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Summary: My own l'il opinion of how the Marauders first met, and how Sirius and Remus got together.... And Lily's kind of an unofficial Marauder.

Notes: The years here are mainly my guess..... I mean, they must have gone to school in the 70's..... you know what I mean.... since we have no defined year to go with, I guessed as best I could....

WARNING: Eventual RL/SB *SLASH*, some lust and jealousy on Snape's part. It's not PG-13 yet, but it WILL be.........


The Marauders At Hogwarts

Year One - Beginning of a Tale

~September 1, 1975 - The Hogwarts Express~

Remus Lupin stared pensively out the window at the passing landscape. Here he was on his way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - a possibility he had never dreamed existed. He had always believed his lycanthropy would keep him from attending school - other parents wouldn't want their children to be around him. But Dumbledore had fixed it up so Remus could go.....

Remus was stirred from his reverie by the sound of the compartment door sliding open. Two boys stood in the doorway. The taller of the two had long black hair and midnight-blue eyes, with a mischievous sparkle in them; the other had black hair (cut Beatle-style), brown eyes, and glasses.

"Hullo!" the taller boy said, bounding over and pumping Remus' hand furiously. "I'm Sirius Black, mind if I sit here?" Without bothering to wait for an answer, he flopped down on the seat across from Remus. "Meet Jim," he said, waving his hand carelessly at the other boy, who stepped forward and shook Remus' hand politely. "I'm James Potter," he said, sitting beside Sirius. "What's your name?"
"I'm Remus Lupin," Remus replied, still dazed.
"You're starting your first year too, aren't you?" Sirius asked, and grinned when Remus nodded. "Good. We're gonna have loads of fun!"

For a moment, Remus found himself speechless - no one had ever taken to him this quickly. But, then, these boys didn't know about.... his secret. And he intended to keep it that way. He realized Sirius was still talking.

"I'm sorry?" he asked.
Sirius rolled his eyes. "Almost as daft as Jim here, you are, if you don't mind me saying," he said. "I was asking you if you saw that greasy-haired kid - Snape, I think his name is." Remus shook his head. "Well, you can't miss him," sniggered Sirius. "Got more grease in his hair then there is in a fried-chicken place." He jumped up. "Looks like *this*," he said, and scowled as hard as he could - "Walks like *this*" - he stuck his nose high in the air and swaggered around the compartment.

"And I kick like this," James said mildly, giving Sirius a kick in the bum. "You look really stupid." He turned to Remus. "Don't listen to Sirius, he's mad, he is."

Sirius stuck his hand inside his robes and strutted around importantly. "Look! I'm Napoleon!"

"Stupid prat," James grumbled, and went to pull Sirius back into his seat. But before he could, the compartment door slid open again, and a plump blond boy rushed in.

"Oh! Terribly sorry!" the boy mumbled, blushing. "I was, er - that is to say-"

But before he could finish, four more boys arrived. One was tall, with pale blue eyes and silver-blond hair; one was wide and muscular with a pudding-bowl haircut; the third was shorter but just as wide, with a crewcut; and the fourth was - Severus Snape.

"There you are, Pettigrew," Snape said sweetly. "Hiding, are we?"

The blond boy whimpered and edged behind Sirius, who stepped forward and demanded, "What do you want, Snape?"

Snape's eyes narrowed. "None of your concern, Black," he answered. "It's nothing."

"Leave him alone, then," James said, and Snape's eyes narrowed further.

Snape sneered. "Potter, isn't it? Acting quite the hero, aren't you?"

His two larger companions chuckled, while the boy with the silvery hair smirked widely. Noticing that James and Sirius' attention had been drawn to them, Snape said smoothly, "My friends - Lucius Malfoy (the silver-haired boy), Paul Crabbe (the larger of the two gorilla-like ones), and Robert Goyle (the other gorilla)."

Sirius raised an eyebrow. "Lucius Malfoy? I think I've heard of your family. Bunch of slimy, evil gits."
Malfoy glared. "Don't you dare talk about my family, then, Black," he snarled. "Better think of your own - bunch of Mudbloods."

Sirius and James leapt at Malfoy at the same time; Crabbe and Goyle started forward and grabbed them. Snape had just pulled out his wand when a girl's voice asked, "What *is* going on here?"
The boys stopped scuffling and looked round to see a girl with brilliant green eyes and flaming red hair standing outside their compartment. "Fighting?" she asked in disbelief. "You'll get in trouble with the Headmaster even before the year's started!"

Snape looked at her sullenly, then beckoned to his friends."Come on," he said, and started to leave. As he did, his gaze settled on Remus. His cold black eyes took stock of Remus' light brown hair, flecked with silver; his hazel eyes, which thankfully were more green than yellow today; his slender frame and pale skin. Remus could feel his ears starting to burn. What was so fascinating about himself that Snape had to stare like that?

After what felt like several years, Snape seemed to regain his control and left.
The girl looked at them rather sharply, her hands on her hips. "What were you *thinking*? You could get in such trouble for that! It's lucky no one used any magic!" But then her gaze softened and she slid the door closed. "That Snape is bad news. I hear he knows more curses already than anyone - even seventh years!"
James sighed. "Well, he's still stupid." He turned to the blond boy, who was still trembling. "What did Snape want with you?"
"He wanted to practice the Leg-Locker curse on me," the boy said weakly. Sirius growled.
"Evil, he is..... what's your name?"
"Peter Pettigrew."
"Well, Peter," Sirius said, cheering up slightly (the mischievous glint returning to his eyes), "Don't worry about him. Acts like he has a stick up his arse, he does." He began strutting around the compartment in imitation of Snape again. "Ouch, ow, oh, ouch!" he said. "This stick hurts! Ow!"

Sirius' impersonation got Peter laughing, and Sirius, eager for more attention, strutted over to the girl and said, "Run away with me, my dear! For I, *I* am the great Severus Snape!"
The girl giggled at him as he pretended to kiss her hand. "I doubt he's that much of a gentleman, even around a lady." she took her hand away from Sirius and wiped it on her robes (his kisses had become decidedly sloppy). "I'm Lily Evans."
"Hi," the boys chorused, and Lily laughed.

Remus smiled as Lily and Peter sat down and started talking about what they would have to look forward to at Hogwarts. And for him, at least, something just *clicked* - it was just something about the moment that made Remus realize something important had just happened between the five of them.

"I think they're going to be my best friends," he thought to himself, and felt his spirits lift with the thought.

~That Night, at Hogwarts~

Remus stood at the head of the Great Hall with his new friends, looking round in awe. There seemed to be no end to the surprises Hogwarts held...... it might take him more than just seven years to discover all that the castle had to hold.
His thoughts were interrupted when Professor McGonagall stepped up beside the Sorting Hat with a long list. Remus felt butterflies fluttering in his stomach as she began to call the names.
"Avery, Darien!"
She placed the hat on Avery's head. The first years watched curiously, then the hat shouted, "SLYTHERIN!"
Avery ran to join the Slytherin table, and Professor McGonagall looked back at her list.
"Black, Sirius!"
Sirius grinned and swaggered up to the stool. McGonagall placed the hat on his head -
"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat shouted.
Sirius whooped and joined the Gryffindor table, giving James a high five as he ran by.
McGonagall kept calling out names.
"Boot, Joseph!"..... "RAVENCLAW!" .... "Crabbe, Paul!" ... "SLYTHERIN!"

Lily became a Gryffindor.... Snape's friend Goyle was a Slytherin.... Remus was getting more nervous now..... "Jones, Chad" became a Hufflepuff..... then.....
"Lupin, Remus!"
Feeling very sick indeed, Remus made his way up to the stool and sat down, trying his hardest not to tremble. Professor McGonagall placed the hat on his head.
"Right, then," the hat whispered in Remus' ear. "Plenty of knowledge, that's good.... determination.... and - oh my. Quite a lot of bravery, and I know why... it's tremendously courageous of you to go through that every month..... you'd do well in.... GRYFFINDOR!"

The hat shouted this last to the whole Hall, and Remus felt his knees go weak with relief as he handed that hat back to McGonagall and went to join Sirius and Lily at the Gryffindor table. They booed when Lucius Malfoy became a Slytherin..... "Nott, Albert" was a Slytherin too.... "Patil, Apu" became a Ravenclaw.... "Pettigrew, Peter!"
Trembling from head to toe, Peter took his seat on the stool. Remus, Sirius, and Lily waited - "GRYFFINDOR!" the hat shouted, and they cheered loudly as Peter joined them.
Right after Peter was James. The hat took only a short time before pronouncing him a Gryffindor, and they broke into cheers again.

A few minutes later, Professor McGonagall called "Snape, Severus" up. The hat had barely touched his greasy head when it shouted, "SLYTHERIN!", and Snape strutted off to sit with his friends.
"Stick up his arse," Sirius whispered, and they chuckled. Remus glanced up as Snape passed on his way to the Slytherin table, and jumped a bit when he saw Snape had already been watching him.

After "Wilkes, Ward" was made a Slytherin, Professor McGonagall rolled up her list and carried the Sorting Hat and the stool out of the Hall, and Professor Dumbledore stood, his eyes sparkling as he looked round the room. "Welcome! Welcome to Hogwarts, for another year! I have a few announcements before we can start.... First years are reminded that the Forbidden Forest is off-limits, as is the village of Hogsmeade to anyone below third year. Also, we have a new addition to the grounds - a Whomping Willow. It is very dangerous, and I beg you to avoid it."
Remus swallowed and glanced uneasily at his friends. He prayed they'd never find out that the reason the Whomping Willow was planted was because of him.......
"Let the feast begin!" Dumbledore said, and Remus forgot his uneasiness as the golden plates were magically filled with food.


Remus yawned as he followed the rest of the first-year Gryffindors up to their tower. Nothing would be nicer than his bed right now......
They stopped in front of a portrait of a fat woman in a pink dress. "Password?" she asked.
"Giant squid," the prefect answered, and led the Gryffindors through the portrait hole.
The Gryffindor common room was quite bright and cheery, decorated with red and gold, with a warm fire crackling in the fireplace. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter trudged sleepily upstairs and went into the dormitory for the first year boys.
Four large, soft beds stood in the circular room, their trunks at the foot of the beds. Remus pulled on his pajamas and fell into bed gratefully. What a day it had been.....

~September 15 - Potions Class~

"BLACK! POTTER!" Roared Professor Kirk. "Can't you behave?!"
Remus stifled a laugh as he added daisy roots to his and Peter's potion. Once again, Sirius and James had been fooling around, aggravating Professor Kirk to no end. He swept down the aisle and scowled at them. "How is your Swelling Solution coming?" He frowned as he peered at it. Remus could tell what he was frowning about - James and Sirius were the only students who could fool around and get their potion perfect at the same time.

Professor Kirk straightened up and glared at them. "You'd better start acting your age." He returned to his desk, and while his back was turned, Severus Snape took the opportunity to make a face at them.
"Slimy git," James muttered, glaring at Snape. "Thinks he's so smart..."
Remus shrugged, stirring the potion as Peter tipped in the puffer-fish eyes. "Teacher's pet, I expect," he said. "Don't let it get to you, Jim."
Sirius grinned and slung an arm around Remus' shoulders. "Listen to Remmie, here, Jim," he said. "The smart one, he is."
Remus blushed and pushed Sirius' arm off his shoulders. "Flattery will get you everywhere," he smiled, and was pleased when Sirius laughed.
"You know, it might be fun to get back at him," Sirius said thoughtfully. Peter squeaked and looked up from the caterpillars he was slicing.
"You're not going to get us in trouble, are you?" he asked.
"I might...." Sirius said evasively, humming and looking up at the ceiling.
James shook his head. "Siri, when will you learn?"
"Never, I expect," Sirius grinned, and pulled something out of his pocket. "Volia! Dungbombs," he whispered. James grinned too when he saw them.
"You know, this might be worth it...."

While the potions stewed, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter went up to the sink to wash their hands and ladles. On their way back, James dropped a Dungbomb into Snape's cauldron (luckily, no one noticed). They went back to their table and waited....


The Dungbomb went off, spraying Snape's half finished potion all over the room. A truly disgusting smell, a mix of the Dungbomb and burnt puffer-fish eyes, followed. Remus fought to keep his face straight as James and Sirius giggled madly. Even Peter was having trouble containing himself. Wide-eyed, Lily turned to them and raised a questioning eyebrow. James nodded ever so slightly at her, but most unfortunately, Professor Kirk saw it too.
"POTTER! BLACK! LUPIN! PETTIGREW! I'll see you after class!" the Professor roared.

After the bell had rung and the rest of the class had departed, they trudged up to Professor Kirk's desk. The professor was so angry he could barely speak. "Tonight - detention - Trophy Room," he growled, and they scurried out of the classroom.

~That Night, 8:30~

After half an hour of polishing silver in the trophy room, Remus was struggling not to laugh again as Sirius and James played a mock-swordfight with their wands. James ducked and poked Sirius with his wand. Sirius gurgled and fell to the floor. "Remmie! Pete! I'm dying! Say goodbye to Snape for me! Tell my mum I fought bravely!"
Footsteps sounded in the hall, and Argus Filch, the caretaker, entered. He glared at them. "What do you think you're doing, eh? Marauding all over the school. Get back to polishing!"
"Yes, SIR!" Sirius said, jumping up and saluting him. Filch scowled and left the room, and they got back to polishing.

"Good ol' Filch," James said dreamily.
Sirius dropped his rag in shock. "Jim! Are you feeling all right?"
"I feel fine," James said. "But Filch has given me an idea. I know what we can call ourselves now!"
"Call ourselves?" Remus asked.
"Yeah," James replied. "You know, sort of a group thing, but just us four."
"Sounds fun," Peter said. "What is it?"
"The....Marauders," James said dramatically.
Remus, Sirius, and Peter stared at him.
"Do you like it?" James asked.
"Love it," Remus said.
"Spanking good," Sirius grinned.
"Describes us rather well," Peter said.
It was a name that implied mischief and fun........

~January 30 - Full Moon~

Remus cast a nervous look at the sky as Madame Pomfrey led him to the Whomping Willow. Then he looked up at the castle, hoping no one was watching. He really dreaded his transformations more than ever before.... the thought that his friends would find out was unbearable......
"Come, now, dear," Madame Pomfrey said softly, freezing the Willow and leading him into the passage below. Remus let out a shuddery sigh, and allowed himself to be brought through the tunnel to the Shrieking Shack. Madame Pomfrey gave his hand a kind squeeze, and left him.
Remus waited...knowing the pain would be here soon, terrible pain and mindless rage..... pain worse than anything he had ever felt.......

Madame Pomfrey heard the bone-chilling howls begin as she crossed the grounds, and quickened her step.
"That poor boy...." she murmured unhappily.

~Gryffindor Tower~

Sirius was perched on the windowsill in the common room, frowning thoughtfully as he gazed at the Whomping Willow. He watched Madame Pomfrey, a tiny speck on the lawn far below, hurry back to the castle.

"Siri? Something wrong?" James asked from his spot in front of the fire, where he was finishing a Transfiguration essay.
Sirius glanced around. "Remus," he muttered.
"What about him?" Peter asked.
Sirius went over to their table and leaned close to talk to them. "I just saw him going to the Whomping Willow with Madame Pomfrey," he said in a low voice.
James looked up from his essay. "Remus? You're sure it was him?"
Sirius nodded, and James frowned. "But... I thought his mother was ill.... why would he be going to the Whomping Willow?...."
Shaking his head, Sirius sat down beside Peter. "I don't know...."
They sat in silence for a short while, then...
"The full moon," James gasped suddenly, his eyes widening.
Sirius' head snapped up. "What?"
"I just realized.... every time he goes away... it's a full moon out," James whispered.
Peter considered this. "What about it?"
"It doesn't mean much on its own... but.. hold on..." James said, and ran upstairs. He came back clutching his Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook, and hurriedly flipped it to a back page. He skimmed down it, and his finger paused near the end of the page.
"Here it is..... it all fits.... his eyes changing color...... the grey in his hair..... how sensitive his hearing is nearer to the full moon..."
Sirius gaped. "He's.... a werewolf?"
Peter squeaked in fear as James nodded.
"So that's why he's been covering up..." Sirius said sadly. "I bet he thinks we'd be scared of him." He looked at James. "Now that we know.... do you think we should tell him?"
James nodded slowly. "But we have to find a way to convince him that we won't abandon him..."
"When should we tell him?" Peter whimpered.
James thought about it. "Not until he comes back," he decided. "We'll let him, you know, get over it..."

~February 2 - Gryffindor Tower~

Remus trudged up the stairs to his dorm, wanting to go to bed. He had only just gotten out of the hospital wing. Madame Pomfrey had kept him there longer than she usually did; his transformation this month had been particularly terrible, and his chest and arms were wrapped in bandages that were thankfully hidden by his robes.
He hadn't even taken his shoes off when the door swung open, and James, Peter, and Sirius entered, looking unusually grave.
"Hullo, guys," Remus said cautiously. "Is something wrong?"
Sirius sat next to him on the bed. "We have to talk to you, Remmie," he said, looking as if someone had died.
"What's wrong?" Remus repeated.

James glanced at Sirius, then at Peter, before answering. "We need to tell you that.... we know," he said.
Remus felt the bottom drop out of his stomach. "Know what?" he asked, wincing mentally at how guilty he sounded.
"That, you're, um, you know........" Sirius looked away uncomfortably and cleared his throat. "A.... w-werewolf."
"How did you find out?" Remus whispered.
"We put all the symptoms together......." James muttered, shuffling his feet.

Remus lowered his head into his hands. The thing he had been dreading more than anything had finally happened. His friends were going to desert him. How could he live with that? He fought back tears as he raised his head and said, "Alright, then - I won't be your friend anymore. I know you wouldn't want to be friends with a werewolf." Without waiting for an answer, he put his face in his hands again and sniffled.
To his surprise, Sirius pulled him into a comforting hug. "Don't say that, Remmie," Sirius murmured. "We still want to be your friends."
"Really?" Remus sniffed.
"Really," said James, climbing onto the bed and joining in on the hug. "So what if you're a werewolf? You're a great friend and always there for us. So now we want to be there for *you*. We couldn't be the Marauders without you!"
"Yeah," said Peter, squeezing onto the bed. "We like you too much to give up on you now."
"And besides," Sirius chuckled, "You know all our secrets! We can't let you go!"

It was if a large weight had been lifted off Remus's chest. He wiped his eyes with his sleeve and said helplessly, "You guys are too good for me."
"Nahh," Sirius said, considering this. "If I was, I wouldn't have gotten you in trouble so many times." He laughed and began tickling Remus, who retaliated by hitting him with his shoe, which earned him a whap with a pillow from James, leading to a giant pillow fight that lasted well into the night. By the time it was over, they just fell asleep in the middle of the floor, fully dressed.
"They really are my best friends," Remus thought as he snuggled closer to Sirius, then closed his eyes and slept peacefully.

~April 4 - the Library~

"Remmie!" Sirius wailed. "Still studying? Come on, come on, let's go *do* something!"
Remus arched an eyebrow. "Exams are fast approaching, Siri."
"They're not until June!" Sirius pouted, flopping back in his chair. "Let's do something fun!"
With a sigh, Remus put down his book. "Right, then, what do you want to do?"
Sirius looked stumped. Evidently he hadn't thought Remus would agree so quickly. But luckily for him, James came to his rescue.
"Let's go outside and play Quidditch!" James suggested. "I want to get on the Gryffindor team next year, so it's never to early to start practicing!"
"Yeah!" Sirius cheered. "Let's go!"
Remus gulped. If there was one thing in the wizarding world he didn't enjoy, it was flying. Being that high off the ground made him feel ill. But even Peter was nodding in agreement, so he gave in.

After dropping their books off at their dorm, the Marauders ran off to the Quidditch field - and straight into Madam Hooch.
"Oof! Do watch where you're going, boys!" Madam Hooch gasped. "Where *are* you going?"
"Practicing flying, ma'am," Sirius replied sweetly, looking shyly up at her from under his heavy lashes. The other Marauders waited - Sirius' charm usually worked on any adult - well, except their Potions teacher.
"Well -" Madam Hooch paused, then relented. "All right. But make sure you don't leave the grounds, and get in by dark... and mind the brooms."
"Yes, ma'am," they chorused, and once she was gone, they broke into a run down the hill to the Quidditch field.

"Right, then," said James, pulling some brooms out of the shed. He tossed one to Sirius, and another to Peter. He held one out to Remus, who shook his head.
"You know how hopeless I am at flying, Jim," he said. "No, I'll stay one the ground, where I can't get hurt so easily."
"Oh, come on," Sirius wheedled. "Here - ride with me, then."
"No, that's okay," Remus said.
"Quit it, you great prat," Sirius said impatiently. "Get on."

Remus carefully mounted the broom behind Sirius, and put his arms around him. Sirius kicked off the ground, and Remus gripped him tighter and whimpered. Sirius looked back over his shoulder with a grin. "Perk up, Remmie, I won't let you fall." Then he went into a dive that left Remus' stomach behind, laughing maliciously.
"You jerk!" Remus shouted, wanting to punch him on the shoulder, but not daring to let go to do it. "Wait until we get back on the ground!"

James zoomed at Sirius and Remus, laughing. "He sounds like he means it, Siri! You'd better watch out!"
With a scowl, Sirius shot straight at James, Remus hanging on for dear life. Peter laughed and zoomed in between, and Sirius swerved in midair to avoid him. Remus groaned as his stomach flipped over, and Sirius slowed. "You okay?"
"Feeling a tad queasy," Remus admitted. "Can you go slower?"
"Sure." Sirius grinned, and he did - for about three seconds. After five minutes of swooping an swerving, Remus demanded to be let down. By then, it was starting to get dark, so they put the brooms away and headed up to the castle for dinner.

~June 19 - Exam Week - Lunchtime~

"That was awful," Peter groused, poking unhappily at his beef stew. "Turning mice into snuffboxes! Mine still had whiskers!"
"Aw, it's not that bad, Pete," Sirius said bracingly. "I'll bet McGonagall will still pass you.... I mean, it *was* still a snuffbox, if you ignored the whiskers... What are you looking at, Remmie?"
Remus was looking over at the Slytherin table thoughtfully, but shook himself out of his thoughts when Sirius spoke. "Nothing," he lied. "Siri's right, Pete. I'll bet you passed anyhow." He glanced back at the Slytherin table. Severus Snape was still sitting there with his friends, talking, but every now and then he'd glance at the Gryffindor table. Remus felt his ears going red, so he looked back at his Potions notes, trying to ignore Snape. *Why* was Snape showing such an interest in him? Almost all year, Snape had been shooting glances at Remus that the young werewolf couldn't understand, usually when their friends weren't around. But whenever the other Marauders or Snape's friends were around, Snape was as unpleasant to Remus as he was to everyone else. What was going on?

The bell rang then, and Remus closed his notebook with a snap. Time for Potions.

~June 28 - The Leaving Feast~

All too soon, it was time to go home for the holidays. All four Marauders had passed every subject. As Sirius had predicted, McGonagall had passed Peter despite the whiskered snuffbox. Most unfortunately, Snape and all his friends had passed as well. "You can't always get what you want," Sirius had sighed sadly at the news.
Ravenclaw won the House Cup, mostly because of their outstanding performance at Quidditch. Gryffindor came in second; Hufflepuff, third; and Slytherin in last, which made Sirius laugh so hard he had to stifle his laughter by burying his face in his sleeve.
"Next year, Jim," Pete said comfortingly to James, who was looking a trifle exasperated at Ravenclaw's victory. "Once they have you on the team, we'll be sure to win!"
Remus nodded in agreement and patted James' back. "Pete's right. We'll flatten them."

But if there was one thing Remus was dreading, it was going home. He loved his parents and all, but he'd be lonely without his friends. What was he going to do for two months, all alone?
James seemed to be reading his mind. "Aww, cheer up, Remmie," he said. "We'll write to you, and we can all try to get together sometime...."
"Yeah!" Sirius said, his mouth full of mashed potato. "An' we can all go down to Diagon Alley together to get our stuff for next year!"
Remus smiled. "All right, sounds good to me..... we could go camping."
"Or fishing," Peter said.
"How about... flying?!" James suggested evilly, and laughed when Remus punched him on the arm. "Just kidding!"
"We could go to Muggle stores and see what they're like!" Sirius said happily. "I want to play with the gadgets!"
"In that case, we aren't going," Remus said promptly, making the others laugh.

On the Hogwarts Express, the next day, the Marauders were busy planning adventures for the summer over games of Exploding Snap. By the time the train pulled up to the station, Remus was slightly more cheerful about the holidays. It was only two months, besides. Then he'd be back at Hogwarts......

To Be Continued

(Coming soon: Year 2! Back to Hogwarts, and this time, Sirius, James, and Peter have a surprise for Remus. What is it? You'll just have to wait and see!)