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Synopsis: This is during the Reigai upraising series, Reigai Hitsugaya believes the real Hitsugaya is not worthy of protecting Hinamori and will keep her safe away from the real Hitsugaya at all cost. Hinamori wakes up finding out there something different about her Shiro-chan. Will she love the real Hitsugaya or the Impostor?

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"Talking" 'Thinking'

The Two Hitsugayas & Hinamori


Chapter 1: The Two Ice Dragons

The "Reigai war",members of the Gotei 13 fighting against the Reigai army. Reigais carry the same abilities, memories, and personality as their counterparts but, their attitudes are aggressive and highly dangerous. Their powers boosted twice as more, causing them to overcome their originals. Their main leader Kageroza Inaba who created the Reigai army, wanting to take over Seireitei.

In one battle field, the air was thick with heavy fog and everything was covered in ice...

Dark clouds covering the area and in the center, large ice pillars; circling making a large battle arena. Sounds of swords clashing with one another, large frost dragons roaring. The two iced winged captains, dashing at one another in midair creating frozen winds which would freeze the environment around them.

The snow slowly falling making a beautiful sight yet, no one would dare step inside the arena for which would be their last. This was their battle for a place in one girl's heart and to become the True protector.

Puffing cold smoke through his mouth and holding his left bleeding shoulder. His clothes ripped with the shoulder torn, with his wild disorganized white hair. He was badly injured 'dammit…' Hitsugaya panting. A cut on his left cheek with blood dripping down to his chin onto the icy floor and staring up at his opponent, a doppelganger of himself.

The Reigai chuckled with amusement at his counterpart; he clearly was enjoying himself. Not a single scratch or cut on him, winds blowing right against him and his Haori flapping in the wind."Yo, feeling tired already?" as he asked in an arrogant tone, smirking as he rested his sword over his right shoulder.

"Come on brother…this is the best you can do?" the Reigai Hitsugaya taunting him with a wide grin across his face and lighting blue glowing eyes sparking wildly. Hitsugaya irritated by the comment "We are NOT brothe-!" before he could finish, the Reigai vanished.

'Shit!' Hitsugaya trying to relocated the Reigai but, it was too late. The Reigai appeared right in front of his eyes meeting face to face with the grinning Reigai. Before he could react to the incoming attack, a swift kick to the side and Hitsugaya was flying towards one of the pillars, smashing it on impact and thrown to the snowy ground.

Hitsugaya panting and on his knees; trying to stand up, he looked up to see the Reigai slowly landing to the ground. 'Ugh..!' feeling a sharp pain on the side his head from the impact.

"Oh come on now! I didn't even draw my sword, brother." He said laughing as he slowly touching down to the floor. On the impact of his land, draws a heavy mist around him. With the mist in the air, Hitsugaya hearing footsteps crunching the snow ground and through the mist two pair of lighting blue eyes was approaching towards him. As the mist clears, the Reigai pulling out his hand "now…hand it over."

Demanding an object which was preserved inside Hitsugaya's robe."Never…" He stubbornly replied back at the Reigai as he coughing blood. The blood splattering on the snow, he held onto his chest and wiped off the blood off his mouth. "This never belonged to you in the first place!" as he glared up and securing the object inside his robe tightly. 'This is mine and mine alone...I will never give this up, even if it kills me...'

Remembering his reasons to fight for his old childhood friend, who's been in under recovery due to the event with the battle against the traitor, Aizen. That day, he could never forget what he did or forgive himself for being blinded by anger. His own hands and sword thought her chest, holding her tightly as she looked into his eyes.

"S-Shro-chan? …why?"

Gripping onto his sword, hearing the last words she said to him. He remembered how much Hinamori admired Aizen and worked so hard to be closer to him and became his vice-captain. He didn't want her to leave his side shortly he joined the academy, worked hard and soon became a captain like her precious Aizen. The look in her eyes when she talked with her captain and how she always blushed in front of him made him want her for himself.

But her happiness was always first, he promised himself he will always watch over her and protect her from harm. He wanted her to always smile and maybe one day; notice him…not as a childhood friend but as a man who will do anything for her, he was in love with her.

The Regai irritated at his counterpart's stubbornness, drawing his sword and raising his weapon with sparks escaping on the corners of his eyes. "So, be it... I'll just have to take it from your DEAD BODY!" Hitsugaya unable to move, looking down into the snow and closes his eyes '……I'm sorr-'


Hearing a sudden loud explosion and a beam of light knocking the Reigai Hitsugaya across towards a building. Hitsugaya blind from in bright light exposed too close to him and saw a blurry figure walking towards him. Too weak to defend himself from the stranger approaching, he was losing consciousness and collapsed to the ground.

Seeing blurry visions, he felt someone carrying him and saw a gate opening. The gate to the human world and blacked out.