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Warnings: Language, Sexual themes, male/male relationships, female/female relationships

Roxas was well-liked. At first sight people tended to assume he was a punk with an attitude but he worked hard and was generally polite so he was well-liked in a shallow-sort of way. He had a hard time making friends but he cherished the ones he had. He didn't think he was perfect by any means but he tried to be better. He couldn't help the little spark of jealousy when Hayner, his best friend, got a girlfriend. He couldn't decide if he was jealous because Hayner got someone before him or if it was because he didn't want someone else hanging with his best friend. Maybe a bit of both. Either way, it was a pathetic way to feel and he hated himself for it. He hoped he was hiding it well when Hayner introduced his girlfriend to the group.

The petite blonde girl stood shyly next to her boyfriend as she was being introduced, "Namine, these are my friends: Roxas, Pence and Olette."

"Hello." She said in her little voice. Roxas had to admit she was adorable and very sweet and very hard to hate.

Apparently she was an artist and met Hayner when she found him tagging the side a dumpster. Hayner was a better person around her. His sentences held much less profanity and he spoke about becoming a legit artist instead of just worrying about kicking Seifer's butt in the next skateboard competition. Roxas could only smile and be happy for them. Even when Hayner started hanging out with Namine more and the rest of them less. Even when Hayner started talking about artistic integrity and other things they couldn't understand. They were still friends but they rarely hung out without Namine and a group of her friends joining along. Roxas didn't much like new people. He was polite enough but uncomfortable and was even more uneasy since he no longer had Hayner at his side to defend him.

Then he met Sora.

Sora was a friend of a sister of Hayner's girlfriend or something- Roxas wasn't paying all that much attention. All he knew was the brunet joined them on one of their outings to the arcade one day.

Sora was everything Roxas wanted to be. He was bright and sunny and people were drawn to him. He was so good-hearted he couldn't offend someone even if he tried. Best of all, he was the one thing Roxas knew he would never be brave enough to be: he was out of the closet.

And nobody cared. They talked to him like he was a normal person. He'd talk with the girls about cute boys and talk with the guys about video games. He talked to everyone all the time and they all loved him.

Roxas was in awe… but there was no way he could talk to Sora. Sora was like a creature of another world, always surrounded by people, laughing and glowing. Roxas spent that time at the arcade after first meeting Sora wondering if he should approach the brunet. He couldn't just walk up and start a conversation. What would he say? Thinking about it just made him more nervous. In the end, he spent the evening playing Pacman by himself wishing he wasn't such a wimp. He spent the night chiding himself as an idiot and wallowing in regret before finally falling asleep.

It was another few weeks before Sora's group and Roxas' rejoined for another get together. This time, they were hanging out at Namine's house for a movie marathon. Some trilogy Roxas didn't care about. There were eight of them and only about five could fit on the couch so the other three sat on the floor and were provided with sympathy pillows which did little to make them more comfortable. Roxas, of course, was one of the three on the floor. As well as Pence and Sora's friend Riku.

Riku tried to start a popcorn fight with Sora but the boy was too entranced in the movie to notice. Riku grumbled for a bit but eventually settled down and watched the movie. After awhile, he started quoting the lines quietly under his breath.

Roxas chuckled, "I take it you've seen this movie before?" He whispered so as to not disturb the others.

Riku grinned, "Once or twice."

"I'm surprised anyone would watch it more than once, it's kinda stupid. I don't see what the big deal is." Roxas mentally slapped himself after saying that. What a stupid thing to say!

"It's incredibly stupid," Riku agreed, "But it's Sora's favorite series. He's made us all watch it at least once and now it's become like this cult classic for us."

"So, this is like your induction ceremony or whatever?"

Riku nodded quickly adopting the idea, "Yeah, I like that. You're not truly our friend until you can recite the whole movie by memory." He shot Roxas a smirk, "So, better start paying attention."

"Will there be a quiz?" Roxas returned.

"It's like two hundred questions and at least an A is required to hang out with us."

"Quite the elite group."

"You bet."

Roxas' attention started to filter back to the TV screen while a particularly dramatic scene played out.

By the second movie, Roxas found himself kind of getting into it. They were still really stupid movies but he felt like he was sharing in a tradition of a close-knit group of friends he had somehow stumbled into. Anyway, Riku's occasional remarks kept him entertained:

"You have to be able to spell his name….backwards." Riku announced after a Russian character with a five syllable first name was introduced. Roxas doubted he could pronounce the name much less spell it forwards or backwards.

"Memorize that map. I'll expect you to draw it for the test." Riku added later.

"Hear that track in the background? There's no way you'll pass the test if you can't hum the whole thing."

At that last one Roxas chocked in laughter while taking a sip and nearly snorted his soda from his nose. Riku found this hysterical but they were quickly shushed by everyone else.

They departed for the night after the third movie was finally over and Roxas went home with a smile on his face.

They started hanging out more frequently after that. Every time Riku saw him he would spout out some trivia question about the movie and Roxas would give a ridiculously wrong answer partially because he couldn't correctly answer most of the questions and partially because he liked making Riku laugh. Riku had a rich satisfying chuckle.

It wasn't until the fourth time they all got together than Roxas and Sora finally got to talk.

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