Summary: This is a fic to go along with "9 Minutes, 36 Seconds" and "Finally". You don't really need to read those, it's just Mac and Harm's POV on their wedding day. This one is from Chole's POV.

Disclaimer: I do not own them, never will. * sigh * But I can still play with them, right?

Author's Notes: This little fic came to me during science, when I was really bored.

We're all finally here. They've finally gotten their heads out of their asses long enough to see how much they mean to one another. No offense, I love Harm and Mac to death, but they are both so dense when they want to be. But it doesn't matter now, I'm finally the flower girl for the right wedding. Well, actually I'm a Jr. bridesmaid, but whatever.

It still amazes me that it took them this long to get to this point. I mean, come on, I knew they loved each other five years ago. I told Mac this, and she just laughed. But it's true, me, the little shrimp, knew they were meant for each other when I was 11. But like I said, all that doesn't matter now, they're finally where they belong.

For awhile I liked Mic, but now as I look back, I realize how dumb that was. He bribed and flattered me, just so I'd like him! Loser! I was mad at Mac, for not going after him, but eventually I forgave her. Now I think he's a total idiot for leaving Mac, but I'm happy he did, because if he didn't, Mac wouldn't be marrying Harm.

I'm sitting here, in a little room with Mac, Harriet, Bobbie and Beth (Skates). They all insist that I call them by their first names. Mac looks absolutely radiant in her wedding dress, like an angel. Harm is so going to die when he sees her.

AJ (the big one), just came in to tell us that the ceremony is about to start. Harriet is putting up Mac's veil. I have never seen Mac so happy. I mean, she was happy, when she thought she was going to marry Mic, but not like this. I talked to Harriet, and she said that Mac hasn't been able to stop smiling since she and Harm got together. Figures, she could never help but smile whenever his name was mentioned.

I'm so happy for them. They've finally gotten together, and they're expecting their first child. Mac said that I screamed so loud over the phone when she told me, that she had to hold the phone away from her ear. Harm said the same thing. I couldn't help it though. I'm gonna be an aunt! Well sort of anyway. Aunt Chole, I like it. You just know that their kid is gonna be gorgeous, I mean look at it's parents, like the hottest couple ever!

Ok Madison, deep breaths. I'm about to start down the aisle. I walk in slow, measured steps, just like Mac told me to. Harm and I exchange secret little smiles. He knows how lucky he is. I watch Harm's face as he sees Mac for the first time. Someone's gonna have to tell him to close his mouth. I motion to Keeter with my eyes. He gets my drift and nudges Harm. He smiles at Mac, and AJ kisses her on the cheek. Harm then places a kiss on her lips, and whispers something in her ear. If possible, her smile gets bigger. They are so perfect together. We all let out a breath that we've been holding for eight years. They're where they belong.

Author's Notes cont.: About when I say Chole was 11, I got that from figuring that in Adrift 1, AJ said to "Catch him in eight years." when Chole asked for champagne. That would mean she's 13, and assuming each season is one year, she was 11 in Yeah Baby, in season four. I know in that episode, she doesn't look anywhere near 11, but I did the math, and that's what I came up with. If anyone has another guess as to how old Chole was in season four, feel free to e-mail me.