Ch. One

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(Volterra, Italy – Throne Room – 12:00 PM)

Aro, Caius and Marcus were sitting over to the side reading some older books in their collection when a knock came to the door. Aro called out for those who were on the other side to enter only to see that Jane escorted a flaming red haired female vampire with bright red eyes. Aro tilted his head to the side as he watched the female look from him to his brothers then back to him in no more then a few seconds. Marcus sat in the only chair with a bored look on his face as Caius stood on the other side of Aro. The red headed vampire just stared at Aro and Caius as if Marcus posed no threat.

"What can we do for you, my dear?" Aro asked with a sweet smile on his face.

The woman looked between the three brothers as her eyes grew darker. "I would like..." She closed her eyes holding out her hand for Aro to take. "Please."

Aro nodded and was instantly in front of the vampire. He took a hold of her hand and closed his eyes to allow his mind to focus on what he was seeing. It was only when he spotted Carlisle and his coven that he tightened his grip. He watched as Carlisle's first fledgling pulled the venom from the young female when she begged to be changed. Only when he saw enough, did Aro release Victoria's hand. His eyes opened and he looked at the female before him.

"I understand perfectly my dear." He whispered turning his back and clapping his hands. "Felix, Demetri." Aro called knowing they knew what to do.

Victoria's eyes widen as her gift kicked in only to be a little to late as Demetri grabbed her arms and Felix ripped her head off. In an instant, Jane grabbed a torch and light the females body on fire. Aro turned only when the fire was going and frowned as he stared into the flames.

"What did she show you brother?" Caius asked with one brow raised.

Aro sighed as he turned to Caius. "It seems that the Cullen's have broken the rules once again." He held out his hand to each brother. "Allow me to show you."

Marcus and Caius took Aro's hands, allowing their brother to force the images he saw into their own minds through his gift. Marcus nodded in understanding yet Caius hissed as he jerked his hand out of Aro's hand. His eyes pitch black as he started to pace.

"You do know what will happen, don't you?" Caius' was extremely aggravated because it had been years since a human vampire hybrid had been created. "If others find out about her, more will be created."

"Then we shall send Demetri, Jane and Felix to go and bring the girl back to us." Aro said as he looked at Marcus. "What do you believe brother?"

Marcus thought for a moment. "Be careful, Aro." He stood and headed towards the back entrance/exit. "I believe this Isabella will change us all if brought here."

"For the good?" Aro asked in a light tone.

Marcus said nothing as he disappeared around the corner at human speed. Caius frowned as he turned to Aro. His mind whirling of the outcomes and consequences if this girl was allowed to stay where she was located. They all knew the changes that were to come and wondered if they had already happened since it had been little over 7 or 8 months since the bite happened and the girl saved from changing. While this young female wouldn't experience the pain as a vampire would during the change of her body, she would more then likely appear different each time she slept. They knew if they wanted to keep a lid on their secret they needed to act fast.

"I say bring her and anyone else that may have saw her recently." Caius said as he stood at the end of the table. "It is the only way to be sure she is protected."

Aro turned his eyes to Caius. "What about what Marcus said?"

"Marcus sees relationships," Caius scoffed. "Not the future." He looked at Aro. "You know the last change for this girl is to be her diet. While she can consume human food she will also need fresh blood and not the animal blood that the Cullen's feed from."

Aro sighed as he took up the seat Marcus vacated. "Do you think I do not know all this, brother?" He hated being king sometimes. "We are damned either way thus I say send them to retrieve her but only her and the people that live in the house. We don't know if anyone else has saw this girl recently and I wouldn't like to take more humans then necessary." His eyes narrowed. "We do not need to draw more attention then we can afford."

"Fine." Caius growled as he turned his eyes to Felix. "You have your orders. Go and retrieve this girl."

"Yes, Master." Felix nodded his head as him, Demetri and Jane left the room.

Caius nodded as he turned his red eyes to Aro, who had a thoughtful look on his face. "Brother?"

"I was just thinking that maybe we should check out this Isabella." Aro said with a frown. "When I looked at her through the eyes of Victoria, it seemed she looked like a vampire yet was human."

Caius raised a brow. "Could she be like..."

"Ah, that is what I wish to find out." Aro smiled with a nod. "It would be a miracle to find their blood line again. The only humans that were born to be vampires. How I missed Mr. Swianney when he left with his family."

Caius scoffed as his eyes narrowed. "You should have brought him here." He hated that the Swianney family were able to get away. "If you had, we would have been able to keep an eye on their family."

"He wished to live away from us vampires." Aro waved his hand as he grabbed his laptop. "Now, if I remember correctly. The girls last name is Swan."

Caius rolled his eyes as he picked up the book he had layed down when Victoria arrived. He hated when his brother allowed the one family in the entire world to be born to be vampires leave the safety of Volterra and the ruling vampires. Although he had to admit he was shocked that the Swianney line was able to survive but then again humans were very willful creatures.

(Forks, Washington – Quileute Reservation, Clinic – 11:00 AM)

Bella sighed as she cut her eyes over at Charlie as he read the latest magazine that was lying on the table. She could hear whispers in the back of the clinic and couldn't help but wonder why it smelled like wet dog in here. It was rather thick but she couldn't understand because of the fact she didn't see any animals around. Her left hand absently rubbed the scar on her wrist where James had bitten her. Her eyes darted to her father again and wondered what was happening. She realized not long ago that she started to notice things changing. At first she began to realize she was no longer as clumsy as she had been. Bella thought it was just her growing up but when she started to smell things she shouldn't, like her fathers blood as well as other scents. She knew she needed to try and find the Cullen's only her search lead her to dead ends.

No pun intended.

It was then she decided to go for a short run one night. Bella ran a few minutes until she noticed that even with it dark, she could see a little better then before. To her it looked as though it was still dusk yet she could see the moon high in the sky. Bella had went back home only to realize just how far she ran in such a short time. She kept a journal and hide it very well that way Charlie wouldn't find it. In the back of her mind, Bella couldn't help but wonder if Edward didn't get all the venom out of her system since it seemed she was changing only without the extreme pain. Bella sighed as she pulled at her jacket sleeves. She had a bad feeling coming here because of the look Charlie had been giving her the past few days. She didn't know if it was her imagination or not but he seemed to be trying to figure something out.

"Isabella Swan." Sue Clearwater called out for her.

Bella smiled and stood along with Charlie. She sighed as she headed into the back with Charlie following rather close behind her. Sue lead her to a room that had a small table for her to sit on while there were two chairs along with a stool. The walls and furniture was white as she suspected. Charlie sat in one of the chairs as she hopped up on the table. Sue looked over the chart then walked over to her and blocked her from Charlie. She tilted her head as she locked eyes with Bella.

"If you would, pull up your sleeves." Sue asked her with a serious tone.

Bella swallowed and nodded, doing as she was asked. Sue looked at her left wrist then picked up her right one where James bite mark was. Her eyes went to Bella as she pulled the stethoscope from around her neck then placed it in her ears as she listened to Bella's heart beat. Bella kept her eyes on the wall as if interested in something until Sue pulled the cool piece of metal off her chest. When she did look at Sue, she noticed a stern look on her face.

"I'll be right back." Sue said as she headed out of the room with her folder.

Charlie frowned as he looked at Bella. "What did she check, Bells?"

"Just my heart beat and breathing." Bella hoped that would pacify him for the time being because she couldn't help the bad feeling she was getting.

Neither of them spoke as they sat there. Bella was listening to the foot steps that were going back and forth in front of the door. It was then she heard Sue on the phone with someone. She didn't understand what was going on until she heard something that caught her attention.

" a Cold Ones bite." Her voice was rather quiet yet Bella could hear it perfectly.

"We'll be there in a few minutes." Bella cut her eyes to Charlie when she heard Billy's voice.

Sue sighed. "What should I do before then?"

"Take some blood." Another voice said, it sounded like Harry. "See if anything is showing a change in her blood. If that's the case then we'll need to speak to both Charlie and Bella." Harry sighed along with Sue.

"Alright." Sue said as I heard her moving further away. "Please hurry."

"We will." The conversation stopped as soon as Bella heard Sue hang up.

Her eyes went to Charlie because he was once again reading the magazine he brought from the front. Bella sighed as she layed her head against the wall. Hearing Sue speak to Harry and Billy worried her because what would they know. She could tell that no one in the tribe were vampires yet for some reason Bella had a funny feeling. It was then the story Jake told her when she first arrived in Forks popped into her head.

Spirit wolves are protectors of the tribe. Bella's eyes widen as she looked over at Charlie. No, it can be. She thought as the door opened and Sue came into the room with a small tray of needles and tubes.

"I just need to draw some blood, Bella." Sue said with a smile. "Do you mind?"

Bella nodded her head as she held out her arm without the bite mark. Sue shook her head slightly as she took the other one and pressed the needle into her skin. Bella felt it go in but it didn't hurt like they use to. Charlie didn't say anything as Sue drew four tubes of blood then pulled the needle out yet before she could wipe the blood off, it went back into Bella's veins and sealed as if she wasn't ever poked. Sue's eyes snapped to Bella's only for Bella to dropped her head. Whether she knew about vampires or not wasn't something Bella knew and it wasn't something you could tell people about. Not only that, who would she talk to unless she wanted to go into a mental hospital.

"Your lucky, Bella." Sue said breaking Bella out of her thought process. "We look at the blood here at our own lab." Bella couldn't help but wonder if Sue did know something.

Charlie frowned, however. "Are you sure you know what you're lookin' for?"

"Of course, Charlie." Sue chuckled as she gathered the samples then exited the room. "The results should be ready in a few minutes."

Charlie and Bella both nodded as Sue left the room. She rubbed her temples as they sat in the room because she could feel a headache coming on. Bella sighed as she dropped her head to her chest and listened to what was going on, on the other side of the door. Sue wasn't around but she could still hear someone else talking.

"I cant believe they allowed herhere." It was a female's voice. "Her father I have no problem with but the Vamp..."

"SHHHH!" A young males voice shushed her. "Do you want Sue to hear you? The Swans are protected by the Chief. No one goes against Billy or Sam."

Bella frowned as she cut her eyes to Charlie. Sam? What does Sam have to do with this? Was her only question.

The two people kept whispering as they headed down the hall and away from the room Bella was placed in. She didn't know why but she felt as though something bad was going to happen. She tried to push the feeling away but when she heard a phone and Sue answer it. Her heart almost did stop.

"I'm sorry Billy but it looks like Bella is starting the change." Sue's voice was low and full of concern. "What should we do? It's not like I've seen before when our wolves have been bit it's almost like she's changing at a really slow rate. Its the cells that have already changed that are changing the others. I could see it happening under the microscope. What should I do?"

Billy sighed on the other end. "Send them home, Sam, Harry and I will go over and speak to Bella." Bella heard his wheelchair in the background. "I think its time that we tell Charlie about what his daughter has been up to."

She cringed as she pushed the conversation out of her mind. She felt her heart damn near stop when Sue opened the door and smiled to Charlie and then turned to her.

"The results were inconclusive." She smiled sadly at Charlie. "We'll have to send them out." Her eyes met Bella's. "Do be careful in the future Isabella."

Charlie frowned at the fact Sue used Bella's full name. Bella just nodded with a sigh and made her way out of the room and towards the exit. She wanted to get home as soon as she could because the odd feeling wouldn't seem to leave. She felt her heart start to pick up as she grew closer to the front because the sudden wet dog smell was growing stronger the further she grew towards the front. Bella had to cover her nose for a moment as she closed her eyes and took a few calming breathes through her mouth. She couldn't see or hear a dog barking thus Bella knew there wasn't any dogs near but the smell was getting stronger as she stood there. When she did open her eyes, she spotted Jake coming towards her shaking, wrapped in a blanket. His eyes grew wide as he finally noticed her.

"Bells?" Bella could see something was wrong with him then realized the smell of wet dog was coming from Jake.

"What's wrong, Jake?" Bella asked moving closer only for him to stiffen as his nose flared. "Are you sick?"

His eyes widen for a moment then closed as his head dropped in defeat. "Y-Yeah, I...I'm kinda sick Bells," When he looked up she could see the tears in his eyes and knew he was lying. "I...I'll see ya later."

Jake didn't give her a second glance as he hurried by her and into a room opposite of the one Bella was in. Charlie finally came out of the room with Sue. He was nodding at Sue and she couldn't help but wonder what Sue told him. Seeing Jake here, caused Bella to feel out of place once again. Shaking her head, Bella hurried out of the door and towards the cruiser. It was only when she grabbed a hold of the handle of the passenger door that she heard a deep threatening growl. Bella jumped, spinning around because she didn't know if it was Victoria. She knew Victoria was still out there somewhere and wondered why she was waiting. Surely Victoria would have done something by now. Pulling herself out of those kind of thoughts, Bella jerked the car door open and got in as quickly as she could. She didn't know how she knew but that growl was a threat to her and she didn't like it one bit.

When the door opened, Charlie got in with a frown on his face. Bella didn't know what Sue told him but she could tell by his body language that it wasn't good. Bella sighed and looked out of the window as he started to cruiser, pulled out of the car stall and pulled out onto the road. Neither of them spoke as he headed back to the house but Bella knew her father well enough that he was only gathering his thoughts before he spoke. She didn't understand what was going on but Bella knew that soon she wouldn't be able to stay around Charlie because if she was changing, her diet would soon change. Even if she never said how she felt, Bella loved Charlie almost as much as she did Renee yet neither of her parents were good with words. She kept her eyes watching the scenery as it passed but soon the scenery stopped as did the car.

"Dad?" Bella questioned as she turned her eyes to her father only to see him staring at the steering wheel with a frown on his face. "Is everything ok?"

Charlie didn't say anything for a little bit. "Sue said something that caused me some concern." When he did look at her, Bella felt her heart stopped at the look on his face. "She said that the world I knew wasn't how I viewed it. Do you know what she's trying to tell me?"

Shit! Was the only thing going through Bella's mind as she stared at her father. "Let's get home and then we'll talk." She hoped that would pacify him for a few minutes longer.

"Billy, Harry and Sam Uley are going to be at the house a little later." Charlie said starting the cruiser up, not noticing his daughter stiffen. "Do you know why they would need to talk to me? Or you?" He raised a brow at her.

Bella kept her mouth shut but nodded. "I'll tell you everything as soon as we get home and talk to Billy." She kept her eyes looking out the passenger window. "For what its worth, I do love you, dad." She looked at him quickly then turned her eyes back to the scenery as it passed. "And I'm sorry."

Her eyes were looking out at the scenery as a few tears ran down her cheeks. Bella knew that something was happening to her but she didn't know what and if it would hurt her father. The only thing she did know was that Charlie was starting to smell rather nice, in a bad way.


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