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"Looks like that system's out too, Sweetheart."

Han's sarcastic observation was met with Leia's glare. She was quickly distracted as the 'Falcon shook under a barrage of Yuuzhan Vong projectiles that were pouring in from the two leading Vong frigates.

"Han, stop playing around and get us out of here, now." She snapped inwardly amused, but outwardly irritated.

"I'm working on it, Sweetheart. Just give me a minute."

"Han, why are you flying towards those frigates instead of away from them?"

"Trust me, Leia." He said with a trademark lopsided Solo grin.

"I do," she shot back, "that's why I'm worried."

"Sweetheart, I'm wounded; I haven't got you killed, yet." Han replied mock- sorrowfully as the Vong frigates parted before them. As the 'Falcon flashed passed them they splashed the frigates with laser fire and blew a passing coral skipper into dust.

The moment they entered hyperspace Leia let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. After being married to Han for twenty-two years and knowing him for thirty years, Leia knew that his stunts, like the one he had pulled just a moment ago, shouldn't surprise her anymore, but they still did.

Noticing her silence, Han looked over at his wife. Except for a few lines and wrinkles around her eyes, and slightly shorter hair, Leia looked almost exactly like she had when they first met, but she had changed. They were both different people, now.

Leia felt Han's steady gaze and looked up to meet his eyes. She was surprised at the depth of the emotion towards her, showing on his face. She knew Han loved her and his children very much but he wasn't prone to large displays of emotion and to people who didn't know them well their relationship looked very antagonistic.

"Leia?" He questioned her quietly, calling her out of her thoughts. "Are you okay, Sweetheart? You looked light years away."

Smiling softly at Han, Leia replied quietly, "I was just thinking about us. Neither of us would have guessed when we first met that we would still be together thirty years later."

"No," answered Han, "But I'm glad we are"

They stared in to space a moment longer. Han remained quite to allow Leia the freedom to speak. He might not have the force, but he certainly had a sixth sense where Leia was concerned.

"I was thinking about Jaina, too." She admitted after a moment. "I can't imagine how lonely she must feel. Her brothers were always there for her, even if we weren't." She added with a bittersweet edge creeping in to her voice. "I can't imagine what it would be like to think I had lost Luke and we didn't even grow up together. She feels like she failed Anakin," Leia continued partially talking to Han and partially just thinking out loud, "she blames herself and there's nothing I can do to help her."

Forcing himself not to hide behind his normal tough exterior, he answered gently, "We can support her through this," he reached over and squeezed Leia's hand, "and we will be there for her when she needs us."

Leia's face paled at that statement. "I don't think she wants us.me there with her, Han."

The sight of a single tear rolling down Leia's cheek shocked Han. Leia Organa Solo was not a woman prone to tears. Reaching a hand up to wipe the tear from her face, Han said firmly, "Jaina wants you there, Leia. Trust me, I know."

"How do you know?" She asked showing an insecurity that Han rarely saw in his wife.

"I had a long talk with Jaina the last time we were on Borealis. She's been spending a lot of time with Mara. Jaina's getting to see how we felt. I know she talked to you some, but I think that, unfortunately she's inherited her old man's talent for bottling things up." He paused for a minute and took a deep breath. "She wants you there Leia. She looks up to you and emulates you more than you think, but that's part of the problem. Sometimes you two are to much a like to get along."

Leia thought about it for a minute and then let out a tiny giggle. It was more from exhaustion than true amusement, but Han was glad for it none the less. "I guess it's the galaxy's revenge for my stubbornness."

Han kissed her quickly in response and then said softly, "Don't worry, Princess, we'll be back on Borealis in three days."

"I'll try not to worry, but she seems to have inherited our knack for getting into dangerous situations."

"We've been lucky enough so far, Sweetheart," he said warmly.

Smiling softly permitting a vulnerability of emotion that she didn't usually show, Leia answered, "Thank you, Han. I love you."

"I love you too, Leia."

* * * * * * * *

There was nothing, an infinite void..and the force. It was everything, everywhere and everywhen. It was heat and cold, light and dark, madness and sanity. It was everything and nothing and Jaina Solo could feel it all. The Galaxy-the Universe-was at her fingertips. She could feel the countless beings throughout it and the myriads and torrents of emotion swirling through them all. She could feel the worlds that had been destroyed and the echoes of the trillions of people that had been killed in the galaxy's most recent conflict. She could also feel the gaping holes in her perception that signified the Yuuzhan Vong.

But among the infinite information pouring into her mind, through the force, only one feeling caught her attention. She marveled in the sensation, cherishing it, not questioning it, merely savoring it-her connection to her twin, Jacen.

For a moment the universe froze as the twins reunited through their twin bond and then in a whirl of chaos, the connection was gone. Jaina's pain at their separation was overwhelming and devastating. Her scream for Jacen was heard throughout the universe by any individual with even a glimmer of force ability. Then she was lost again, lost to the darkness and uncertainty that is pain and unconsciousness.

* * * * * *

Seconds, days, or maybe eternities later, Jaina woke to see the smiling faces of Wedge Antilles and Iella Wessiri hovering over her. "Where's Jag?" were the first words out of her mouth.

"He's fine, still asleep but fine," Iella reassured her hastily.

"Good," she whispered and then leaned back against the hard infirmary bed. She dimly heard their explanation about how Lowbacca and Tekli, with the help of Kyp and Iella had figured out how to reverse the effects of the Vong technology that had sent Jaina and Jag into the past to restore them to the present. However, her focus was only on the fleeting moment that she had reveled in feeling Jacen's presence.

* * * * * *

Several hours later, after Jag had woken up and they had managed to escape the questioning clutches of Wedge and Iella, Jaina and Jag were once again laying on the roof of the biotics building. As they lay next to one another on the flat roof, gazing up at the stars, Jaina sighed enigmatically. In a move that had surprised Jag and to a degree Jaina, herself, she had spent the last half hour telling Jag about her strange experience while she was unconscious and her new found conviction that Jacen was still alive, somewhere.

In a sweet gesture of reassurance Jag reached over to Jaina and twined his fingers through hers. She glanced over at him briefly, and then returned her distracted gaze to the stars.

"He's out there." She held up her free hand pointing to the stars above them. "He's out there," she repeated, "and I can't go find him. I don't even know where to begin looking."

"You'll find him," Jag replied confidently. "I can use some of my friends in the Chiss Intelligence network to gather information and I'll get some volunteers to start asking around in refugee camps. That should at least turn up a few leads."

Stunned, but grateful at his offer, Jaina looked over at him questioningly. Despite her usual confident, tough image, at the moment she looked like a lost little girl. She started to speak, but Jag gently placed a finger to her lips. "It's okay, Jaina. We know he's out there, now and we'll find him. It will be okay."

Seeming to accept Jag's reassurances at least for the moment, she leaned over and kissed Jag. When she lay back down next to him, she seemed to be feeling a little bit better, even though she was still worried.

"We have other problems, though," she stated out of the blue.

"I know," Jag replied, "but that mind trick you did on Uncle Wedge seems to work."

"Either that or he's just forgotten naturally. It was a long time ago for them."

"Yeah," he conceded, "I guess the real test will be when your Uncle and parents get back."

Jaina laughed abruptly suprising Jag at her sudden change in mood.

"What's so funny, Goddess?" He demanded teasingly.

"Oh nothing, Sir Baron," She replied mockingly.

His dark glare at her remark sent her into a fresh round of giggles, but she answered when she recovered. "I just thought it would be funny if they could remember how they reacted. Mom and Dad especially, when they found out they were married in the future. It was priceless." Her humor died abruptly as she finished her thought out loud. "Jacen would have loved to see it."

Jag squeezed her hand tightly and said quietly, desperately hoping that he wasn't lying: "One day you'll be able to tell him, and maybe even show him through that twin bond of yours."

Jaina smiled trying to accept his offer of reassurance. "I hope you're right."

Putting on his most conceited expression, Jag replied cockily, "Of course, I'm right, Great One, I'm Jagged Fel." Still holding her hand, Jag got up and gently dragged her to her feet. "Now come on, Kyp wanted to see you after we came down."

"Oh Sith," Jaina cursed, "What am I supposed to tell Kyp and everyone else?"

Jag groaned in frustration at the most recent complication and then groaned again when he came up with the solution. Looking at Jaina he muttered darkly, "You're corrupting me, Goddess. Now I'm even starting to think and act like a Rebel."

Despite her serious concerns about what to tell everyone, Jaina replied mockingly, "I'm so proud of you, Jag. I'll mark this day down and make it a Republic wide holiday."

Glaring at Jaina, he continued, ignoring her interruption. "We don't have to tell anyone anything. It has nothing to do with the Vong, so they have no official reason to ask us. We can just tell them that it was personal."

Jaina smiled lopsidedly at Jag as they descended, "I knew there was a reason I kept you around." Jaina said teasingly.

"You mean other than my handsome good looks."

Once Jaina had stopped laughing long enough to catch her breath, she muttered, resigned, "Remind me to kill Wes Janson after I talk to Kyp."

* * * * * * * *

The next day, however, Jaina and Jag had very little time to worry about prying questions or finding Jacen. Small skirmishes with the Vong occurred almost hourly throughout the Borealis system. Jaina and the rest of her squadron were stuck in their cockpit for almost twelve consecutive hours, only stopping between skirmishes to refuel their fighters and refill their supply of proton torpedoes.

Today, though, flying with Kyp and Jag, Jaina didn't allow even exhaustion or fear to over ride the sense of hope she had regained when she realized that Jacen was still alive. The only thing left in the wake of the shield trio was coral dust. Despite the fact that the New Republic seemed to be loosing the war and the planet, they were making the Vong pay for each gain, dearly. Finally a break in the fighting allowed Blackmoon squadron to take over for Twin Suns on their patrol, and Jaina and Jag were finally able to get some rest.

* * * * * * * *

When Mara Jade Skywalker knocked lightly on the door to the quarters her niece shared with a fellow Twin Suns pilot, Jaina woke instantly with the habit of a person constantly on alert, even in their sleep. Still groggy but with her lightsaber dangling from her right hand, just as a precaution, Jaina swung the door open.

Seeing Mara outside her quarters, Jaina immediately clipped her lightsaber to her belt as her face lit up and she swept her aunt into a hug. "Aunt Mara, it's good to see you. I didn't realized you and Uncle Luke were back from Coruscant, yet."

"We just got back," she said normally enough, but Jaina realized that something else was going on immediately. "I talked to Iella when we were debriefing. She said that something happened to you and Colonel Fel while we were gone and that neither of you would talk about it."

Jaina eyed her Aunt warily. Both because of Mara's questions and because it was disconcerting to see the change between the Mara Jade she had met in the past and the women that stood in front of her. Finally, Jaina decided to see if Mara remembered meeting Jaina in the past or if she was just trying to get Jaina to open up.

Changing the topic, she asked, "Mara do you remember where you were during the Ssi Ruk invasion?"

Mara inhaled sharply, "So you were in the past," she breathed.

"You remember," Jaina demanded almost simultaneously.

"How do you remember, I used a Jedi mind trick on you."

Mara smirked and added, "But what you said was that I wouldn't remember it until it was necessary." She shrugged slightly, "I guess it was necessary, now."

"I guess, so," Jaina echoed, shocked. Her next question was purely practical. "Does Uncle Luke remember?"

"No," Mara replied easily, allowing herself a brief smile of pride at the success of her off and on apprentice's Jedi mind trick. "I told him once I remembered, though."

They sat in contemplative, exhausted silence for a moment before Jaina asked dismally, "How mad at me, are you?"

A frightening smirk slid over Mara's face for a quick second before she replied calmly. "I was very upset at first about what you did to me-it's probably a good thing you weren't around- but I can't say I'm sorry about how my life turned out. I'm definitely not sorry that I didn't kill Luke."

"We can just say you owe me one," Jaina dared to respond showing her most definitely Corellian heritage with that daring statement.

Mara pinned her with a glare and Jaina felt a wave of panic, anxiety and wariness, sweep over her. It was the sensation she got when she was flying and she knew she was heading into an ambush, but she couldn't escape and she didn't know where the attack was coming from.

Mara settled back in to the chair where she had found a seat, outwardly relaxed, ,but inwardly, Jaina knew she was poised to strike. "Actually, Young Lady," Jaina squirmed involuntarily at what Mara had called her, "I happened to remember something very interesting."

"Oh?" Jaina strove to ask casually, although she had a very good idea where this conversation was going.

"Yes," Mara continued casually, "I seem to recall you having a very friendly," she pointedly stressed the word, "comm. conversation with someone that sounded suspiciously like Jag Fel."

Jaina felt her face burn with an involuntary blush. Mara allowed herself an evil chuckle when she saw Jaina's blush and then added, "Well if nothing else your parents will definitely hate him."

She paused a moment eyeing Jaina speculatively, "Do you really feel that way about him, or was that just for show?"

Jaina sat frozen on her bunk for a moment, but then a slow goofy smile crept over her face. "I think I love him, Aunt Mara. I really think I do."

Mara smiled, genuinely happy for her niece. She got out of her chair and walked over to Jaina. "You're lucky, Jaina," she said warmly. "Now," she added in a more commanding voice, "as your Jedi Master, I'm telling you to get some sleep. You have Goddess sessions and patrols all day, tomorrow."

She patted Jaina on the shoulder and then walked towards the door. She stopped when she reached it and looked down. Without turning around she said softly, "Jaina. I'm sorry for what I said and did to you back then. I was always glad that you and your brothers never saw me like that. I was afraid that you would hate me or fear me."

"My opinion of you hasn't changed, Mara. You will always be my Aunt, whatever you have or haven't done."

"Thank you, Jaina," she whispered as she slipped out of the room and into the corridor.

* * * * * * * *

Even before Borealis's rotation had carried it far enough around for the light from the system's sun to begin to stain the building where Jaina Solo was sleeping, she was woken from her exhausted slumber by an unusual sensation. Not that it was unpleasant, Jaina immediately conceded. Her eyes flew open to find herself looking into the startling green eyes of Jag Fel.

"Good morning, Goddess," he whispered against her lips.

"Mmm, good morning to you, too, Jag." She answered stretching sleepily.

She pulled him down for another, longer kiss, savoring the warm, comfortable feeling that seemed to be enveloping her. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before and it was a far cry from the pain, fear, death and loneliness that had been her constant companions for the last few months.

She wanted to stay there with Jag sitting at her side for the rest of the day, just reveling in that feeling. However, she knew Jag wouldn't come and wake her up at such a horribly early hour, without good reason. For a moment, Jaina mentally cursed the sensed of duty that her mother had so carefully instilled in all of her children from a very young age.

The regretfully she raised herself up on her elbows and said, "What's the matter? Are the Vong making another push?"

"No, no, Love," he assured her quickly, his very unbuisness like appearance and the tone of voice assuring her that everything really was okay, but her curiosisty remained.

"Well what brings you here so early, Jag. Not that I mind," she added hastily.

Jag chuckled slightly at her vehemence and then replied calmly. "Uncle Wedge woke me up for an early morning tactics session-he was asking about some Chiss tactics. I couldn't get back to sleep and I remembered that your parents should be arriving in a little while." He shrugged briefly, "I thought you might want to be there to meet them when they got in."

Shocked that Jag would even remember when her parents got in much less risk her wrath by waking her up, she remained silent for a moment. Then she added hastily, "Thank you, Jag. You're right I do want to be there."

She dragged her legs out from under the covers and swung them over the side of her bunk. She kissed him briefly and then walked in to the 'fresher to quickly shower and change in to a less wrinkled flight suit.

When she exited it, she walked over to stand in front of him. "Do you want to come with me?" she asked softly, gripping both of his hands in hers.

"No," he replied, "unless you need me to, I should get back to sleep, before we have to go back up today."

"Okay, I'll see you later." The kissed briefly, then exited her quarters, both heading in a different direction.

* * * * * * * *

Standing at the edge of the area where the Millennium Falcon would soon be landing, Jaina idly kept an eye on the sunrise as she scanned the sky, watching for her parents arrival. She felt through the force-her mother's warm, comforting but acerbic presence and her father's familiar strong, brilliant air of ingenuity-before she saw them.

The moment she saw the Millennium Falcon she was filled with her a familiar impatience. She had spent a large percentage of her childhood with her brothers, waiting for her parents like this. When she was younger and the three children were virtually inseparable, they had always waited for their parents together, Jacen on her right and Anakin on her left.

That was the united front that they had always shown the galaxy. No matter what, their disagreements were always put aside whenever external problems appeared. Many people, Jaina knew, thought that she was the level headed one of the three, the balance between the extremes of the fulcrum of Jacen and Anakin-peace and aggression. But in reality, as much as she held her brothers together, they were what gave her the strength to do whatever she had to.

Anakin was dead now, though, and the fulcrum that had been perfectly balanced before was now wildly unstable. Jacen was alive, Jaina was sure of it. She would no longer even allow a shadow of a doubt to taint her hope. It was this new found hope along with the reassuring presence of Jag that was allowing Jaina to find a balance, a peace in her life, not by replacing Anakin but by continuing to live.

As a happy but calm feeling began to envelop Jaina, she smiled, knowing that the road ahead would be hard, but her that her new hope could sustain her. Her smile grew wider still as the Millennium Falcon's landing ramp swung down like a giant mouth opening to devour it's prey and touched the duracrete gently.

Even before the ramp had settled, Jaina was bolting up it to her waiting parents. Sweeping first her father and then her mother in to a warm hug, Jaina surprised her parents.

With her arms still tightly wrapped around her mother, Jaina whispered, "I believe you, Mom."

Her statement was filled with a quiet certainty that shook Leia even though she had no idea what Jaina was talking about. There was something different about her daughter, Leia reflected.

She pulled back from Jaina slightly to look in to her eyes. "About what Jaina?"

"Jacen," she whispered, "he's alive. I know it."

"Oh, Jaina." Leia murmured, shocked and grateful if for no other reason than to have Jaina's belief. For her part, Jaina remembered the uncertain and abrasive young woman whose future had been so different than she had wished and she was finally able to forgive her mother for everything.

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you, too Jaina." Leia replied.

"Hey, what about me," Han queried, not to be left out.

"We love you, Han," Leia added dryly.

"And I love, Jagged Fel," Jaina added, surprised at her own daring.

Her parents both froze before Han bellowed, "Jag Who?" leaving the clearing and Jaina's head ringing for hours.

Once again all was not right in the universe, people were still dead, families were still torn apart and worlds were still ravaged. Perhaps that's how it would always be, but the Universe would still continue despite it all, always giving new hope in the continuous circle that is life and the force.

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