Notes: This is a completed story that I just have to find the time to finish typing. It should once finished be about 5000 words and 3-4 chapters.

I'm giving this an M rating because there is some, what is meant to be, semi-innocent contact between two younger teenagers-basically so no one draws the wrong conclusion-there's a hickey involved. One that is more meant as an Addams claiming rather than a sexual experience. Just want to assure all readers that it is a short scene and I've tried very hard to not cross any lines into very creepy. I think of the relationship as Wednesday and Hermione willingly choosing to enter a betrothal at a young age. Let me know if I failed, and I'll be happy to change something...or remove the story all together for a major rewrite.

The first part of this story will take place at Camp Chippewa. The second half will take place after the final battle at Hogwarts which will be a significant time jump.

Summer Camp

The first time Hermione sees Wednesday Addams is at summer camp. Wednesday Addams is pale skin, dark eyes, and a low melodious voice. Hermione Granger is complicated words, bushy hair, and graveyard brown eyes. While the insipid campers sing cheery songs, Hermione and Wednesday talk of witchcraft, burning, serial killers, snakes and Pugsly. Days meld into more days. Campers sing, almost drown, mock, almost drown again, and make camp fires. The pair always gravitate towards each other.

They never talk of lightning bolts and red hair. One day Hermione delivers a brilliant verbal cut against the Barbie clones. Wednesday smirks. She nods her head in approval. Her mother would approve of this one. She is worthy of an Addams.

One night among the faint breathing of pubescent girls, Wednesday Addams slips from her own bed. She slinks silently through the cabin. Twin braids tap out a beat rhythmically against the black silk of her nightgown. The girl can sense the brown eyed witch watching her approach. Wednesday straddles the girl's stomach. Then she leans over. For a moment they share breath. Hermione is mint; Wednesday is blood.

They kiss. Not a passion filled battle of tongues common of Wednesday's own parents, but an innocent brushing of lips. Hermione leans into the kiss. Adrenaline floods through her system. Hermione loves the feel of Wednesday's weight encompassing her. When Wednesday trails from her lips, down her jaw, and onto her neck, Hermione remains still. Hermione craves knowledge the way Wednesday craves darkness. And this moment in the lump filled camp bed with a slight girl resting atop her will bring a different type of knowledge.

Hermione doesn't protest when the lips resting against her skin start to suck and nip. After a moment. Hermione tilts her head to the side. Hermione's slim fingers dig into Wednesday's black nightgown. Moments drag. Wednesday marks the girl—her girl now. The brainless boys at camp haven't discovered the girl yet. Now they never will. When Wednesday rises her black eyes gaze down at the red skin revealed in the moonlight. She traces her finger around the edges of the mark. Wednesday smiles. She grins at the relaxed girl.

Wednesday leans over again. Her twin braids brush against Hermione's arms. She rests her lips against a dainty ear. "Do you know what this means?"

"I," Hermione says. Lost for words, Hermione shakes her head.

"It means you're mine." Cool eyes appraise the frozen teen. "Do you want to be mine?"

Hermione can't help but stare at the girl with her unworldly dark beauty. "What does that mean?"

Wednesday grasps the girl's right hand. She tangles their fingers together. "It means we'll one day be one. Mind. Body. Immortal soul. We'll live together. Practice magic together. And whatever is mine will be yours."

"You'll be mine?"

Wednesday smiles. "Like my father is my mothers."

"Yes." Hermione whispers the word. "Yes."

Wednesday nods. Her black eyes seem to glow with their own light for a moment. For a moment Hermione sees not the young teen, but the powerful woman she will one day be. To Hermione, Wednesday is a promise of eternity.

"Tomorrow we'll do the ceremony. My brother Pugsly can witness."

"I have school in August."

"As do I. When we part know I'll always be with you."

Hermione nods.

"And Hermione?"


"I don't share."

"Neither do I."

The ceremony takes place days later. Wednesday Addams and Hermione kneel on the floor of the punishment cabin. The wood is hard against Hermione's knees. The virginal white furnishing, Wednesday thinks, would look better splattered in blood.

Pugsly places a teal bear between their bodies before lowering himself to the floor. Wednesday looks down at the infernal bear. She frowns. Did this insipid child's toy really need to be a part of the ceremony? The only thing that Wednesday approves of about the bear is the blood red ribbon around his neck.

This ceremony—Wednesday reflects—is far from perfect. Her ceremony to bind her soul to this brilliant witch should be conducted before the moon surrounded by the dark spirits of her ancestors. Instead they are surrounded by pictures of cutesy baby animals and inane singing about the sound of music emanates from the television.

Hermione smiles. And Wednesday once again focuses on the brilliant witch that she won. The girl's hair spring in every direction in haphazard ringlets. Her tanned skin is a pleasant contrast to her too large front teeth. "Perfectly imperfect," Wednesday says. She doesn't realize the words leak from her lips until a delightful blush creeps up the girl's slender neck to her cheeks.

Hermione is about to respond when a ripping sound emanates through the room. Puglsy holds the head of the bear in his left hand. Wednesday smirks. Hermione raises an eyebrow as Pugsly tosses the head away and claims the ribbon from the headless corpse of the bear. She has long since stopped questioning the neurotic peculiarities of the Addams. He drops the body between them again. He drops the head.

The ceremony begins. Hermione watches fascinated as Wednesday and Pugsly flawlessly execute the complicated magical ceremony. Hermione's magic coils and writhes inside her. She can feel it extending from within her core. Hermione sparkles with red, gold, and bronze magical energy. Wednesday's skin, Hermione notes with fascinating, is roiling masses of silver, green, and deep purple energy.

Wednesday laughs. Hermione's heart pounds. Wednesday is a vision. This, Hermione knows, is Wednesday Addams at her purest. And soon she will be Hermione's mind, blood, and soul. Puglsy hands Wednesday a knife. It is a small pocket knife that Hermione's father bought her before dropping her at summer camp.

Hermione holds out her right hand. Wednesday clasps the hand in hers. Then she slices the palm. Hermione winces at the pain. Then the blood oozes out. Wednesday places the knife in her palm. Hermione curls her fingers over the knife. She can feel the blood from her hands coating the cold steel. Then Hermione slices Wednesday's hand.

They clasp their hands together. Blood mingles. We are one, they say. Then their surges through the room. Hermione feels the breathe pushed from her lungs as Wednesday's magic streams through her mouth and nose. Wednesday's eyes glow an unearthly red. Hermione's fade to the darkest black. Then the magic combines and resettles in its newly joined vessels. Hermione laughs. She jumps to her feet. Kicks the blood soaked teddy bear. Then she grasps the dark witch in her arms. It takes her another hour to realize that the cut on her hand is healed.

End notes: Feel free to comment or ask questions. I'll try to get the rest of this story typed up sometime in the next month. Thanks for reading.