The Minty Five-Star Adventure
By: Minty-Fivestar

Ten years since I last updated this story, and twelve years after it was first published to the site... it returns!

To new readers, my name is Minty-Fivestar, formerly known as Pichu Star. I used to be more active years ago, before life took over and various difficult events occurred that I had to deal with. I've recently been inspired to go back and work on my old stories, so I'm starting with this one. I started it in my freshman year in high school, and it covers some of the backstory of my original trainer character, Samantha McPhoenix. This story is basically a retelling of the Mewtwo encounter in Pokemon Yellow, along with how Sam came to befriend that Mewtwo, as well as a mysterious baby Mew. None of the Pokemon from generation 3 or beyond will make any kind of appearance in this story, as this was written during a time when Pokemon R/B/Y and G/S/C were the most influential games to my character's story. :)

To any returning readers, thank you so much for coming back and giving this dusty thing another look! I have gone through and made various degrees of editing to the first thirteen chapters, so I encourage you to reread everything from the beginning. Besides, after so long you've probably forgotten what the story was about anyway. ;) Chapter fourteen is brand-new. You may see something of a writing style difference in the last half of chapter fourteen and beyond, as it's been ten years since I last wrote, but as mentioned I've edited the other chapters too, to try and make everything consistent. I hope to hammer through this story and get it actually finished this time around.

I genuinely hope those of you who choose to read will enjoy the story. It is my homage to the original games, and I hope to capture some of the nostalgia of the classic games and anime while also telling the tale of my beloved original character. I also wanted to allow room for others to have similar trainer stories; this is why I do not claim Sam befriends the only Mewtwo in existence. I want others to read the story and think their own encounter with their own Mewtwo could also happen in my world. :)

Disclaimer: Pokémon and all related characters, places, concepts, etc. belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, and all other rightful owners. I do, however, own this story and my original characters and concepts. Do not attempt to steal or use ideas from my stories without permission. (Note that I do not claim to own general concepts that anyone can come up with; I am merely protective of my exact renditions. Believe it or not, I have discovered very un-creative thieves who have essentially plagiarized my stories, with only a few minor differences or replacing the characters I used with their own.) I will find out, and I will take action to have the work taken down and you hopefully banned from whatever site you've used it on. I've sent DMCA takedown notices to people who have tried stealing my work before, and I will be happy to do it again.

Psychic speak/telepathy will be indicated by use of brackets []. Italics will generally be used for a character's thoughts, while use of parentheses () in dialogue will be used to translate Pokémon speak.

This story is written in first-person perspective from the point-of-view of several characters. I have tried my best to make it obvious which character is which whenever I switch perspective. The use of a line break indicates when the perspective changes.

Part One: I am a Mewtwo

Once I opened my eyes for the first time, I knew I was different.

I could see, through the liquid and glass of the tank I floated in, several apprehensive scientists, giving me hopeful and fearful stares. Not a good way to start life off.

[What is this?] I asked them with my psychic power. [And… what am I?]

The scientists explained that I was the fifth of a series of cloned Pokémon, Mewtwo. I was cloned from the DNA of a Legendary Pokémon called Mew. Though the previous four Mewtwos had either escaped or been confiscated by other humans, they assured me that I would be superior to all of them, in time.

This made me feel disappointed. It was bad enough that I was a clone, not a real Pokémon, but to be the fifth of a type of clone… I was not my own self. Was I?

And yet… this all seems as if it were meant to happen… I thought. As the scientists continued on about how they wanted to study me and uncover the powers I possessed, I soon realized why the other Mewtwos had escaped. Like me, they had probably felt angry at these scientists for treating them like a laboratory experiment and nothing more. But I would be patient. I would learn from these scientists for a time, but, like my predecessors, I, too, would escape the confinements of this lab, and search for my path in life. Why was I created? Surely my life could not be just for study purposes. I must have a deeper reason for being…

And one day, I'll discover it.

"As of two days ago, the last of the Team Rocket scientists involved in cloning experiments were discovered and arrested. The data of their experiments was confiscated by Pokémon League and locked away forever. This illegal cloning cannot be allowed. Lives cannot be created to simply be used for greed and power.

"One thing that worries me, though, is the Pokémon itself, Mewtwo. The last one they created appears to have escaped a week or two ago. Now there are five of them roaming the world. I pray that they do not upset the balance of Pokémon and humans, as that could spell doom for all…"

—From an e-mail to Professor Oak from Lance Scott, Leader of Pokémon League

With my escape from the labs, I gained the freedom to search the world for the answers to my questions. But the quest hasn't been pleasant. I certainly can't talk to humans, much less let them see me. And the wild Pokémon I encounter fear me as soon as I speak to them. I am different, you see. I can't associate with real Pokémon.

I am forced to hide myself from both people and Pokémon alike, trying to piece together the meaning of my existence alone. It is a gloomy and lonely process, and I grow more depressed and angry as the days go by. Perhaps I was never meant to be.

One day, I find a cave, full of powerful wild Pokémon. Trainers call it the Unknown Dungeon. Only the best of them are allowed to enter. They see it as a test of their skills.

A test… yes. I shall enter the cave, and hide in the deepest, darkest end of it. I will wait patiently for the day when a true Pokémon Master proves himself or herself worthy of getting through the numerous Pokémon that dwell within the cave, and making it to me.

Perhaps through combat… I will find the answers I seek.