Dark's Pet Walking Business

By Anime2000

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blah -obviously a scene change.

"Okay," said the Dark Magician to his group of friends. "This is a serious business that-yes DMG?" he asked his little sister who was waving her hand madly.

"What's so serious about a pet walking business, Dark?" the Dark Magician Girl asked 'innocently'.

"...it's a serious business because..." The mage faltered. "Must you ask so many questions?!" Dark demanded.

Everyone chuckled at Dark's pathetic reply.

Dark glared at his 'friends'. "Anyway ..." he began on the basics of pet walking.

The Celtic Guardian leaned towards DMG, "How the heck does he know all this?"

"Apparently," DMG whispered back, "it was in the Book of Secret Arts."

An hour later...

"And now, let's go on to the-" Dark continued.

"How much do we get paid?" a voice yelled from the back of the room.

"Well, thanks for listening to me, Celtic!"

"No prob!"

Dark rolled his eyes and continued despite the fact that nobody was actually listening.


"Oi," sighed Celtic, "I've got information on pet walking oozing out of my ears."

The gang was walking out of Dark's room.

"I hope he doesn't give us a test on this," said the Mystic Elf. "I really wasn't paying attention."

"Don't worry, Mystic," DMG said, "Eight out of ten times, my brother won't do that."

"What if tomorrow is the two out of ten times?" questioned Celtic.

"Then we're doomed. Any questions?" DMG asked.

"No. Not the questions." Mystic said wearily.

The next day...

"Okay," Dark said to his group of untrained pet walkers. "Mystic, you walk Mr. Despal's Komouri Dragon. Celtic, you walk Bistro's Niwatori. DMG, you and LoD's Blue Eyes White Dragon, and I'll walk...Silver Fang."

"Uh-oh," DMG said, "Ms. Hart actually let you walk her dog?"

"Yeah. Remembering what happened last time..." Celtic began.

Everyone snickered at the memory. Everyone except Dark.

"Well, it wasn't really my fault! You do believe me right?!" Dark said waving his arms frantically to get the attentions of his friends and family who were still pondering how Silver Fang ended on the roof.

A few minutes later...

It was quiet and sunny day. Neo the Magical Swordsman was just waking up. Looking out the window, he saw the strangest thing.

"S-s-stop!!" A Mystic Elf wearing a blue jeans and a white shirt yelled at the Komouri Dragon she was walking. Rather, it was walking/flying her.

He rubbed his eyes and decided that it would be a good idea to go to sleep earlier and cut back on parties.


"Come on!" Celtic growled at the Niwatori. "GET UP!!!"

But the bird still slept on.

"Oi," Celtic groaned as he gave up and sat beside the Niwatori. "Stupid bird," he mumbled to himself. Looking up, he saw a figure. He wondered what was dangling from a string attached to it.


DMG was staring blankly at the Blue Eyes, which was towering over her. 'My leash is a bit too short...' she thought tugging at a lock of blonde hair that had stranded from her ponytail.


'It's just a dog...it's just a dog...it's just a dog...it's just a dog...' Dark told himself as he walked towards Silver Fang.

"Here doggy..." he beckoned. 'Maybe it forgot what happened to him...'

"GAAAH!!" cried the startled Spellcaster when the Beast-type monster lunged at him.

Dark, yelling in a colorful language, ran as fast as he possibly could with Silver Fang not too far behind him.

Meanwhile...(you're getting tired of these eh?)

DMG was still wondering how to walk the Blue Eyes. There was no point in using the leash and she didn't think that it would listen to a level six monster.

"OUT OF THE WAAY!!!" a guy yelled rushing past her and the dragon, a white blur speeding after him.

"Erk!" she cried jumping away from the rushing figure.

The Blue Eyes White Dragon merely watched.

"What's his problem?" DMG asked the Blue Eyes. Not that it was paying any attention to her.


Celtic sighed and looked at his watch. They hadn't budged an inch! Maybe he should just call it quits and leave it there to rest in peace...

"Huh?" he asked the still sleeping bird. He saw a strange this way.


"OUT OF THE WAY!!!" A voice yelled.

Too late.

"WHOA!!" Celtic yelled as he and the Niwatori sailed in the air. "Geez, you'd think that guy needed a traffic light!"


Mystic had grown used to being in the air. The view was really quite nice.

She looked down. Hey, there was a dust at an incredible speed...yelling something which she could not make out. She was glad that she was up here.

"Hi," someone said behind her.

"Wha-Celtic?! What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Enjoying the view," Celtic said sarcastically.


"I've just been blown up here by that human tornado!" Celtic exploded, pointing at the dust cloud.


"Now what?!" Celtic snapped.

"Um, Celtic?" said Mystic.


"Well...how are you staying in the air?" Mystic asked


A little while later...

"Hey guys!" DMG shouted to Mystic and Celtic.

"Hi," said Celtic.

"What's the matter?"


Mystic whispered something in DMG's ear.

"Ouch!" exclaimed DMG, "That must have hurt!"

"Yeah...hey! Where's your brother?"

"I dunno. Somewhere."

"Well, I hope he gets here soon! Yugi and Kaiba are Dueling!" Mystic said checking her watch. "Very soon."


"Okay! I give up!" Dark panted as he stopped running. "You win"

To his surprise, Silver Fang didn't leap at his throat. Instead, it licked his hand.

"Good boy," he said. In his mind though 'I'VE BEEN RUNNING AROUND THE WHOLE TOWN FOR NOTHING?!!!?'


"All right Yugi," Seto said looking very pleased with himself. "It's your turn. You'd better think before you make another move, or else you'll regret it."

"Fine Kaiba," Yami said smoothly. "I'll play the Dark Magician and Silver Fang!"

The two appeared on the dueling arena.

"What the-?!" Both Yami and Seto said in amazement and disbelief.

There was the Dark Magician wearing normal clothes walking Silver Fang.

"What?!" he asked "What do you think I do when your not having Duels?!"

He didn't get a reply. Both Kaiba and Yami were laughing so hard that they couldn't answer.

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