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So much has changed these last few months. They were so happy, yes they fought dangerous enemies every day, the Kraang, Shredder, mutants, but they were happy. And just like that, it all shattered. Leo got beat up by the Shredder, he broke his body and his spirit, forced him into a coma. The Kraang invaded New York and they were forced to flee.

They went to April's farmhouse, far away from the city and any other humans. They took care of Leo first, removing all his gear and wrappings and putting him in the tub. So he could heal faster Donnie had said.

After that everything just went downhill. The tension around the house was just so thick. They were all sulking over the death of their father. And every night Mikey was back again. Every night he saw his father, being thrown into the water, flushed away to die. And no one came when he awoke, screaming and crying for his father.

Nobody came when he began to trash in his bed, trapped in another nightmare. All of them trapped in their own. And Mikey knew he couldn't bother them with his little nightmares, figuring everyone had them.

But life carried on, the learned to deal with everything that happened, April accepting her dad was a mutant once more, but this time a mindless Kraang mutant. Casey had to accept the possible mutation of his little sister and father.

So many times Mikey had seen him crying, or heard him crying. He would never show but Mikey knew Casey was devastated by the possibility of losing his little sister and father. They meant everything to him. One time Mikey had even discovered him in his bed, sleeping. But he was far from peaceful, his face was in a grimace and tears were streaming down his face.

A necklace, with a picture of his little sister and father, clutched so his chest, rocking back and forth in the bed. Mikey had never seen Casey so hurt, and so devastated. The usual sarcastic and tough teen was crying his heart out. And only then he realized Casey was also a teen, just like them.

Donnie got more independent by the day. Every time Leo didn't wake up, stayed unconscious, Donnie became more silent. He was always in the barn, trying to create a medicine and sulking over Leo. Guilt consuming him.

Raph became even more tempered. Snapping at everyone and arguing about the stupidest things. And when he wasn't arguing, or training, he was watching Leo. Every night and every day he sat there, at Leo's side, talking to him and hoping he would wake up.

April was the only one trying to lift their spirits but it wasn't helping, and eventually she gave up too.

Mikey became worse every day. He always wanted to make his brothers laugh, but It wasn't working anymore. They weren't a family anymore. Everyone went their own way and was falling apart. He tried to hide it from his brothers, they had enough problems on their own.

He smiled and tried to make jokes, just hide it. But even a cloud can't contain the rain forever, and it is doomed to fall sometimes.


Mikey sighed as he blankly stared at the TV in front of him. No matter how much he liked the show he couldn't bring himself to laugh. The last few days kept repeating itself, every time he closed his eyes, every time he fell asleep he was back.

If it wasn't his constant nightmares about the death of Splinter it was about the things that happened at the farmhouse. Raph turning into a mutant plant, Leo still being in a coma, or the time he was attacked by the mom-thing.

He whimpered slightly as he felt his stomach protesting again. Nobody had cared after they escaped from the mom-thing. Nobody even blinked when he had started vomiting on the ground, the only thing Leo had done was placing a hand on Mikey's shell, but nobody cared. Leo had just thanked April, instead of asking how Mikey was okay or anything.

Raph and Casey just walked off, talking about how wicked the mom-thing actually was, being the last ones to enter it. April held Donnie and Leo with walking, both still a bit nauseous from being stuck in the mom-thing.

Slowly Mikey brought his knees to his plastron and folded his arms around it. He winced and placed his forehead on top of his knees, trying to block out the nauseous feeling in his belly. He felt awful, his belly was protesting and he could feel the familiar feeling coming up again.

'Feel my barbarian punch' Came from the television just as Mikey slapped a hand in front of his mouth. He jumped up and ran towards the bathroom. He could just make it in time before he emptied his stomach for the fourth time since the mom-thing accident.

He whimpered as another wave of nausea hit him and he hurled again. His whole body was trembling as he leaned against the wall, waiting for the horrible feeling to pass. He whimpered again and tipped his head back, resting it against the cold wall. A few tears were stinging in his eyes but he wasn't about to cry.

"Hey Mikey! You coming? Dinner's ready" Leo announced as he knocked on the door. Mikey praised himself inwards for locking the door, they wouldn't care anyways. Taking a deep breath he stood up, waiting when his head began to spin slightly.

"S-Sure dude" Mikey said, trying to hide his shiver and quickly took some water, humming slightly when the cold liquid found its way down his throat, easing the burning feeling slightly. He took a deep breath and waited for it to subside and unlocked the door.

"What took you… " Leo started with a frown on his face but stopped mid-sentence when a horrible smell entered his nose. "Mikey what happened?!" Leo exclaimed and pushed Mikey aside, walking over to the toilet with his crutch, which Mikey forgot to flush.

"Mikey is this…?" Leo started but was unable to finish his sentence. Mikey bit his lip.

"Forget it Leo" He snapped and turned around. He didn't care about him when they were just out of the mom-thing, why would he care right now? Besides he had more important stuff to worry about, his leg for example.

"Mikey hold on!" Leo screamed and ran after his baby brother as fast as he could with the crutch, placing a hand on Mikey's shoulder. "Are you okay?" He whispered but Mikey slapped Leo's hand off his shoulder.

"I'm fine, why would you even care?!" He snapped right in Leo's face and turned around, walking down the stairs, Leo closely behind him.

"Mikey tell me what is going on!" Leo screamed towards Mikey as Mikey walked into the living room. He wanted to go after him but what stopped by Raph.

"Easy Leo, what is going on?" Raph huffed and released Leo, watching the leader in blue carefully.

"Ask him" He said gesturing to Mikey. "Mikey just hurled in the toilet" He added and looked over to Mikey. He had no idea why Mikey was ignoring him, or rejecting him. He wasn't like that, he would always accept them, he never snapped at them.

"WHAT?!" Raph exclaimed and turned towards Mikey, who was now standing in front of the TV, tears prickling in his eyes. "Why didn't ya tell us you were sick?" Raph asked and took a step towards his little brother, just as Donnie, April and Casey joined the rest of them, having heard the conversation but before anyone could say anything Mikey opened his mouth.

"Because none of you care! You are all just too busy with yourself" Mikey exclaimed and threw his hands in the air, feeling the unusual anger flow through him. They were all stunned by Mikey's outburst, back in New York he would've never done that, not even on his worst day would he scream like that.

"What the shell Mikey, of course we care!" Leo snapped back. Mikey bit his lip to force the tears back. He wasn't about to cry, not in front of the people that didn't care about him.

"You don't have to lie Leo" Mikey said in a low tone that sent shivers through all of them. "If you cared about me, why won't you team up with me on patrol? Or play games, or spar with me with training, because I'm just a big screw up isn't it?!" Mikey screamed and forced his hands into fists, biting back the tears.

"That's not true Mikey, you know that." Leo argued. "Everything has just been messed up lately, with Karai and the whole invasion and…" Leo wanted to continue but Mikey cut him off.

"See that is your whole problem, you only care about the rest. Where were you when Tiger Claw injured me, or when Rahzar slashed me?! You don't care about me!" Mikey spat out but he wasn't done yet.

"You have been out for 3 months Leo, you don't know what happened in between, and the moment you showed up you expect everyone to pity you with your stupid leg!" Gesturing towards the crutch in his hands.

Silence, nobody dared to move or say anything. Never they had thought Mikey would act like this, snap towards his brothers. Mikey was trembling on his feet. His eyes filled with tears that held so much pain. Every memory and every nightmare he had in the past three months, were all threatening to come out.

"Now you stepped over the line!" Raph growled and stepped between Leo and Mikey, his arms raised. Mikey quickly wiped the tears from his eyes and glared at Raph.

"Go ahead, hit me. You've already done that before" Mikey said and bit his lip again, which was already starting to bleed from all the force he was putting on it. Raph stared at his baby brother with hurt in his eyes as realization hit him. Donnie took a step to break them up but Mikey quickly turned to Donnie, cutting him off.

"And you're not any better than them" He started. "Or did you forget that time with the Kraang, you were tossing me around because you didn't want to be with me, all of you. You treat me like a screw up all the time. Every time. And you never apologize"

"You never apologized afterwards, and when I save you, you never thank me. And whenever I say something smart you are all surprised and you never listen to me. I was right about the centrifuge, I saved your lives in Dimension x, heck I was even right about the mom-thing, but did any of you say sorry? No!" He finished his ranting.

"Mikey, we're sorry, we really are. And we care about you okay? You're my only little brother, I love you" Donnie tried and took a hesitant step. Leo was just glaring towards Mikey, not happy with his comment about his leg and Raph just stood there with a twisted face, he was angry because he snapped at Leo, but he felt bad for his little brother.

He could tell Mikey was upset, and badly. His eyes were trembling and he was doing his best to hold back the tears. He was shaking like a leaf from the anger and his outburst. And he knew something had to be terribly wrong to send Mikey over the edge.

"Don't even try Donnie. I know you don't. You didn't care about me when we were all rescued from the mom-thing, you just crawled back into April's arms. Nobody cared if I was okay. And now you see me puking you finally notice." He whispered the last part. He hated how he felt, he didn't want to be angry but he couldn't help it.

"You have been sick after that?" Donnie whispered with hurt in his voice, he never realized that something was wrong with his little brother.

"I was there longer than you Donnie, she even used my body, don't you think that affected me somehow!" He said, raising his voice again. "You don't care, I hate all of you!" Mikey screamed. Donnie wanted to open his mouth again but Leo stopped him by putting his hand in the air.

"Go to your room Michelangelo" He said and glared towards Mikey. Mikey stopped trembling and his face drained with all the color he had.

"What..?" Mikey whispered, suddenly all anger had subsided. Leo had never bossed him around like this, had never glared to him.

"I said go to your room Michelangelo" Leo repeated. Mikey winced slightly, hearing his full name. It wasn't usual Leo called any of them by their full name. Sensei did it often, but they hardly did it, it was always Mikey, or Mike. Never Michelangelo.

"You're not my dad" Mikey whispered as tears made their way down his cheeks. Leo narrowed his eyes and shifted slightly on the crutch.

"Because he's dead Mikey, he will never come back and I'm the oldest, now go to your room" Leo said in his leader tone, pointing towards the stairs. Mikey bit his lip again and ran, pushing Donnie out of the way. Ignoring his other brothers calling for him he stormed outside, tears streaming down his face.

"Fine" He sobbed and bit his lip again. "If they don't care, I'm out" He said and ran into the forest. The wind was roaring slightly and Mikey shivered slightly at the dark but pushed it aside and just ran ahead, leaving the farm house behind.