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New Jedi Order: Back to Bakura

Galaxies still spun and the universe continued against all odds. Moons fell, worlds were raped and reshaped and yet despite all the terrible events, life continued as it always had, among and under the stars. Peoples still laughed, fought, and cried in spite of or maybe because of the Yuzhhan Vong invasion. Among these many people was Jaina Solo.

After the almost total destruction of the Vong forces at Borealis, Jaina and the rest of her squadron had been given a brief reprieve. Jaina had decided to go to Lando Calrissian's party with a member of her squadron, Colonel Jagged Fel. Now six hours later they lay on the flat roof of the biotics building holding hands and simply staring up at the stars. Both had grown very quite and neither seemed ready to break the silence until Jaina sat up suddenly peering at Jag. Her face was very serious when she looked up at him.

"Jag," she asked softly, "What is this?"

"What is what, Goddess?"

"This. Us. I mean, I don't know, I mean what are we doing?"

"I'm not really sure, Jaina. I like you. I like you a lot and I want us to stay alive long enough to figure that out. For now, I'm just your boyfriend, the guy who wants to be there for you no matter what."

Jaina just sat there for a moment and Jag began to worry, but then smiled when he saw Jaina fighting sleep. He picked her up gently and flashed a smile when she demanded to know what he was doing.

"I'm delivering you to your quarters so you can get some sleep."

"I could get used to this you know," she said as she relaxed and snuggled into his arms.

The next morning she woke with a pounding headache, most likely from the large quantity of brandy she had drunk the night before. The pounding intensified and Jaina suddenly realized that someone was at the door.

She glanced down at her clothing and realized that she still wore the same clothes as the night before and growled out, "Blaster bolts just wait a minute I'm coming."

She staggered out of bed and lurched to the door coming up sharply when it opened to reveal her mother. "Oh hi Mom," was all she could think of to say.

Her mother glanced at her for a moment taking in the details and then asked quietly, "Hangover?"

"Definitely. I'm going to have to kill Jag, once the room stops spinning that is. One should not get a goddess that drunk."

"That bad, huh? I've had some pretty bad ones. Your father got me so drunk after Endor." Jaina looked at her foggily and then Leia realized that conversation was futile. "Well all right, sweetie, I'll go and let you sleep it off. I just came by to tell you that your father and I are leaving again."

"Okay, Mom," she mumbled, "see you later. I love you," Jaina finished groggily already staggering back over to the bed, almost asleep.


Later that day, when Jaina finally left her quarters, she almost fell on top of Kyp Durron who was sitting outside her quarters apparently.meditating.

"Kyp," she asked bemused, "why are you meditating in the hall?"

"To better serve you, Goddess, I am after all your porter."

Jaina grimaced at the memory of that conversation with Jag and finally snapped to the present as Kyp started talking. "Well I don't think what I said was that bad, Great One. Tel must have really done a number on you last night."

Jaina whirled around to face him. "How do you know about that? You weren't even there."

"I saw your parents leave and they 'suggested' that I check on you because you didn't look to great."

"Where were they going?" Jaina asked with a sudden change of topic.

Kyp took a minute to think and then said, "I'm not sure. General Antilles would probably know."

"Like I'm going to talk to my commanding officer while I'm off duty."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Right now I'm going to go eat."

"Well I'll see you later the, Goddess, I'm going to go make some modifications on my x-wing."

"All right Kyp, I'll see you at the briefing tonight."


Jaina sighed as she exited the mess hall, after eating the stuff they called food. She was unsure what to do now. Previously when she had leave she would spend time with whatever of her family or childhood friends that were present. However they were all off world. In fact, her only childhood friend on planet was Zeke and she wasn't certain she wanted to face him yet.

She began walking aimlessly, trying to decide what to do with her time when she realized that she was headed outside, towards the forest. The part of the forest was relatively safe, she knew. It had been cleaned out by the ground soldiers as one of the few areas that had been spared total destruction by the orbital bombardments. So she began to enter the forest, it wasn't something she would normally do. In fact, it had always been more Jacen's style to wander through forests, but then again, she thought, perhaps that was why she was doing it.

Just as she was about to enter the forest, she heard someone yell quietly, "Solo."

She whirled around hand automatically dropping to her lightsaber. "Jag," she hissed, "don't do that to me. I'm supposed to be relaxing here."

"I'm sorry, Great One, I'll leave you alone to relax in that case," and he turned and began to walk away again.

"Hey wait, Fel, what did you want?"

"Nothing, Goddess."

"Well then why don't you come with me."

"I would but I'm really not much of a forest person myself. I had a few bad experiences with them as a kid."

Jaina sighed and looked away. "Well I can understand that, I'm not either." She turned away from him to start into the woods, but he stopped her with a hand on her arm and a quiet question.

"Then whey are you going?"

She looked down at her shoes the said, "Jacen loved forests and the new life forms within them." Her quiet statement shook him deeply and he began to truly understand what she was doing and how significant her invitation to join her was.

"Jaina," Jag said slowly and quietly, "if you don't mind I would be honored to accompany you."

She started, surprised at his use of her first name and then simply held her hand out to him in acceptance. As they picked their way through the forest, Jag glanced over at her several times before finally asking her the question burning in his mind.

"Would you tell me about him?"

Jaina remained silent for a long moment and Jag feared that he had gone too far, but then, slowly she began to speak. "He, he was my twin brother, five or ten minutes younger than me. We were very close as children and had an incredibly strong force bond. Our parents weren't around a lot so we often turned to each other for anything we needed. We were kidnapped several times in our life and it was always me that protected them. I was the oldest and it was my responsibility and now they're both gone."

By the time she finished this confession tears were streaming down her face. They had stopped walking and Jag simply folded her into an embrace, letting her cry. When she had recovered slightly, he started to release her, to talk to her, when the world suddenly went black for them.

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