Chapter 26 – The Overdue

"There she is!" Luke puts an arm around his wife's shoulders, as he stretches his neck to see the redheaded figure among the sea of arriving people pushing their luggage carts.

"Where? Where?" Laura asks, tiptoeing and tilting her head back trying to see a familiar redhead.

When Luke's eyes met Chloe's, they exchanged excited smiles and Chloe tried her best to hurry it up through the crowd to be with one of her most favorite couples in her life. Luke and Laura patiently waited for Chloe with bright smiles on their faces. Once Chloe was able to go through, Laura opened her arms and gave Chloe a tight embrace.

"Oh my goodness – look at you! You're gorgeous! I haven't seen you in forever!" Laura said, pulling back and holding Chloe at arm's length to get a better look at her long-unseen dear friend.

"Alright, take it easy hun…and let her big brother have the hug that's long overdue." Luke joked, scooping Chloe up off the ground and spins them both. Chloe squealed and laughed, patting Luke at the back to put her down. "Sorry about that, I lost control." He said which earned the two ladies to laugh.

"I missed you guys!" Chloe said, her eyes gleamed with delight. Then her eyes looked down to see a beautiful baby boy playing with his fingers in his trolley. "Ohhh my goshhh, is this Laurence?" Chloe looks at the couple with awe and they nodded. She crouched down beside the trolley, and puts her hand on his tiny body, rubbing it lightly. "Hey there, little guy." Laurence looked up at Chloe, furrowed his eyebrows for a moment then smiled which earned an "aww" from the three adults.

Chloe looked up towards Laura and Luke, her eyes twinkling in unshed happy tears and said, "He smiled at me!"

"He likes you, of course." Luke said, "you're like…impossible to like." He continued, stating a fact.

Laura shrugged and nodded her head simultaneously, "It's true."

Chloe stood up and straightened her clothes, sniffing and wiping her eyes. "Thanks guys."

"So" Luke started, giving Chloe a knowing smile.

Chloe grinned, and nodded her head. "So."

"You ready?"

Chloe took a deep breath and exhaled, squared her shoulder then nodded her head. "Yes."

Chloe paced in her hotel room, biting her nails. She was nervous, yes, but she's really going to do it…it being the right thing, being what must be done, and what she should've done a long time ago.

She knows she's like a broken record, repeating these regrets in her head…but she was stupid about almost every decision she has made. And if she was going to be honest, she's not even sure if this "big gesture" is going to make Beca give her the benefit of the doubt and welcome her with open arms. Hell, she's not even sure if Beca wants to see her.

But with Luke's calm words, "This is what you two needed…what you need to do.".

Chloe holds on to those words. Whether this talk will make everything go back into place or make this the last call of what they had – either way, she already told Beca she's still in love with her. She has waited way too long for things to go back to the way there were, and look where that got her? 25 freaking chapters long, and she just realized that she needs to go after what she wants. 25 chapters long of pure misery and broken hearted-ness when all she needed to do was tell Beca everything. She curses her life author.

She's not sure if Beca will take in the words she'll be saying, as truth or just excuses. She really hopes Beca will believe her though, because if not…well, she doesn't want to go there. But she knows Beca, and Beca knows her. They have known each other for far too long to know how they say their truths and lies…or do they? Say for the fact that they haven't talked or stayed under one roof for a while – do they still know each other that well?

So many questions yet to be answered only by this talk of her century. And sure, they've maybe reinstated the relationship they had – which has been purely platonic, knowing that Beca has Lucy as a girlfriend…but she has told Beca that her feelings towards her didn't change, and then Beca and Lucy broke up, and then Beca has written her a letter that maaaaybe-kind-of-sort-of told her that Beca still has feelings for her too – that totally blurred the supposed line somewhere there – or is she just reading too much into this? That doesn't mean Beca will just accept her, right? Or will she?

Chloe pushed her eyes through closed lids together.

Damn it, this is frustrating.

Chloe didn't realize time was ticking and going, being enraptured within the walls of her own consciousness and thoughts – she was brought back to reality when her phone rang. She looked at it, ringing and vibrating on the coffee table, and paused. It was Luke. She took one last breath and picked it up.

"Hey Luke."

"Chlo? It's time. She's in her usual coffee shop at this address…"

Okay, get it together, Beale. This is your time.

"Tell me what?"

"Everything, Beca. The stories you needed to know and should've known way before things fell apart…y'know, why I left." Chloe clamped her lips in anticipation. She looked at Beca, seeing an unreadable look on the brunette's face.

Beca nodded. "Okay. Can't quit the inevitable, right? I do need to know…" Beca said, sitting back down at her side of the booth. She points on the seat across from her with her hand, "Let's talk, Chlo" she said with a smile.

Chloe wasn't sure if she's supposed to be relaxed or be scared with how smooth things are going as she took her seat.

It didn't take long before Chloe started to lay down the story she knew very well. She started with how she felt during those times, how she felt alone whenever Beca wouldn't come home – when she slept all those nights in their bed without Beca spooning her even if it's in the early hours in the morning, and Chloe would wake up seeing Beca there beside her, sleeping. Beca tried to apologize for being too busy with her work, but Chloe kept reassuring her that it was okay and it's not the issue at hand. Chloe then proceeded to that night when her life changed forever. That night of stupidity, and the morning after seeing herself in someone else's bed. And then the thing she did that changed both of their lives: leaving Beca.

The newly given information processed through Beca's mind. She tried to internalize all the things Chloe just told her. A lot of things running through her mind how miscommunication can just literally fuck everything up.

"And you know…I really wanted to kiss you that night." Chloe added, after a long pause of silence. "I just didn't want to make things complicated even more than it actually was…little did I know it'll just made things worse."

That night after their whole day of spending time with each other, when they took Luke and Stacie to the airport, and Jesse and Aubrey bailed on them – that night in Beca's apartment, when they almost kissed, and then Chloe ran off. Beca's eyebrows shot up in realization.

"Oh…that night." Beca chuckles, "You messed me up that night, you know?" she smiles at the memory

"I know" Chloe covered her face in embarrassment, giggling. She pulled her hands down from her face once her giggles stopped as she smiled back, "It messed me up too."

She reaches across the table for Beca's hand and held it, running her thumb over Beca's knuckles. "I know I'm the one who messed everything up, and…and I would really like for me to make it up to you. I want to know that this time, I won't let those kinds of things happen again. That I will stay forever by your side, if you'll let me. I want you to see, feel, and hear from me how much I love you. It took me a while to realize things – I know how dumb it is – but I'm here now and willing to do everything – absolutely everything for you, Beca. Allow me to make things the way they are supposed to be."


It's fucking amazing how that single emotion/feeling makes you feel so alive and feel so many things all at once that you can't even speak…only tears can speak for you. This is how Beca was able to give Chloe an answer. A smile filled with pure happiness and over-flowing tears in her eyes. Her eyes glimmered in tears and when her lips curved in a bright smile and nodded, Chloe knew that after all, not everything is against her. Not everything sucks, because you need to feel bad and suffer on it before you have the sweet, sweet taste of victory.

Chloe smiled in relief, standing up and going over at Beca's side of the booth and hugged her tight, as if to lock her limbs all over Beca, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

"I'm gonna be handful" Beca said while sniffing and rubbing her nose as they pulled apart. "I'll be really hard to impress." She smirked.

Chloe laughed and shook her head, "It doesn't matter. As long as it's you." She tapped Beca's nose that cause the brunette to blush and hide her face behind a curtain of brown hair.

"Stop it, Beale. No sweet talk is going to get you what you want." She said, still hiding her face from the redhead.

"What should I do then?"

Cocking an eyebrow and smirking, Beca thought of something witty and something that will throw Chloe off. Although when she turned her head towards Chloe, she didn't expect for their face to be an inch closer. Seemed like Chloe neared her face towards Beca's head, and that definitely threw Beca off, making her jerk herself backward.

"What the – you still don't know personal space, huh?"

"With you? I don't."

"Stop with the lines, Beale." Beca said, laughing.

"Okay I'll stop…but really. I meant everything I said, Beca." Chloe said, getting serious.

Holding Chloe's hand, Beca nodded. "I know you do."

The door to Luke & Laura's house opened to reveal a Beca Mitchell holding hands with a Chloe Beale in tow, and the couple cheered.

"Knew it was going to go well!" Luke clapped his hands before going over to 2 of his most favorite girls and hugging them both. "How are you guys?"

"We're good." Beca said turning her head to look at Chloe who smiled at her when she smiled, "We're going to get better." She squeezed Chloe's hand at the last word.

"But we're not rushing things either. We both know that she just got out of a relationship, and I'm here for her and will be making it up to her."

"So to be precise, she's pretty much at my mercy right now." Beca said that caused Chloe to laugh and gave Beca's shoulder a light slap.

"Ouch!" Beca dramatically held her shoulder, squinting her eyes playfully "Violence won't get you points, Beale."

"Shut up." Chloe said, giggling.

"Then that's fair…for the both of you." Luke said, nodding in satisfaction with how things ended up with these two. He has seen the way their relationship begun, and he has seen how it kind of ended, but he really hoped that they will find their way back to each other again…and this, right in front of him was a prayer answered. "So, what did I say Becky?" he smirked as Laura gave him a new bottle of champagne that was hiding at the kitchen counter, "I said tonight there will be a celebration, didn't I?"

To Beca, seeing everyone's happy faces, celebrating her birthday with her, Chloe being there, them being able to get the closure they needed…was like a scene from her dreams. Only this time, it's real. Only this time, it's not just a birthday wish anymore. Her wish came true, and she couldn't have it any other way.

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