The Minty Five-Star Adventure

Revision 1.5 (11/10/04): More reformatting. Basically tweaking the psychic tags all the way to the 11th chapter.

Born from a tiny burst of inspiration I received freshman year when I was sick with something… This story has become one of my most personal stories, as it is a (very) creative novelization of my Pokémon Yellow game. You know, when you go down into the Unknown Dungeon and capture Mewtwo? That's right. It's been dragged out for a long time since then (and I'm still currently slaving away over it), but I hope you enjoy it every bit as much I do.

Basically… this is the story of my original character, Samantha McPhoenix (the Pokémon League Grand Master who gets into more than she should, and consequently into lots of trouble and clichéd situations as a result); Five-Star, her now-loyal Mewtwo; and Minty, her adorable little baby Mew; and how they all met. Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon, but I own my original characters, places, and story ideas.

Part One: I am a Mewtwo

Once I opened my eyes for the first time, I knew I was different.

I could see, through the liquid and glass of the tank I floated in, several apprehensive scientists, giving me hopeful and fearful stares. Not a good way to start life off.

/What is this?/ I asked them with my psychic power. /And… what am I?/

The scientists explained that I was the fourth of a series of cloned Pokémon, Mewtwo. I was cloned from the DNA of a Legendary Pokémon called Mew. They also told me (very hesitantly) that all three of the other Mewtwos had escaped from them before.

This made me feel disappointed. It was bad enough that I was a clone, not a real Pokémon, but to be the fourth of a type of clone… I was not my own self. Was I?

And yet… this all seems as if it were meant to happen… I thought. As the scientists continued on about how they wanted to study me and uncover the powers I possessed, I soon realized why the other Mewtwos had escaped. Like me, they had probably felt angry with these scientists for treating them like a laboratory experiment—nothing more. But I would be patient. I would learn from these scientists for a time, but, like my predecessors, I, too, would escape the confinements of this lab, and search for my path in life. Why was I created? Life is not meant to be simply a study experiment. I must have a deeper purpose…

And one day, I'll discover it.

"As of two days ago, the last of the Team Rocket scientists involved in cloning experiments were discovered and arrested. The data of their experiments was confiscated by Pokémon League and locked away forever. This illegal cloning cannot be allowed. Lives cannot be created to simply be used for greed and power.

"One thing that worries me, though, is the Pokémon itself, Mewtwo. The last one they created appears to have escaped a week or two ago. Now there are four of them roaming the world. I pray that they do not upset the balance of Pokémon and humans, as that could spell doom for all…"

-From an e-mail to Professor Oak from Lance Scott, Leader of Pokémon League

With my escape from the labs, I gained the freedom to search the world for the answers to my questions. But the quest hasn't been enjoyable. I certainly can't talk to humans, much let them see me. And the wild Pokémon I encounter fear me as soon as I speak to them. I am different, you see. I can't associate with real Pokémon.

I am forced to hide myself from both people and Pokémon alike, trying to piece together the meaning of my existence alone. It is a gloomy and lonely process, and I grow more depressed and angry as the days go by. Perhaps I was never meant to be.

One day, I find a cave, full of powerful wild Pokémon. Trainers call it the Unknown Dungeon. Only the best of them are allowed to enter. They see it as a test of their skills.

A test… yes. I shall enter the cave, and hide in the deepest, darkest end of it. I will wait patiently for the day when a true Pokémon Master proves himself or herself worthy of getting through the numerous Pokémon that dwell within the cave, and making it to me.

Perhaps then… I will find the answers I seek.

Obviously, that was about Mewtwo… if you're confused on all this four Mewtwos stuff, I suggest you read Pokémon Neo. Otherwise, just accept that there were four Mewtwos created, not just one.