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Their first time unlike anything Walter and Paige could have imagined.

And while it was brought on out of fear, it became something else entirely.

They had been looking into a series of military leaks coming out of Camp Pendleton. After running into several military stone walls the team realized that the best way to get information was to go to the source. After contacting their friends at NCIS, they entered the base with alias's and cover stories. Unfortunately they had to enter separately and tackle the case in a two team system. Cabe, Paige and Sylvester posed as a civilian news crew from a military promotional blog to "interview" the general. While they were touring the base, Walter, Toby and Happy cased his office. Neither of them enjoyed being separated, although they would never voice their discomfort, it was obvious in their faces; and, as per usual, things had gone off the rails.

When the gun shots went off their hearts stopped.

Logically Walter knew that Paige was safe with Cabe, but that didn't keep him from running straight toward the sound, leaving Toby to tackle him. "Let me go," Walter struggled. Toby could feel his friends panic, but he knew that Walter never thought clearly when it came to Paige, and they needed to hide somewhere.

Paige nearly screamed Walter's name when the firing stopped, but Cabe yanked her behind cover holding her to him tightly as she tried not to breakdown completely.

After being found by military police, Walter ran out the front doors of the lobby . He spun frantically trying to find Paige's face in the chaos outside. Before he even realized what was happening, Paige was throwing her arms around him. It took him a split second to realize who the arms around his neck belonged to, but once he did he wrapped his arms around her. She didn't even mind how tightly he was squeezing her, and he was pretty sure she was chocking him but he loved it. Their fingers were interlocked through the debriefing, the drive back to the garage, and dinner on the roof.

"I'm beat," Cabe announced wiping his mouth with his napkin and folding it on the table. "Ohhh Ohhh will you send the email to Galactic Toys for me before you leave," Sylvester begged. Cabe groaned, "Fine, let's make it quick." Sylvester literally dashed down the stairs with Cabe following. Happy began clearing dishes, "Come one doc. You're on dish duty tonight." Toby obediently followed Happy, carrying a stack of plates. Walter and Paige sat in companionable silence for a few minutes till Walter broke the tension. "I was worried earlier, I'm not sure why but I was." Paige could see from the lines on his forehead that he wasn't quite finished but also wasn't sure how to continue, so she quietly waited doing her best not to hold her breath. "It's irrational to dislike you being away from me for any length of time, but I seem to be feeling it more and more." Paige wait for the crinkles on his forehead to disappear before she responded. "OK, so we won't be apart as often," she said, standing from the table and pulling on his fingers.

Walter didn't ask what she was doing as they left the roof; he was powerless to fight her touch. She could lead him into fire and he'd follow, hell it's what he'd done earlier today isn't it. As they reached his bedroom door, Paige turned and looked at him and it didn't take a genius to know where this was going. Suddenly Walter found himself nervous, he had had experiences with women before but they were always a means to an end, a physical release; but he knew this would be something more, he wanted it to be. Paige closed the door behind them, and heard Walter whisper her name; there was a quake to his voice and it sent shivers down her spine. She slowly turned and placed her hands on his torso, moving them from the side to the front. Walter was absolutely still; her touch was like ice on his skin leaving an imprint everywhere she touched and he loved it. Paige slowly slid her hands up his stomach to his chest. When she reached his shoulders she turned her hands and started again moving down his back. Walter felt her hands reach under his shirt and shuddered. He reached down undoing his tie before helping her remove his clothing. He placed his hands on her cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss. Paige melted into his touch. They had kissed several times over the past few weeks, but this was different, this was something more. Paige felt her knees buckle as he wrapped his arm around her waist. He backed them up towards the bed without ever letting her go. Paige felt their legs hit the mattress and broke the kissing pushing him down to sit on the bed. She reached up and removed her top. Before she even had time to be self-conscious Walter was pulling her onto his lap, her legs straddling him. Suddenly their kisses became more heated, more demanding. They battled for dominance gasping for breath before crashing together again. Paige kicked of her jeans and Walter did the same, never breaking contact for more than a few seconds. Suddenly Walter flipped them over, pulling away and holding himself over her. He was panting for breath, and his eyes were squeezed shut. Paige did what felt natural and reached her hand into his hair, running her fingers through his curls. Walter leaned into her touch, moaning and shivering at the same time. He opened his eyes and looked at her. The intensity of his stare caused Paige to squirm a little; she wasn't used to Walter showing so much emotion. He continued to stare for a few more minutes and Paige began to worry, "Walter what's wrong?" "I..." He stopped furrowing his brow. He wanted to use the perfect words, but he had no idea what they were. "I said I didn't like you being away from me, but that's not true. I hate it. I hate every second that I'm not next to you and I feel lost whenever I'm not in the same building as you. I want you and Ralph around all the time; I want this to be so much more than what it is right now. I want all of you all the time. I want dinners and movies, and video game nights. I want to drop Ralph off with you in the morning and tuck him in at night. I want you to crawl into bed with me, while I pretend that I'm annoyed when you snuggle up next to me when really I love it. I don't want part of you, I want all of it." Paige was having trouble responding because she was reminding herself to breath. She pulled him towards her and kissed him so soundly that there was no space between their lips, and just when Walter thought he might pass out from lack of air she pulled away and exhaled, "Ok".