Title: Convergence

Author: Magrat 70

Rating: T

Not mine, I will put them all back unharmed when I have finished playing

Thank you to Sao 21 for beta and listening to late night rambling.

Author note: set at the end if Once More With Feeling, I have committed writing suicide by including a 'song' for JJ and Emily and as someone who had never produced any type of verse for anything not even a Limerick this will probably kill this story dead. JJ's song is called Cloaks and Daggers, Emily's is All American Girl

Welcome to the Hellmouth

"Wish I could trust

That it was just this once but I must do what I must

I can't adjust to this disgust

We're done and I just

Wish I could stay"

-Tara Maclay Under your Spell/ Standing Reprise

"I still look pretty good for a dead kid, don't you think Lauren? Or do you prefer Emily now? You know you will never escape Valhalla; my dad taught me just what to do," Declan grinned widely at her, levelling the glock she hadn't noticed in his hands right between her eyes.

Strong arms restrained her, keeping her in place. "So I did, Son."

Unable to move a muscle, words failed the profiler and she watched as his finger slowly tightened on the trigger.

"No," Emily screamed, thrashing in her bed. She woke shivering, covered in a cold sweat; the clock told her it was 6:30. She knew she didn't have time to get any more sleep, and she dragged her body into the shower, wondering if she would ever have a guilt free night of sleep again.


JJ woke when the alarm went off on her phone; she stretched her back and felt it scream back at her. She was going to have to stop sleeping on the couch; every night had been the same since they got back from Hankel's farm; she started off sleeping in her bed, the nightmares started, and she ended up on the couch falling asleep to whatever late night crap was on TV. The blonde was lucky if she was pulling in more than three hours a night, and her back was not happy with her.

She hoped that they would have separate rooms for this trip. JJ didn't want Emily looking down at her and think she couldn't handle herself in the field. Her growing attraction to the older agent was confusing her. She had experimented with girls in college but Emily was different; she wanted more than a quick fling. She had a need to find out what was going on behind the snarky, sometimes nerdy, and always take charge attitude.

JJ let out another groan as she popped her back again, dreading the longer than usual flight to California.


Spencer was ashamed that he was calculating when he could fit in taking the dilaudid for the day; he didn't think he would be able to sneak away claiming a bathroom break with only JJ and Emily on the jet. He had decided to take some now and then in his hotel room when he got to Sunnydale. He hoped that they didn't get to see the student until the next day. His mind that always worked at a million miles an hour seemed to come to a screeching halt; had he forgot the name of the victim? He felt like he was having palpations until the name presented itself to him, Tara Maclay. Spencer puffed out a little breath in relief.

The drugs were going to destroy him, he knew this; he was starting to panic, too, that the phials that he had swiped from Hankel were running out and he would have to find someone who dealt in this particular drug. He knew at some point he was going to have to deal with this situation; he just didn't know when that would happen, or how to go about it.


The three agents all got to the jet about the same time; a keen observer might have thought they were coming back from a hard case, not about to start one. They all looked tired and pale, and there was little conversation apart from the passing around of the coffee pot. They all settled in different parts of the jet, Emily with book, JJ pulling headphones on as she pretended to listen to music while she caught up on a few hours of sleep, and Spencer gazed listlessly at the file in front of him while the effects of the drug he had taken not long before went through his body.

Garcia had contacted them saying she had tried to call the Summers' residence to set up the meeting, but there had been no answer. It had been agreed on the day before that springing a surprise interview with the FBI might seem a little intimidating.

"JJ!" Emily called over, waiting until the blonde had removed her headphones before she carried on. "Just how shy is this kid? She seems to have made up her tests after what happened to her, and her tutor has said that she has made a lot more friends."

"She was so shy she could barely speak," JJ caught Emily's questioning look. "She had a really pronounced stutter, and I think she was probably bullied about it. I didn't really know her; she is ten years younger than me, but I felt bad for her."

"Garcia has passed on some more information. The whole thing seems a little weird. The girlfriend's best friend is Buffy Summers. Buffy dropped out of college to look after her sister when her mom died. This summer, Tara and Willow moved in with them, and Tara is the sister's other guardian; why not the best friend?" Emily ruminates for a while. "I don't know whether it is because it is weird town, but this whole case is giving me a strange vibe. I don't even know what the point of us being there is."

JJ shrugged her shoulder; she felt nervous about going back in the field, but, at the same time, this was only an interview. No action, no danger.


When they arrived at the airport in Sunnydale, there were two agents waiting for them from the nearest field office. They looked nervous and jumpy as if they couldn't wait to get out of town, almost throwing the SUV keys at them.

Before the two agents could leave 2 police cars delivered four patrol officers from Sunnydale PD. The one with the sergeant's stripes stood belligerently in front of the field agents. "What are you doing in our town? You weren't invited here."

"Back down Mitchell, we were just delivering some wheels for the mighty BAU, and now we're are out of this hellhole you call home," one of the agents spat back.

"Bullshit. The BAU are like vampires they have to be invited in..."

JJ stepped forward to give her usual liaison introduction when music seemed to come from nowhere, and the cops and the agents broke into a West Side Story type song and dance routine. Standing gawping with car keys in hand, she jumped and frantically looked around for a hidden camera, wandering if Morgan had any friends in the local field office and thought this would be funny.

"Let's leave them to get on with it," Emily snagged the car keys and jumped in the driver's seat. "Come on, we'll make a break for freedom."

"What the hell was that?" JJ snapped out, still watching the show in the rear view mirror.

"Morgan," Reid and Emily called out at the same time.

"Should I call him or Garcia?" JJ asked, figuring that Garcia would have to be on it if Morgan knew.

"No, let them stew," Emily answered. "We don't want to encourage them. I blame you Reid, you were telling Morgan about all the weird going ons here. Do we go to Revello Drive and try and see if we get any more luck at catching these students at the house, or do we check in at the hotel, and why do none of them have cell phones?"

"This town isn't very big. We should try out the house first; they might all have been in class earlier," Reid answered, feeling the shakes coming over him but not wanting to trail back to the house tonight; he wanted to get into the privacy of his hotel room and to hit himself up. "The cell phone question you will have to ask them yourself."

JJ programmed the address in the satnav for Emily.


"I'm glad you and Willow aren't fighting anymore," Dawn said softly to the young woman who had become a second mother to her after her sister's death. She was feeling unsettled after the fight between the two witches. "Oh, there was a message on the answer machine for you from a Penelope Garcia, she left a message; it was from out of state."

The blonde witch frowned at Dawn, not remembering a fight with Willow, only a feeling of being unsettled, like something wasn't quite right. The message about the answering machine went over her head. The witch did something she had never done before; she turned her natural, empathic talents on herself. Testing her aura, her energy, and, with a dry sob, she followed a loose thread deeper into her psyche, knowing that something was missing, stolen from her. "Willow, what did you do?" Gathering herself together, she looked at the small flower she had found on her pillowcase, an inkling of an idea going through her mind that was making her sick to the stomach. "Dawnie, I have to go out, will you be okay?"


JJ and Emily knocked on the Summers' door in Revello Drive; they waited for any answer, but there was nothing, and no sign of life in the house. "Do you want to check in to the hotel and get something to eat?" JJ asked.

"Might as well. God, I hope this isn't going to take us days to get these interviews done," Emily moaned as she got back in the car.


Reid had blown them off, saying he would get room service; when they had headed to dinner at the Espresso Pump, they had been weirded out by the flash mob that took place on the street. The strange feel of the town wasn't helped by the receptionist at the hotel handing them wooden crosses to take with them if they left the hotel after dark. The locals seemed to be doing their best to maintain the town's strange reputation.

When they got back to the hotel they were both pleased that the hotel's bar was empty. "Drink?" Emily asked.

"I'd kill for a glass of pinot grigio," JJ answered.

Emily nodded and went to the bar and ordered two glasses of wine when a sensuous Latino beat filled the bar.

The barman groaned and banged his head on the wooden bar. "You're not going to sing all your troubles to me because, I swear to God, there is only so much one man can take."

"What?" Emily looked blankly at him.

JJ was doing her best to sit on her seat, but she was propelled forward by a force she couldn't control. She took to her feet with a sharp shake of her hips.

"Not you, looks like blondie is up; can she sing?" The barman grinned having a feeling this might be more fun than the drunken businessmen that have sung to him all day.

Emily felt a hand on her shoulder and one at her waist as she was turned around and found her hips swaying in perfect synchronicity with JJ's.

Cloaks and Daggers

JJ looked deep into Emily's brown eyes; she tried with every ounce of the power she had not to break into song and certainly not to spout all the feelings she wants to keep hidden from the brunette. Unfortunately, nothing could stop her in the bewitched town.

You wear a mask

That I can't break

I want to ask

But I know you'd fake

Emily pulled JJ in closer, wanting to reassure her that she would do her best not to hide from her. Their bodies were moving in perfect synch while their brains were fragmented at a loss of control.

In this life we play snakes and ladders

You play with a marked deck and loaded dice

We play snakes and ladders

You play cloaks and daggers

JJ slithered down Emily's body before grinding her way back up. This time when they clinched in close, JJ's thigh was between Emily's legs, a small groan escaping the dark agent.

My thoughts are on you

With your perfect poise

My body burns for you

To hear your noise

JJ's lips grazed Emily's pulse point, a pink tongue licked up her neck before the blonde pulled back to look in her eyes.

Would you scream for me

Or only deceive me

Emily dipped JJ back before pulling her close; JJ tried to dance away, the intensity of the moment becoming too much, but, at the last moment, Emily spun her and pulled her back so that both of her arms were wrapped around JJ's waist and her chin was resting on her shoulder.

In this life we play snakes and ladders

You play with a marked deck and loaded dice

We play snakes and ladders

You play cloaks and daggers

The blonde turned around in Emily's arms, this time her body had stopped moving; she stroked a finger over the beautiful brunette's cheekbone, her blue eyes serious, holding Emily in place.

I want to know you

I want to hold you

I am begging you to let me in

Why do I feel this is a game I can't win

JJ leaned up to place her lips against Emily's when she realized the music had stopped; with one frightened look at the dark agent, JJ took off at speed towards the elevators and her room.

"Damn, if the rest of the day had been that hot, I would have enjoyed it," the barman stated, grinning at Emily.

Emily gave a low pissed off growl at him, letting him know that she did not find the situation in any way amusing.

"Hey man, all I'm saying is that if anyone that beautiful was begging to get to know me, I would be at her door now."

"Whatever," Emily snapped out, wondering where the hell her and JJ's working relationship went from here. She followed the same path as the blonde to the elevator and to her fifth floor room that was next door to JJ's.

All American Girl

Emily jumped when she heard the crashing guitar chord ring out; she rolled her eyes and snarled even when she knew she couldn't stem the flow of words. She placed the palm of her hand flat against JJ's room door, not realizing the object of all that she felt was sitting on the floor, her back to the door, trying to stop the tide of tears that were threatening to drown her.

She is perfection on the grandest scale

She could kill me with the quickest smile

I want to love her but it would fail

She moves with grace and style

I will never be good enough

JJ could hear every word as if Emily was there in her room; she jumped when she heard the door to Emily's room slam shut. The blonde thought that would be the end of her hearing what was in the brunette's heart, answering what she had asked during her soul bearing. Instead the dark agent's whisky roughened voice carried on snarling over the rock guitars

The perfect all American girl

Blue eyes, blonde hair and legs that go on for miles

I'd get on my knees and beg for her

I'd cry for her, I'd die for her

Take every piece of pain for her

The brunette didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she was unable to stop the words falling out of her mouth. She would never have JJ; she cared too much for her to inflict herself on the blonde beauty

I've deceived, I've killed, I'm numb

I bring nothing but darkness and pain

I could lie to make her succumb

It would all be in vain

I'm just not good enough

Emily sounded in so much pain that JJ was desperate to go next door and comfort her. She had never heard such intensity in all her life

The perfect all American girl

Blue eyes, blonde hair and legs that go on for miles

She's sweet and caring

Beautiful and captivating

Emily stood in front of the mirror in her room, hating what she was, what she had done, everything that made her wrong for Jennifer.

I'm not good enough for her

The perfect all American girl

Not able to stand looking at herself any longer, Emily crashed her fist through the mirror, shattering it into hundreds of pieces.

On hearing the crash and deciding it could not be good, JJ grabbed the first aid kit from her go bag. She started to bang on Emily's door, not noticing the absence of sound. "Em, if you don't open this door, I am going to get the manager to open this bloody door."

The door opened slowly and Emily wouldn't look her in the eye. JJ could see the blood dripping from Emily's fist.

"Let me see," JJ was pleased there was no glass embedded in Emily's knuckles; she led the passive agent into the bathroom before running it under a tap to make sure there was no tiny splinters in the wounds before drying and tending to them. With a defeated sigh, she turned to leave the room; it being obvious the older woman was getting ready to put the whole evening into one of her compartments, she was surprised when a strong hand gripped her wrist.