Charlotte's POV

No! No! I put my hands onto my mouth. A lump formed in my throat. This was because of me! I am a terrible person. But I was only trying to help. A blonde haired girl was laying in the middle of the road, and I had hit her.

Rikki's POV

I laid on the couch, silent,scared.

"It's all my fault. For being a mermaid. For leaving Coral." I mumbled. Zane sat down beside me. "It's not your fault." He replied, holding my hand.

"You say that because your my husband. Our secret is out, thanks to me."

"Rikki," Zane said, his hands on my shoulders. "If it's anyone's fault it's mine I just left Zoey." I sat up.

"Charlotte's fault." I said announced. " She led me away from Coral." She didn't actually but it's easier to blame her.

"Charlotte!" Zane shrieked "she did it!" I nodded, guilt building in my heart.

Emma's POV

I woke up in a bright white room, my head aching and my whole body tingling.

"Let me see her!" Someone screamed in the distance. I closed my eyes, trying to relax. Emma, you got this.

"She's awake!" Someone yelped. I moved around, startled. It hurt. I opened my eyes just as someone shoved a mask on my face. Then...I was tingling off.

Ash's POV

John put his head down into his pillow. "Daddy, why am I the only one without powers?" I sighed.

"John, I don't have powers." I said, rubbing his back. The sun shone through his window on to his ocean bed covers. My poor kid has always loved the ocean, and now he will find out that his mother and his brother practically live in the ocean.

"Beep Beep!" My phone rung. "Buddy I need to take this..." I said to John as I stepped out of his room.

I lifted the phone to my ear. "Yes?" I answered. "Are you the husband of Emma Dove?" "Yes..." i said, fear starting to build in my chest.

"She's been hit by a car." My eyes widened. My stomach flipped. I couldnt speak. "She is at the local hospital right now. She will probably be home in two or so days. Maybe."

No. This couldn't of happened. I shut my phone and ran into John's room. He was still sobbing into his pillow. I picked him up and ran downstairs, my heart racing with my body.

"Dad!" He squealed. I ran outside and opened the car door. I shoved him into the car.

"Buckle up!" I cried as I sped back into the house to get Curt. He was in his room coloring. I grabbed his hand and flung him down the stairs with me. I took him outside and popped him into his tiny little booster.

I sped there. Curt squealed delightedly as I raced there. He wouldn't have if he knew what was going on.

I arrived at the hospital, scared. "Stay here!" I yelped as I got out of the car, turned the air conditioning on, and locked the door.

I began running towards the hospital. I barged in the door and ran up the stairs to "Emergency" level. I busted open the doors.

My eyes searched around the room. There. A sign over a door said "Patient Emma Dove"

I began running towards the door. I pushed it open and a doctor closed it right in my face. "Hey!" I screeched.

After pushing on the clearly locked door for 3 minutes. Four security guards showed up. They formed a block around the door. I curled my hands into fists and bit my lip.

Several doctors stepped out of the opperating room. They observed the scene. One of them yelled into their walkie talkie "Code Yellow!"

"Let me see her!" I screamed. I was almost in the room where Emma was, but 4 security guards stood infront of me and 3 doctors.

"She's my wife! I have a right to see how she is doing!" I screeched. Two of the security guards picked me up and carried me out of the hospital. I thrashed in their arms.

Bella's POV

I waited patiently until I thought Travis was asleep. I snuck out of his arms. I was about to run back to Will, but Travis snatched the edge of my dress and pulled me closer.

"NO!" I screamed, running with all my might away from him. But he was fast.

"I don't care if you tell my secret! Get away!" I yelled and kicked him. He put his hand over my mouth. I opened my mouth and tried to bite him. Then, he did something that scared me to death. He pulled a GUN out of his pocket.

I dropped to the ground, scared for my life. "Do you know what I want Bella?" I shook my head, looking down into the sand. I peeked up. The gun was pointed at me. "I want a mer to myself!"

What? He wants his own mer...what would he do with a mer? "So, I knew you were an adult and I could never get you, so I wanted another mer. I met Rikki. I thought about getting a mer from her. But her daughter had heat powers, so that was a big no-no. So it needed to be you!" Tears dripped down my face. No way!

"If you won't have a child with me. Have one with the stupid Will! But you need to give it to me."

"I feel like i'm in rupunzel..." I grumbled. He glared at me. I picked my head off the ground. "Fine. But no more torturing me." He nodded. I got up and we shook hands. He slid the gun into his pocket and walked off. Wow.

I walked towards where i left Will. He is sleeping peacefully. I place a kiss on his lips. As I start to sit next to him, I see his phone on the ground. I pick it up, and add my email on to his contact list. I search his camera roll for a picture of me.

Then, I see a shocking photo. He is making out with another girl. Did he even love me? I scroll down more, seeing an album entitled Vanessa. I know this is probably against the law, but still. I look at the Vanessa album. There is a picture of an ultrasound on it! And Will and "Vanessa" having a wedding?! I look at Will's texts.

One of them is from Vanessa. I start reading.

Will: Hey baby how are you doing?

Vanessa: Speaking of that, come home please, I have something to tell you.

Will: Ok...