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Just as Jeremy thought his head was going to spin off due to trying to see everything at once, he was lead into what looked like a shack. After his eyes adjusted to the light, he realized it was not actually a shack, but more of a shop. He realized that the reason it looked so tiny was because nearly every square inch of wallspace was filled with boxes. Jeremy raised an eyebrow. He didn't get to see what type of shop they were in, and there wre no clues other than the boxes. Jeremy waited with the woman and his sister, for something to happen. Finally, it did, and an ancient-looking man stepped out from a doorway he had not seen. He asked if they were there to get their first wands, which the two children nodded. Piper seemed as dumbfounded as he did. The old man inspected them closely, and clapped his hand. A tape measure flew out of nowhere and started to measure Jeremy. He couldn't understand what for, as no one was writing down the measurements.

The boy looked at the old man helplessly, waiting for the measuring tape to finish. When it did, the man clapped his hands together. The tape measure fell, and before it even hit the floor, the man was grabbing a box from the shelf. Out of it came a stick similar to that of the woman's, though this one looked a bit longer. Jeremy was uncertain as to what he should be doing, so he grabbed the wand from the man. Nothing happened. Maybe he wasn't magical after all. "Erm..." Jeremy started, but before he said another word, the wand was whisked away, and another procured. This one also did an unimpressive amount of nothing. Surely, thus must mean that there was nothing magical about him. "Sir, maybe, I'm just not..." Jeremy attempted to say, but before he could, another wand was pushed toward him. The boy took the wand, and suddenly, he felt... Nothing.

Jeremy was very discouraged, believing more and more that this was some sort of horrible hoax. The man with the wands didn't seem to be all that disturbed by the pile of wands now laying on his desk, and offered up another one. Jeremy almost refused to take this one, but before he even touched it, he felt something special. The boy could not describe it. It was like the feeling of finding his long lost favorite baseball card. Jeremy picked up the wand, and it was as though his arm had extended to include the wand. That all his flesh, nerves, his blood even, had connected to the wand in his hand. It was part of him, like he was part of it. Eyes wide, he looked up to the man to see an excited look. "Whoa..." Said the boy. He didn't want to put it down.