So, here we are. The long awaited sequel to Echoes. I'm very sorry this has taken so long. I've been working on other projects, and on the side I kept trying to figure out a plot that I liked for this. But each time I'd start to get something down, I decided that I hated it and started over. I refuse to publish something that I hate, I care about the fans too much. If I like it, but you all think it sucked, then it was a miss. If I hate it, then I'm just a plain sorry ass. So, this first chapter won't be super long, but it's going to serve as a set up. Oh, and this story is going to be darker. Not just a big fluff-fest like Echoes.

This one is going to dive deep into a place not seen before in the Danny Phantom section. To my knowledge at least. So, onwards.

The area around them was dark, darker than dark, to be honest. This place was on the very edges of the Ghost Zone, a place that no one ever went. It wasn't exactly dangerous, but much like Clockwork's Tower, it was kind of an unspoken rule that this area was a non-aggression space. No one, not even Pariah Dark, would dare to bring conflict here. The being that ruled over this domain was one that nobody ever tried to cross, at least that was the general idea. If anyone had ever caused the being problems, intentionally, they weren't around to talk about it.

The larger of the two ghosts, Skulker, eyed his partner with a small amount of concern. "Are you sure this is a good idea? If we're denied what we ask he might see fit to wipe us from existence."

Technus continued to walk through the cavern they had sought out, not slowing in the slightest. Thrown upon his shoulder was a body, but the weight didn't bother him. "If you want to back out you are free to do so. I, however, have had enough of that blasted ghost child ruining my plans. I'm going through with this, consequences be damned." He looked over at the hunter for a moment, before his gaze turned forward again. "As I explained to you before, I'm done playing nice with that irritating hero. We've constantly played by his rules, but no longer."

Skulker nodded, thinking of all the times that Danny Phantom managed to stop a ghost from taking control over Amity Park. Perhaps a different move here, or distracting the boy with a few citizens in danger of dying. Past plans and tactics couldn't be changed, but as Technus said, it was time to play by their own rules. What they were planning could very well tip the scales in favor of the duo, and the ghosts against the halfa in general.

Of course, some sacrifices would have to be made. In the name of progress their always were.

They finally reached the end of the cavern, where a large purple door rested within the stone, and the symbol for infinity upon it glowing green within the darkness. Skulker raised his mechanical hand to knock, but the door opened before he could. It would seem that the being inside was at least willing to speak with the duo. That was almost as rare as being personally invited into Clockwork's Tower to speak with the master of time himself. Without needing to be told they walked through, not knowing what they would find within. While everyone, or at least a large amount, within the Ghost Zone knew of this being, no one ever spoke of what was beyond the realm door.

"Why are you here? It has been some time since I last had visitors, much less ones in possession of a corpse from the Human World." The being was partially shadowed, only his high tops and jeans were currently visible. Though it was obvious that he was sitting in a Lazy-Boy or similar brand recliner, a hand upon his chin, but no details other than that.

Technus dropped the corpse onto the floor without care, then he and his companion both knelt and bowed their heads. "Creator of the Ghost Zone, we humbly ask of you to lend us aid in the form of a favor that we feel only one of your power could properly achieve." None of his usual loudness or over-the-top antics came out at the moment. Not around the being that created the Zone. He was not one to be trifled with, and would most likely not appreciate needless stupidity.

The Creator eyed him silently for a moment, causing the two kneeling ghosts to feel a small amount of panic build. The Creator tilted his head then, "What kind of a favor are you looking for? To seek out one such as me, well, you must have something grand in mind."

Skulker reached into one of his numerous compartments in his armor and pulled out two vials. One was filled with ectoplasmic blood, while the other had a dead scorpion inside it. "We ask that you combine this ghost blood with the essence of this scorpion." The hunter gestured towards the corpse then, "And merge the spiritual and genetic mixture with this body. Lastly, we would ask that you raise her from the dead."

While they expected a few things, amused chuckling was not one of them. The Creator leaned forward, the very small amount of light revealing tanned skin and black fingernails, "Well that's a new one for sure. No one has ever asked me to dabble in such experimentation before. What you are asking for pushes the very limits of science and the supernatural. However," His fingers lightly tapped the arm of the recliner, "Such a favor would require an equally worthy return."

"I will collect in due time, for now," He stood, entering the light fully, "Let us get started. I can only imagine the legends that may be told from your foolishness." For being the Creator of the Ghost Zone, he looked remarkably normal. He didn't even have glowing eyes like the spectral residents of his dimension. Short auburn hair, blue eyes, a white t-shirt, jeans, and gray high-tops. He actually looked like a college student, but being the Creator, the duo didn't dare comment on his looks.

Their plan to destroy Danny Phantom would finally come to fruition, though of the duo only Skulker had the thought that this may come back to bite them in the end. The Creator would not grant such favors without reason, and he could only wonder what price would be paid to the all-mighty being.

Technus had done a fine job of convincing him though, with fantasies of all the pelts and trophies that he could acquire, while the sunglasses wearing ghost would get to rule the Human World. With the added bonus to both ghosts that drove them deep down: The death and complete eradication of Danny Phantom. Of course, once they were finished here, phase 1 of the plan required several things. Being the great hunter that he claimed to be, Skulker would track these things down and secure them.

First, to seek out his ex-girlfriend Ember.

And that's that for the first chapter of Nobody Lives Without Love. Yeah, there was no Danny or Star, but I wanted to set up the villains and hint at their agenda first. Anyone care to make a guess?