Now we've reached the end my friends. I hope that you have enjoyed this, if not, oh well.

"You will be my champion when the time comes."-Unknown to unknown after the event dubbed First Holy Battle

One day people would look back at this time in history and remember it as the beginning of true chaos. Eventually tired of waiting for the two Gods to return, Paulina turned intangible and joined back up with Danny and Star, informing them of the things that she had learned from Gray. Combined with the knowledge about Dark that Danny learned the trio decided that for now they would bide their time until something could be done.

In a realm between realms, unbeknownst to others eyes, the battle between Dark and Gray had escalated to the point that their very essence was near the point of disintegration. With Dark returned to his former level of power he was able to truly push his brother to the edge, and was handed the same treatment in kind. Unable to best the other they both retreated to their respective realms and prepared for a new war. Many times before the Ghost Zone, Heaven, and Hell had fought of course, it was natural as they all lived by opposing virtues.

This time, however, the two Gods knew things would be different. The living world had been dragged into their conflict, death and destruction spilling out and taking innocents in their fight. When the time came for war, it would be one that would possibly shatter the barrier between realms. It was for this reason that Clockwork informed the ruler of Heaver, Light, about a possible future he'd seen. Where all the realms mixed together with no boundaries.

She was not worried about such a result however. If she was needed in the coming conflict, then she would rise to the task. But a part of the third God in the powerful family, felt that if such an outcome as Clockwork had foreseen came to pass, that their Mother would intervene and harsh punishments would be given. Light had faith that no matter the amount of hopelessness that might come, when the dust settled the universe would be right where it needed to be.

Clockwork could only hope she was right.

Think of this as an epilogue/snippet. See you again soon perhaps.