"Hogsmeade's coming up this weekend, yeah?" says James. He shoots what he hopes is a surreptitious glance down the table. His friends seem to be stifling laughter, but he continues on, his volume increasing. "I'm going to be taking my girlfriend, Heather."

Remus bites his lip, unable to hide a small grin. "Are you really, mate? I had no clue, seeing as you haven't been announcing that at every meal for the past week and a half." He shares a glance with Peter and Sirius.

Their friend remains nonplussed and sends another darting look toward the girls just slightly further down Gryffindor table. "I thought you might have forgotten, since she's not in our classes. Because she is a Ravenclaw and a whole year above us, and usually hangs out with the other fourth years."

"She's only two months older than me," mutters Sirius under his breath, rolling his eyes. A smirk soon creeps up on his lips. "You know who's two months older than James?"

"Now, who could that be?" asks Remus in a bemused tone.

"Not anyone in fourth year, that's for sure," Peter replies, his eyes drifting toward the same spot that James's have been.

Sirius nods thoughtfully. He meets eyes with James, who sends him a warning look. "You're right, Pete. I was actually going to say that Lily Evans was born in January, while James here was born in March. She's in Gryffindor and our year."

"Her hair is red, which is James's favourite colour," adds Peter, catching on to Sirius's intentions.

"I hear she likes venison," supplies Remus. In response, Sirius nearly chokes on his pumpkin juice.

After a good few thumps on the back from Peter, Sirius regains his calm enough to speak. "Bit unfortunate that she's going to Hogsmeade with Davey Gudgeon, what with how she and James have so much in common."

"Is she?" says James, his voice an octave higher. He tries desperately to stop his eyes from flitting back to where the subject of their conversation sits, but he cannot help himself. He and Lily lock eyes, and James does not look away as he says, "I wasn't aware."

"Strange, that. You'd reckon you'd have heard, seeing as she's been announcing it in the common room for a week and a half," replies Sirius casually, watching his mate's reaction.

James is saved from having to reply as Lily herself rises from the table and walks by, pausing to say, "You ought to keep your voice down, Potter. I doubt anyone cares about your date with your girlfriend Holly,"

"Heather," corrects James, unable to resist the urge to ruffle his hair.

Lily shrugs and moves past him, only looking back at James once she has collected Davey from the other end of the table. She pulls the other boy along by the hand as a flush rises in James's ears.

"How long do you think they'll keep being prats about fancying each other?" murmurs Peter to Sirius. James pretends not to listen, stabbing at his dinner plate forcefully.

"Oh, another four years at least."

Prompt: Lily and James trying to make each other jealous with their boyfriends/girlfriends.