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As Kate led him by the hand into his bedroom, Rick cleared his throat upon realizing most of his blood had flowed south, electrifyingly fast. His body's response to her reminded him of his teenage years.

Damn, I'm going to have a difficult time restraining myself once I have her alone in the bedroom.

When she lifted his hand to her moist lips and kissed the back of it, his mouth curved into a lopsided smile. It was such a sweet, normal gesture between lovers that his heart skipped a beat, and he felt like he started to heal from the devastation created by their earlier rift.

God, he had honestly thought they were over. His heart couldn't take the push and pull of their relationship any longer, knowing with a certainty that she didn't feel the same way… Rick didn't want to remember how she had just stood there in her apartment looking at him with uncertainty and confusion in her eyes as he poured out his heart to her, … not saying anything as he told her again that he loved her.

He knew it was going to be the hardest thing he ever did to walk away from her and never see her again, … never see her glorious smile or hear her mesmerizing voice as they bantered back and forth, or watch her interrogate a suspect into submission, but his heart refused to take any more punishment. He just couldn't watch her choose to walk into the lion's den, choose to put a target on her back… He was done being her shadow, being her obedient puppy dog, being her partner.

And now, all his hopes and dreams for them were just before his eyes, barely within reach... He had to show her they were meant to be together; they were destined to be together. She truly was his missing half, the one woman who completed him and made him whole.

After closing the bedroom door and locking it, he immediately turned towards her… The moonlight streamed through his open window and fell upon Kate's face, making her appear like a wet Goddess with her high cheekbones and swollen lips.

His sky blue eyes darkened to dark gray orbs of lust… He ripped his hand out of hers and fiercely delved his fingers into the wet strands, pulling her towards him, and then his lips ground down on hers.

This kiss was not the tender exploration from before… His lips were firm, commanding, in control, moving over hers in a sensual dance that had existed since the beginning of time. Kate was an experienced kisser. She knew the ins and outs and all the mechanical nuances of how to use her lips to seduce a man, but when she kissed Castle, she no longer felt in control. She felt like the student and he was definitely the teacher.

There was no comparison to Castle's expertise. He was devouring her, marking her, claiming her as his own with each new angle of his large, satin lips, … and when his tongue finally thrust into her mouth, Kate didn't recognize the moan that escaped her throat.

The raw heat was escalating between them quickly as he backed her into his bedroom door for leverage. She smiled internally as she filed away for future reference that Rick Castle liked to make-out against hard surfaces, … and then his hands, Oh God, his hands were on her back and then suddenly skimming the waistband of her wet jeans… and shit, his fingers were struggling to dip beneath the wet fabric.

He growled in frustration when he realized it was futile to try and get between the skin-tight, wet material, so his hands did the next best thing and grabbed her firm derriere. Kate lost all coherent thought as he hauled her next to his straining erection.

Jesus, I've never been so turned on before in my life, she thought as his tongue swirled inside her dewy mouth and scraped across the roof. He slid his tongue in and out of her mouth sensuously as his member pressed intimately into the juncture of her thighs.

Kate rocked instinctively into him; then emitted a soft, breathy moan which excited him to the brink.

He pulled his lips away from hers grudgingly and nestled his nose behind her ear, inhaling deeply the faint cherry scent which was uniquely Kate. Rick then proceeded to kiss and nip at the top circular part of her ear. He couldn't help but wonder if there were other places on her body where she smelled like cherries as well.

"Rick," she sighed as his tongue joined the torture on her ear, causing her body to noticeably quiver because of his actions.

At the sound of his first name coming from her lips, his gut tightened, and his hands left her ass to clench tightly through the strands of her hair.

"Kate," he whispered seductively into her ear, "I need you to understand something."

"Mmmm," she hummed as he continued his onslaught to the sensitive spot behind her ear.

"If we do this…" He rubbed his fingers through the nape of her neck. "There is no turning back… There is no running away from us any longer."

She could sense his hesitation, his uneasiness with what he was about to say. She licked the bottom of her suddenly dry lips and searched for his eyes.

"Castle," she breathed, but he interrupted her before she could continue…

"This is not just - - sex for me," his deep, throaty voice purred into her ear and sent tingles of awareness shooting through her entire body.

"It's …" and he paused from sucking her ear lobe to look directly into her hazel eyes, now smoldering with desire, … "making love. - - I'm going to make love to you."

Kate couldn't catch her breath. She bit down on her lower lip as the intensity behind his words slammed into her heart. There was absolutely no doubting the truthfulness behind his words.

His hands dropped from her hair and gripped tightly on her hip bones as he drew in a deep, shaky breath; his thumbs pressed almost painfully down to the bone. He leaned his forehead against hers.

Kate's heart stuttered at the overwhelming, intense emotion shining through his eyes.

"I need you to understand, Kate, that you're the last woman I'll ever make love to again."

She thought her heart might actually stop right then and there. God, I don't deserve this amazing man with his beautiful, captivating words.

"And once I do," he continued calmly, "claim you…" His eyes left hers to leer at her mouth, "I'm never letting you go."

The forceful tone in his voice sent a lightning bolt of heat straight between her thighs and the next few seconds passed in a blur as Rick's teeth were planted on her pulse point, biting down firmly to mark her creamy skin. She gasped at the sensation of him sucking and then licking the bruised skin, over and over again.

Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as she held on to him, afraid that her knees would buckle at any second. She was lost in the burning, all-consuming flame of his electrifying touch.

She had only ever imagined how incredible it would feel to finally be touched by him, finally be ravaged by him, … but the reality of Rick Castle's love had her on the edge of a precipice that she never imagined existed. This was how it felt to be with your soul mate, … to be with your 'one and done'.

"Tell me, Kate," his deep voice echoed throughout the room, as his fingers finally reached for her shirt buttons again and began hurriedly unbuttoning her blouse."Tell me you understand."

"I - - - I" she stuttered, "do." How her heart ached over how she had hurt this man and made him feel so insecure where she was concerned. How did she find the words to tell him how she really felt? He was the famous author, the famous word-smith, … not her. She felt so inadequate where words were concerned.

And she was also finding it extremely difficult to form coherent thoughts with what he was doing to her body… OH God, Ohhh my God, his fingers are -

His hands had already removed her damp shirt and his lips were currently cascading over her neck line while his right fingers yanked at her left nipple through the black lace, teasing and tormenting it repeatedly. She instinctively arched her chest into his hand.

"Rick," she whimpered, slightly ashamed at how her voice sounded so wanton.

"Hmmm?" he murmured as his lips drew ever nearer to her right breast, while his thumb never let up on the teasing of her left nipple.

"Yes, yes, I understand… I know what this means," she moaned as his hand finally encompassed her whole breast and began massaging it. She bent her head down to whisper fervently in his ear, "You are more than a partner to me, Castle… " She ran her fingers through his thick strands of hair. "I … I ," she stuttered and she brought her right leg up and hooked it around his ass. "I feel the same way."

In a flash, his lips were back on her own… kissing her deeply, fiercely, possessively.

"Make love to me," she begged, while moving her hips in a circular motion to press more intimately into his arousal.

"Jesus, Kate," He cursed and a growl tore from his throat that sounded primal and dirty and desperate all rolled into one.

He picked her up enthusiastically and Kate wrapped both her legs around his buttocks, squeezing tightly to secure herself, all the while placing open-mouthed kisses along Rick's cheek, his jaw bone and at the corner of his mouth.

She sighed as he tumbled her onto his king-size bed.

God, she could read the indescribable, naked desire, flowing from his face. It was thrilling and frightening at the same time.

With a dangerous gleam in his eye, his head descended towards her flat abdomen and his mouth closed over her innie belly button… His tongue licked the orifice lasciviously, and at the same time his experienced fingers worked on the button of her jeans.

She lifted her hips as his hands began tugging the wet denim down her hips, thighs, and legs. He stopped tugging as he reached her boots. He lazily unzipped the black leather, taking his time to rub his fingers sensuously over her calves and ankles before tossing them in the corner of his room.

Once her jeans were removed, Rick stood back from the bed to admire her in just her black, lace bra and matching panties… Her long, slender legs seemed to go on for miles… Her waist seemed so tiny and delicate, which was in contrast to the curve of her hips. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned for her lithe frame.

She was utterly gorgeous… She took his breath away.

"You're beyond beautiful, Kate. You're exquisite," he uttered reverently and began removing his own shirt and pants, enjoying watching her eyes darken with hunger as she watched him intently.

He stood before her in just his black, silk boxers… Kate briefly registered his huge biceps, … a firm, broad chest which was lightly sprinkled with brown hair, … and then she sucked in a quick breath as her eyes moved downward and locked onto his obvious arousal.

Jesus, He's… he's… more endowed than I imagined, was her last thought before he was between her legs and his mouth was sucking at the mound of her breast.

She skimmed her hands over his shoulders, his back, his chest. Her fingers journeyed through the light sprinkling of hair, and she thrilled in the knowledge that she was finally able to touch him.

Kate's body was writhing over the sheets with the attention Castle was lavishing on her. His mouth was so incredibly talented, … and with every brush of his lips, every flick of his tongue, her hunger grew. His lips started a sensation of pleasure throughout her entire body that made her yearn for more… She became desperate for more.

Her skin was singing with joy – everywhere he touched. And Rick definitely had no qualms about touching her everywhere, … with his fingers, his mouth, his tongue, his teeth.

Oh God, his teeth. He knew exactly how much pressure to apply and when to pull back before pain set in… He knew instinctively when to release his teeth for extreme pleasure… He nipped and soothed, bit and caressed.

He caressed so lightly, until she was straining for more pressure, and then he would deliver it at the most perfect moment; only to suddenly withdraw, leaving her in a state of heightened awareness that was slowing driving her insane.

It was as though he knew her body, knew what would bring her pleasure better than she did herself. The pleasure clawed at her, demanding freedom.

She was amazed at the sudden realization that his male body and her feminine curves were in perfect harmony one with another.

They were two missing puzzle pieces destined to be linked together...

He was the man of her dreams; the man who would treasure her heart; the man who would put her first above all else in life… He was the man she wanted for forever, always.

By the time her bra and panties were removed, and Rick's boxers had landed somewhere near the door, Kate was beyond just craving this, beyond just wanting him… It had escalated to a passionate frenzy of need that she had never felt with a man before.

"Cast - - le," she pleaded as he fumbled with the condom wrapper. "Hurry… I need… I need you… NOW."

Upon hearing those tantalizing words come from Kate Beckett's mouth, he about lost complete control.

The moonlight highlighted her angelic, flushed face and his eyes bored into hers as he prepared to enter her… He grasped both her petite, thin hands within his and interlaced their fingers together, and without looking away from her hazel gaze, slid into her with one sure motion of his hips.

Kate mewled as she adjusted to his size.

Rick was completely silent, motionless, completely enraptured by the feeling of being surrounded by her.

She squeezed his hands fiercely, digging her fingernails into the flesh, encouraging him to move. "Cast - le."

His mouth traveled along her throat, kissing and licking profusely.

When she lifted her hips slightly, the new angle brought him even deeper inside her, and a guttural moan left Castle's lips.

He slid out, glided back in. Over and over. With deliberate slowness.

In the dimly lit room, nothing except sensation existed. Warm and sultry. Dew coated their skin and they skated over each other.

Kate shoved deep down the sounds that threatened to escape her mouth… It served to increase her pleasure, to make her want to cry out.

It was torment to hold so much in, but she didn't want this to end… She wanted to drag out this unbelievable, momentous pleasure to the last possible moment.

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, letting herself get lost in the act itself. Stars appeared. Dancing, shooting across her vision.

She let go of Rick's hands and grabbed around his neck, forcing him nearer so she could press her open mouth to the juncture of his throat and shoulder. She tasted the saltiness of his skin, inhaled the earthy muskiness of their lovemaking.

He was warm, hot, and all-encompassing.

He moved with deliberate purpose, and she responded in kind.

Her mouth pressed to his neck muffled her small moans, as the pleasure built to unbearable proportions, more intense than anything she'd ever felt before.

When the cataclysm hit, Kate screamed his name, ... then bit his shoulder, as wave after wave of burning euphoria rolled through her body. She bucked against him, wrapping her legs tightly around him... That was Rick's breaking point.

Kate was jarred by his final powerful thrusts, ... the shuddering, ... the strangled groan deep in his throat as his seed was finally pumped into her,… the sound almost as though he was in excruciating agony.


Afterward, they both lay still, breathing heavily, occasionally one of them shaking or trembling as their bodies came down from the overwhelming high of their lovemaking.

"Christ," he finally whispered, the word sounding as though it were torn from the depths of his soul. "That was beyond amazing, Kate… I don't even have the words to describe it… It was - -"

"Yes," she tenderly agreed as she placed a soft kiss to his lips. "I know."


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