Rick moves around quietly in his kitchen while preparing a light breakfast for him and Kate.

He slices up apples and bananas, and then washes some grapes and strawberries… The smell of the fruit reminds him so much of Kate's skin that memories from the night before come crashing back to him.

He takes a deep, cleansing breath as his body immediately responds to last night's events.


Kate Beckett is ticklish if you brush her ribs with feather-light caresses.

She is especially sensitive behind her ear lobes… She shivers when kisses are placed at the nape of her neck… But most surprisingly, she purrs if you pay special attention to her delicate ankles.

Rick smiles a cocky grin as he thinks about finding her elusive tattoo, nestled at the divot of her lower back, 'Vincit Omnia Veritas' in small, calligraphy writing.

Castle recognized the words as being Latin, but when he asked Kate for the translation, she'd just whispered naughtily, "I'll let you know when I feel you've earned it."

She'd laughed at the flabbergasted expression which crossed his face at her teasing.

"You know, Kate," he drawled, while leaning over and kissing the word 'Omnia '. "That certainly sounds like a challenge, - AND," he suddenly straddled her backside, sitting on her firm derriere, rubbing his hands smoothly over the calligraphy tattoo and then up and around her trapezius muscles. "I am always up for a challenge."

"Mmmm… I'll have to test that theory myself," she hummed while emitting little moans of ecstasy due to his ministrations.


Rick is determined that by days end, she will succumb to his charms and share the meaning behind the Latin words. It would be extremely easy to use his laptop and research the internet to find out on his own, but he's going to have the time of his life showing Kate that he's serious about earning the reward.

He grins boyishly at his rampant thoughts, picturing her soaking in his large jacuzzi tub, surrounded by bubbles, … him climbing in behind her to wash and cleanse her lithe body and massage every indent and curve on her slender form.

He hurriedly arranges the fruit on the tray and with a spring in his step heads back to the bedroom.


Kate wakes and stretches languidly against Castle's 1000 thread-count sheets. She immediately reaches out for him and is disappointed to find only lukewarm sheets where he should be.

She hugs his pillow to her face, inhaling deeply his manly, rugged scent. His smell triggers her abdomen to clench and moisture to trickle between her legs.

God, their first time was even better than she had imagined. He was so attentive, so unselfish, … putting her needs above his own. He was carefully meticulous… touching, searching, delving his fingers into every inch of her skin, … drinking her in like a man who was trapped in the desert and she was his oasis.

Kate knew that her first time with Rick had to be solely about him, … with no other distractions,… where no problems or troubles existed… It had to be just about the two of them loving one another, worshiping one another, connecting in such a way that he finally knew she was choosing him over everything else in her life.

It had been everything she'd ever dreamed of, … and so much more.

Hands glided over each other's skin. Kisses were eagerly shared. Mouths were strategically placed. Sweet nothings were whispered into each other's ears.

They were removed from the outside world, where only the two of them existed. They were two lovers experiencing the beautiful, incredible connection of finally giving in to the powerful, consuming, overwhelming chemistry of the last four years.

As Kate finally drifted off to sleep last night, for the first time in her entire life, she felt completely whole.


She glances at Rick as soon as his bedroom door opens. She can't stop the grin from spreading across her face at his comic-book-hero lounge pants. His hair is tousled engagingly and there is a sparkle in his eyes that has been missing for quite some time.

Her stomach rumbles when she sees the fruit, bagels, and cream cheese on the platter he carries in with him.

"Good morning, Beautiful," he says lazily while staring intently at the white silk sheet draped loosely over her curves. "Close your eyes, Kate," he says while placing the silver tray on his end table.

She grins mischievously at him. "No, Rick," she says in her authoritative, Detective voice which always sends a zing rushing through him. God, he loves it when she exudes that commanding, controlling way of hers.

"I'm afraid where you might put that cream cheese."

Castle's head whips around at her response, and he smirks at her beaming, teasing expression… This woman never ceases to amaze him.

"Kate, you shouldn't be afraid where I'll put the cream cheese," he says huskily as he sits down on the edge of the bed. "You should be more concerned," his voice deepens as his smirk turns into a devilish smile, "with how I plan on removing it."

Kate's eyebrows raise a fraction as she leers at his satin lips. "And what if I tell you that I prefer whipping cream to cream cheese?" her sultry voice whispers as she leans into him…

"Uhhh," he stutters as his mind slips away for a few seconds to a prevalent fantasy of his involving Kate in a fire-engine red, barely there bikini and his favorite can of Reddi-Whip.

Dear Lord, what she does to me.

Her grin widens at his obvious stupor. "I've got a better idea, Rrrick," she trills the 'R' in his name, watching in fascination as his irises darken in response… "Why don't you close your eyes and let me surprise you?" She inches towards him.

Rick watches mesmerized as the silk sheet that is draped across her body falls slightly to expose a glistening mound, her dark pink areola peeking out at him.

He licks his suddenly dry lips.

She reaches around him to snatch a plump, purple grape off the tray. "You need to keep your strength up as I plan on keeping you, …" she pokes him in the chest with her index finger, "in this bed…"

Kate places the grape between her parted lips…

He groans as she leans into his mouth and with her experienced tongue, forces the grape inside his mouth. "ALL" Kate continues, sighing against his lips, "DAY," her tongue swirls inside his mouth, tasting the sweet juice, "LONG."

They both get lost in the moment as the kiss deepens and their tongues fight for dominance.

Kate reluctantly pulls away from the tantalizing kiss… She reaches around him and plucks a strawberry from the tray to dip it into the cream cheese, her eyes never breaking contact from Rick's.

His eyes look like they are going to pop out of their sockets as he watches her sensual movements. She kneels down in front of him, the strawberry placed enticingly between her plump lips, and places her hands on his knees. Just as the strawberry touches his awaiting lips, she hurriedly sucks it into her own mouth and moans seductively, "Mmmm, this strawberry is heavenly."

"You are such a tease, Kate." His voice, deep and threatening, makes her shiver. "I'm going to make you pay for that."

"Really now?" she queries innocently. "You seem to be all talk this morning, Mr Castle, with hardly any action…" Her hand slides up his thigh seductively as she shimmies her shoulders.

Rick watches entranced as the silk sheet falls to her waist.

I'm the luckiest man in the world, were his last thoughts before his hands fisted in the silk sheet surrounding her gloriously naked body.

Rick spent the next hour proving to her that he is definitely a man-of-action.


Nathan Fillion is definitely losing weight. I'm hoping it's because Marlowe plans on showing him shirtless all throughout season 5, lol. I need to see that man N-A-K-E-D (and Stana had better be in the room at the same time!)

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Chapter written by purpl_angel