Jude and Zero have begun a relationship

Chapter 1

Jude and Zero laid beside each other in Jude's bed. Zero suddenly got up because he had had a long hard day at practice and had a migraine. He sauntered to the kitchen to get a glass of water and some aspirin. Just then Jude stretched out his hand to Zero's side of the bed and felt no one there. He got out of bed to find Zero. He happened upon him in the kitchen.

He asked, "Hey baby, what are you doing up?"

Zero answered, "Oh I didn't mean to wake you. I have a migraine. I was looking for some aspirin."

Jude said, "It's in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I'll get it for you."

Jude took Zero's hand and led him back into the bedroom. After retrieving the aspirin for Zero he kissed Zero's left cheek softly whilst rubbing his shoulder.

He said, "The next time you have pain of any sort you don't need aspirin, just tell me and I'll massage it away whether it be a headache, or a backache or a stomach ache or um….. an ache in an extremely sensitive area, I'll be happy to massage you until you feel all better."

Jude threw Zero a sexy wink and smile. Zero, tickled by the thought of having his new boyfriend massage his penis chuckled softly and smiled at Jude. Zero took the aspirin and the two lay back down. Jude gently caressed Zero's hand and slightly pecked it. The two slowly fell asleep beside each other.