This is going to be a story with a few chapters.I hope you really like it!


Cleo continued her dream of being with the dolphins forever. She happily married Lewis and they had a baby girl named Jemma. Cleo had a surgery performed by Lewis to take the mermaid part of her out. When she had Jemma she was a full human but Jemma had powers. Jemma is to young to understand she is a mermaid.


Emma married Ash. She became a professor of English. She had two boys named John and Curt. Curt had powers but John did not. Emma chose to remain a mermaid. Emma and ash chose not to tell their human children( john) that she was a mermaid.


Rikki married Zane and then divorced. Then they got back together and had a girl named Coral and another girl named Zoey. Rikki became a successful business woman and also had Lewis do an operation on her. But for Rikki, Lewis only retracted her powers. Zoey is to young to understand she is a mermaid. Coral knows.


Bella did not marry Will. She married a man named Travis. Bella kept her powers and became a popular singer and songwriter.