Title: Broken

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Note 2: ****** = Change of time or place

            …….=Telepathic speech

            Italics    = Thoughts

            ~……~ = Dreams

            *……* = Emphasis

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Jubilee cautiously approached her best friend, ready to attack whatever threatened him. Seeing nothing she finally looked at his face. He was staring straight at the tree, seemingly lost in thoughts.


He still didn't respond to her and instead he touched the tree tentatively. Feeling the texture of its bark through the thick material of his glove. "This is it Jubes… This is the place I saw in my dreams."

Jubilee looked around, there was nothing to be seen at this place. Nothing out of the ordinary, well except the tree of course. No signs of anything that could've possibly happened here.

"Maybe I should contact Gumbo and Storm." When she got no response she retrieved her com-unit from her backpack and contacted the others. Ignoring the static noise the thing made she told them their coordinates and put it back.

"They're close, they'll be here soon."

Logan searched the clearing for any clue he might find. Jubilee did the same although she didn't know what to look for exactly. A few minutes later Ororo and Remy came in to view.

"Logan? Jubilee? What's going on…" Ororo looked around. "Oh, I see, you found the place."

Jubilee looked at them relieved. She walked towards them.

"Yeah, the only thing he said was that it was the place in his dreams and now he's searching for god knows what… He doesn't wanna talk to me."

"Mmmm…I don't see anything out of the ordinary… Remy?"

"Remy sees nothing either. Better ask the Wolverine, non?"

"I already tried, but he keeps just looking around, searching."

Ororo walked to him and touched his shoulder gently.


"There has to be something, 'Ro."

"Something like what?"

"I don't know…This can't be it, there has to be more."

"Why don't we head back and search tomorrow? It's starting to get dark."

"NO! I'm close 'Ro! I feel it…. There has to be something."

Ororo sighed. "I understand that this is important for you Logan, but we can't find anything in the dark. Besides that it's getting cold to. Why don't you get some rest and maybe you see it tomorrow from a different perspective."

He walked back to the tree and touched the bark once more. He thought about it and Ororo could see the inner battle. On one hand he was so close and on the other hand he wanted to take care of his friends.

He balled his hands in a angry fist and he hit the tree out of frustration. Feeling still the same he gave it also a hard kick.

That's when he heard it… He listened carefully and kicked it again. The others looked at him in wonder. There! He heard it again! The distinct sound of metal against metal. Dropping on his knees he started wiping away snow frantically.

"Logan? Logan? What going on?"

Getting no answer they watched expectantly as his hands cleared away more and more snow and revealed something of metal.

Once all the snow on top of the object was gone Logan touched it carefully. It seemed to be some sort of box. There had been something carved into it, but it was too rusty to read. Lifting it slowly out of the snow he looked it around. It felt strangely familiar. A memory hit him, he dropped the box on the ground and squeezed his eyes shut.

~He was walking in the woods frantically trying to find a place to hide the box. I have to make sure it is safe! Where? He heard people surrounding him, dogs barking. He smelled gunpowder and sweat. Shit! Where? He stumbled upon a clearing with in the middle a strange looking tree. That's it! The tree! He placed the box at the bottom of the tree and covered it with some snow, knowing that the tree would prevent it from being buried too deep so he wouldn't be able to find it anymore. He ran into the woods, heard a gunshot and felt a burning pain in his chest. He heard someone yell, but never had the chance to realize it was him before everything went black.~

He opened his eyes again and clutched the box to his chest. He looked around and backed slowly away from his three friends. . .

"Mon ami? What is it? Are you okay?"

"Re-Remy? I don't know? What's going on? I remembered…"

"What did you remember Logan? Did it have something to do with that?" Ororo pointed at the box in his hands.

"I-I was hiding it from someone…they wanted to hurt me…" He once more touched it tentatively and his fingers rested on the small lock on the front.

"What are ya waiting for Wolvie… open it up."

He looked at his friends searching for their support. When he found it in their eyes he slowly tried to open the lock. The rusty thing didn't cooperate and he put some more force behind it. Hearing a clicking sound he took a deep breath and slowly lifted the lid. A familiar smell greeted him, it smelled like him! A rush of excitement ran through him, this was it! This was the key to his past. He opened it further and some papers were revealed he picked them up and found that a thick file was underneath them. It was yellow and it said 'Wolverine 121086'  he grabbed his dogtags from underneath his coat and compared the number, it was exactly the same. He opened the file and found three disks and several x-ray pictures. There was much more, but it was getting too dark to read. He looked up at his friends. "I need light!" He barked. Jubilee started frantically searching for her pocket light but Ororo stopped her. 

"Logan, listen to me! We have to get back to the jet. There is light and you will be able  to look through everything. We can not stay here all night. " She kneeled down next to him. "Logan, please. Let's go."

He looked from her to the box in his hands and back again. Reluctantly he closed it again and stood up. "Okay, let's go back."

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