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"So remind me again. Why did you walk into the cave with Abby, not even Glitch but Abby, then go on some ramble spree that was so fast none of us could understand it." Conner asked. He was the first one who saw Wally come in through the Zeta tube.

"Because of her glitch!"

"We already know about the glitch, baywatch. Remember? We were all there when she showed up with the twins."

Wally let out an irritated huff, "She has a new glitch though! Another form of it I guess... Her mind connected to the projector in the chemistry room, started showing scenes of the book she was reading while she was reading it! It took me forever to get her to let go of the book because her grip was almost as strong as Conner's." He let out a defeated sigh, "I couldn't think of anything else but bring her here. I don't know where the Rogues base and something tell me if I walk in with Abby asleep on my shoulder I don't think any of them would take it well. Especially not Piper or Trickster…"

Abby was sleeping on the couch and Robin was perched on the arm at her feet. After realizing she was a heavy sleeper last time she was at the cave, he put a couple sensors on her forehead and one on the back of her neck. They were used to monitor brain waves and the signals were being sent to a small device in his hand.

"So you're saying she formed a mental connection with an electronic?"

"Yes! I-" Wally froze when he heard Abby roll onto her side so she faced the team,and started mumbling in her sleep.

Robin was the only one that heard what she was mumbling and he almost fell off the side of the couch from laughing. "She mumbles binary coding in her sleep." He said between snickers.

Everyone visibly relaxed when they realized she wasn't waking up.

"So what exactly are you wanting us to do?" Artemis asked, glancing down to the sleeping girl then back to Wally. "We don't even know where her powers come from. Hell I'm pretty sure the Rogues would have a better idea than us."

The team fell silent, either thinking of a way to discover the origin of Abby's abilities or thinking of someone else who'd know. Everyone's mind came up blank.

"Well…" M'gann spoke up after a moment, "She's not in a coma anymore. I could always look into her mind and see if I can find anything?"

"I'd be easier if she was conscious and willing to do it." Robin pointed out.

"I'm sure she would be. She seemed willing to do almost anything to find a way to stop the glitch in chemistry, if finding the origin of her abilities help with that then I don't see why she wouldn't!" Wally smiled, more than sure that Abby would agree to it.

"Great! Kid, wake her up." Artemis laughed when she saw Wally give her a look of horror.

"What?! I've woken her up before and if it wasn't through the phone I thought she would have killed me." He whined.

"Your glitch. Your problem." Robin smirked, hopping off the arm of the couch. "Come on~ Waking a girl up who's half your size can't be that bad."

Wally gave him a dirty look. When none of the other team members offered to wake her up for him, the redhead let out a defeated sigh. "Fine." He walked over to the couch and keeled down in front of Abby, shaking her shoulder lightly.

Getting no response from the girl he shook her a little harder, only getting a small whine of protest. "Wake up, Abby." He mumbled to her. Still no response.

"She's a heavy sleeper, Kid."

"Oh really now? I would have never noticed." Wally rolled his eyes, pulling Abby into a sitting position and tapping her face gently. "Abby…" He started shaking her back and forth by her shoulders, not enough to scare her awake, but enough for her to realize that she needs to wake up.

After a few more moments of shaking her and lightly smacking her face, Abby's eyes slowly started opening and it seemed like she was waking up.

She blinked a couple times and let out a groan, her mind not properly registering where she was. When Abby's vision started going into focus and she finally realized where she was and who was in the room something in her mind clicked.

Something bad.

Her eyes flickered to blue and she grabbed Wally's wrists. Pulling her legs up she pushed herself on the couch and sat on his chest, his arms held up by his wrists as she pinned him. Her movements were calculated and could be considered mechanical. Something in the back of her mind was screaming for her to stop, that the kids around her weren't a threat.

The voice, the deep chilling voice that controlled her movements knew that they weren't a threat to her. It said that she needed more time so she wouldn't be a threat to them.

It took Wally longer than he'd like to admit for him to realize that Abby had pinned him. Though when he did he quickly flipped over and moved so her arms were crossed over her chest and he was sitting on her thighs. "Little help here?" He looked up to the team curiously.

Abby wasn't thrashing and made no attempt to escape, she just laid on the floor and stared at Wally with perplexed blue eyes. It was as if she was expecting him to do something worse than just pin her down.

Robin zip tied her wrists and Wally rolled off her. Thankful she wasn't thrashing, he picked her back up and sat her on the couch. She started leaning to the side and fell over like a doll. Wally just sighed and didn't bother pushing her back up.

"Still think it's safe to bring her here after she attacked you?" Artemis raised an eyebrow.

"Do you think she might try to attack one of us next?" M'gann asked, glancing between Wally and Abby.

"She won't." Robin defended, "If she gets out of the zip ties then we'll find another way to hold her down. But look at her! She's just… Laying there." And he wasn't wrong. Abby was laying on her side with her hands zip tied in front of her. Her eyes were blue, emotionless, and unblinking.

"Perhaps it is best for M'gann to enter Abby's mind in this state." Kaldur offered, "She's currently in a glitch, isn't that when her mind is most vulnerable?"

The team fell silent and shared contemplating looks. Wally and Dick were the only ones who seemed noticeably uncomfortable with M'gann going into Abby's mind in this state but neither of them made any move to try to stop her.

Conner was the first one to break the silence by looking over to M'gann and coughing a couple of times to get her attention.

"Are you sure that both of you will come out of this unharmed?" He asked.

"Actually no." She admitted, shrugging. "I've never had to enter someone's mind with Abby's… Glitch. I don't know what will happen."

"Then why are you so willing to go into her consciousness when you don't even know what you'll find?" Robin asked. He perched back on the arm of the couch, mostly to keep an eye on Abby while she stayed motionless.

"Because some risks are worth taking." M'gann looked over to Robin and Wally, giving both boys a reassuring smile. "I thought you guys said you didn't doubt my telepathic abilities."

"We don't, babe!"

"Then let me try. The worse thing that will happen is that I won't be able to figure out what's wrong." She placed a hand on Abby's temple after she took off the sensors Robin had placed on her earlier. "I'll ask again before I go inside. Do you trust me?"

Robin and Wally glanced over to each other then looked back to M'gann with a confirming nod.

"We trust you."

She smiled at the two young heroes and closed her eyes, feeling herself getting pulled into Abby's subconsciousness.


When M'gann opened her eyes again she did not see the fantasy-like world that most had in their subconsciousness. No pink skies or trees that were made out of Legos.

She was standing at the entrance of a bedroom that was clearly used by a teenager. Posters of video games and music groups covered almost every inch of the pale yellow walls. An oak dresser was pushed into the corner and had pieces of clothing poking out of the drawers, most was hoodies and jeans. There were also textbooks and notebooks thrown across the room like someone had a complete fit.

It didn't take the Martian long for her to realize that there were two figures in the room. One on the bed and one standing right in front of her.

"Abby?" She looked down at the girl standing in front of her but saw some very noticeable differences between her and the Abby that she's come to know.

Her hair was still the same shade of blond but it fell to her lower back and was pushed back with a blue bandanna. She was much skinnier and the thing that worried M'gann the most was that the joyful gleam in her eyes was now replaced with a dull, uninterested look.

"Yeah. Now move." Abby grabbed M'gann's arm and nudged her to the side.

Apparently this Abby was also much ruder than the other.

The other Abby's focus was on the back of the bedroom door. The scribbled equations and numbers were written over in red sharpie and had sticky notes covering some parts. Her fingertips were also stained red from breaking the sharpie.

"Glitch. Where have I seen this equation?" She pulled off one of the sticky notes and crumpled it up, throwing it to the other figure.

The paper wad was caught easily and when the figure moved a bit to face Abby, M'gann gasped softly.

The figure looked exactly like the Abby standing in front of her but was completely mechanical. Her eyes were glowing a bright blue and she had the same bandanna that Abby had. This one was tied around her neck instead of her head.

Glitch looked down at the paper, studying it for a moment, and looked back up to the blond.

"February 22nd, 2009. You were reading a calculus book in the library. Ten days before second extraction." Her voice was cold and as mechanical as the rest of her. She didn't even seem to notice the martians presence.

Abby's expression turned sour when Glitch had mentioned an 'extraction' but nodded and turned back to the door, writing something down in her illegible handwriting.

The more M'gann watched the two the easier it was to see a cable attaching the two together at the base of their necks.

"Excuse me." She spoke up. Abby hesitated before looking up at the girl.

"I'm busy, M'gann. I need to finish this."

"You know who I am?" M'gann asked, surprised.

"Of course. I know that I'm on the couch. I know Robin tied my hands together. I also know that Artemis probably doesn't trust me." A small smirk appeared on the blonds face, "I'm still Abby. Just not all of her."

"And what about..." She nodded over to Glitch who was typing something on the computer, eyes moving at an inhuman speed.

"That's Glitch. Blue eyes? Like when I pinned Wally about ten minutes ago?" She pointed at the mechanical girl with her thumb, "That was her."

"The Young Justice is not a threat. I must continue with the assignment." Glitch spoke as if that was the only thing she knew how to say.

M'gann shook her head at the chilling comment and looked around the room curiously. "Where are we?"

Abby sighed softly, silently admitting that with M'gann here she wasn't going to get anything else done. "We're in my bedroom at the Rogues hideout. I'm brought here when I'm unconscious or in some forms of my glitch." She gestured around the room and crossed her arms over her chest, "Not saying it's the best place, but with her here I don't have a more... fantasy-like setting."

It wasn't a lie. She was a creative child but once her 'glitch' showed up then everything became too technical. Too precise. It used to cause her headaches but now she's grown used to the constant dull pain.

"You're saying that she wasn't always here?"

Abby shook her head. "Showed up when I turned ten. Everything is really fuzzy before she appeared..." She looked like she was in pain as she tried thinking back to those earlier memories, "Anyway, Glitchie here was pushed onto me. I wasn't born with her and I didn't develop her. She's a handicap."

Abby spoke of the robotic girl with disgust and hate. Even conscious Abby has hated her glitch, every advantage has a bigger disadvantage and her glitches always caused her some level of pain.

"It doesn't matter if you want me here or not, Abby. Mr. Apollo says I have to stay here until he says otherwise. Alec will continue to update me until there's nothing for him to do. Ask him about the pain issue next time you are extracted and it might help make my appearances more tolerable." Glitch looked over to Abby, still not acknowledging M'gann.

"Shut up! When I'm conscious I don't even remember these damn conversations so why do you keep saying this?! I still don't know who Apollo is and I still don't ask Alec because you make me forget!" Abby snarled. She pulled off one of her shoes and threw it at the robot. Even when it hit her in the head it had no effect.

"Your answers will come soon and I will be gone. For now you have to stay in the dark."

"Fuck you, you stupid piece of circuitry!"

M'gann watched the two argue. If one could even call it that. All it had was Abby yelling at the robot and Glitch giving her vague answers. The argument soon got more violent and Abby had tackled Glitch, sending both off the bed and into a wrestling match that Glitch was obviously winning.

Abby had kicked Glitch off her and scrambled up, running back over to M'gann. When Glitch stood back up she sat on the bed and calmly started typing on the computer again.

"I hate her so much..." Abby growled under her breath. She looked back up to M'gann and frowned, "And I know why you're here but you're not going to find what you're looking for. My memories are constantly altered by Glitch and there are some things that I don't even remember."

"So... There's nothing I can do to help?" M'gann asked hopefully. She didn't plan on giving up on the blond that easily.

Abby bit her lip and nodded, "I need you to tell me something..."


"Tell me that Jacob and Jackie can't be trusted."

Suspensful? Confusing? I don't know but I can say that I really enjoyed writing the last bit.

Now Abby knows that the twins are evil but she doesn't at the same time. You know how you remeber only certian things but your mind actually retains everything? That's more or less what's happening here. Subconscious Abby knows everything about the twins being evil and the glitch being forced on her but conscious Abby doesn't know anything.

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