek hurt like hell for a long time. Meanwhile, at Christian's condo, he looks at the woman before him until he can't look at her anymore)

Woman: (sighs) "Please, Christian, look at me."

(Christian's back is turned towards the woman. He shakes his head and raises his hands)

Christian: "Why, Elena? Huh?" (facing Elena) "I swore to myself that I would never get involved with anyone because I don't do relationships. I'm a business man who owns my own company. I have been single all my life and I was perfectly fine with that. As a matter of fact, I had no desire for anyone."

(Christian chuckles as he points at Elena)

Christian: "You...you managed to convince me to give things a shot. I was stupid! So fucking stupid because everyone could tell I didn't want a relationship." (laughs) "But I was weak."

(Elena slowly walks to him)

Elena: "You weren't weak, baby. You were doing what I know you wanted to do, which was give us a chance." (smiles) "I did love you, Christian. I do love you."

Christian: (scoffs) "Evidently not if you're going back to...him."

Elena: "Lincoln is my husband, Christian. I love him."

Christian: (laughs hard) "Apparently not if you left him for me! Tell me something, Elena, what the fuck was the point of coming to me if you were planning on going back to him in the end?"

(Elena tries to comfort him, but he angrily shakes her off)

Elena: "I honestly thought Linc and I were done, Christian. He asked for a separation and I have always been drawn to you."

Christian: (laughs incredulously) "It's funny how quickly you'd go back to him. From what you said, he had no desire for you anymore. So you thought what? I'd let you in until he wanted you back?"

(Christian shakes his head angrily, surprising her)

Elena: "Christian, please. I'm sorry. I did love you."

Christian: (huffs) "Yeah, you love me...when it's convenient for you."

Elena: (shakes her head) "No, that's not true."

(Christian can't take it anymore as he needed to get his rage out)

Christian: (shouts) "Enough, Elena! You said what you needed to say. If he decides, yet again, that he doesn't want you don't come running back to me! Now get the hell out!"

(Elena stares at him and is tempted to touch him again, but get rebuffed)

Christian: "I won't ask again, bitch. Leave before I have Taylor throw your ass out because I don't want to touch you ever again."

(Elena sighs deeply in sadness before she is forced to leave. He looks towards the front door to make sure she left. When it's clear she did, he can't take it anymore as the rage makes its way up and he screams, knocking over his coffee table. He pants heavily before deciding he needs to get the hell out and take a walk. He is not even paying attention to the direction of his walk. He slides his hands through his hair and sighs deeply. He looks up once to see where he is at, noticing a street sign when he bumps into someone, causing him to step back a few feet)

Christian: (angrily) "Why don't you watch where the hell you're going?"

Woman: (sniffles) "I-I'm sorry. I wasn't watching."

(He shakes his head in disbelief before looking at the woman, whose face is halfway down)

Christian: "You can at least look at me."

(The woman slowly looks up so he can get a good look at her. He is taken aback by her beauty and can't help but notice her red eyes)

Christian: "Hey, are you okay?"

Woman: (nods) "I'm fine. Thank you."

(Christian is tempted to give her attitude for bumping into him, but it's like something inside of him was telling him that she meant well, that she was usually sweet around others. He sighs deeply in sincerity before speaking)

Christian: "What's your name, if I may ask?"

Woman: "Ana."

Christian: "Well, Ana, I'm Christian." (slight smile) "My apologies on bumping into you. I wasn't looking where I was going, either."

Ana: (chuckles slightly) "That's okay. We both were preoccupied."

Christian: "Are you sure you're okay? You look like you've been crying."

(Ana quickly shakes her head and clears her throat)

Ana: "I'm fine, thank you."

(Christian could tell she was lying, but he knew not to overstep being he didn't know her)

Christian: "Very well. I'll let you be on your way, ma'am."

(Christian's kindness causes Ana to briefly smile before she nods at him)

Ana: "Nice to meet you, Christian."

Christian: (nods & smiles) "You as well, Ana."

(They walk away from each other. Even though he has never seen her before, something inside of him was telling him to take care of her, to be there for her, but most of all, to love her. That thought and feeling catches him completely off guard as he's never felt that way towards a woman before until now. In that moment, he realizes the anger he previously felt is now all gone. As Ana is walking, she can't stop the smile from spreading across her face as she didn't know why a complete stranger showed so much concern for her. But she got the feeling that he doesn't show his soft side very often. In that moment, she felt happy about the rest of the day instead of being sad like she was before. Something inside of her was telling her she was going to be okay. And she owed that all to a mysterious stranger named Christian)

Chapter 1 Done

A/N: Thank you for reading. I'm hoping you enjoyed the start of this story as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Reviews are encouraged so I know whether this story is worth continuing. I have the general idea on where this will go and I hope you will come with on the ride. Thank you. Until next time!