Child of Darkness
Chapter 9

Harry watched as Snape's black eye's narrowed.

"Are you a total idiot, Potter? I'm not going to tell you that!" He growled dangerously, looking disgusted with the mere thought of telling Potter, of all people, who his first crush was.
"Come on, you have to." Harry said firmly. "It's the rules. You agreed to play this out of your own free will, the least you can do is tell me the truth."

Snape scowled. If he didn't believe so much in rules Potter would be laying on the ground with a black eye. Why on earth would anyone even ask that question. He knew Potter was dense, but that was just weird, he was about 20 years older than him. What was he even doing here? Why had he kissed Potter, and why was he playing this ridiculous game?!

"Snape….. Snape?"
Snape blinked in confusion. "….Huh?"
"Your eye's went all unfocused and you looked….disturbed. I don't know, you looked like you were doing some serious thinking."
"If I answer your question, what will you give me?"
Harry looked startled. "What?"
"It's called a trade, Potter. You give me something and I'll answer your question. Because I'm not answering that without getting something in return."
"I know what a trade is Snape." He said, looking as if he was fighting some inner battle with himself at the moment. "Alright Snape, but what I'm going to give you is very important to me. So you better not lose it or break it." Harry looked dead serious about what he was saying so Snape nodded, rather curious to find out what Potter was being so serious about.

Biting his lip, Harry reached behind him, obviously undoing something.
It was a necklace he had never noticed before. Harry had never had it when he had been going to Hogwarts, so Snape was watching with interest, looking bored on the outside. Harry pulled the necklace out of the high collar of his robes, revealing a thick gold chain that looked like a choker collar and a large red black stone that seemed to glitter gently for a split second before going dull again.

"This is very important so don't you dare to lose it."
Snape smirked, taking the necklace. "Shut up, Potter. It's not like you giving me your soul, it's just a piece of jewelry."
Harry's red eyes widened a bit before he burst into laughter, holding his sides. "No, I suppose not." He said, giggling slightly and brushing away a tear from his eye. "But enough about that, now you have to answer the question."
Snape scowled, fastening the necklace around his neck. "Fine. I was in my first year and I saw a picture of a boy who had won an award for special services to the school and I was obsessed with wanting to meet that boy."
"Shut up, I'm not finished." Snape growled. "As I was saying, I finally did meet the boy but he wasn't quite what I expected so I got over him quickly. He was just a little to old and ambitious for me."
There was a long pause. "So who was the boy? Tell me his name. Do I know him at all?"
"Yes, you know this person, perhaps a little to well. And back then, he went by the name of Tom Riddle."
Harry's mouth fell open, revealing his pearly fangs. "GROSS! That's disgusting! I can't believe I kissed you." He said in a high voice.
"Don't be stupid, Potter. He was Tom Riddle back then, and I never touched him."
"B-but….it's Tom Riddle. How can you not be disgusted."
"Because I was an 11 year old boy who didn't know who or what Riddle was."
Harry paused for a moment, then blushed in embarrassment. "I suppose that make's sense. But it's still disgusting." He shuddered momentarily. "Ok, your turn. I pick dare."
Snape didn't have to think hard about this one. "Stop calling me Snape. I get enough of that in Hogwart's and I don't need it from you to."
"I thought you liked that though."
"Well than I suppose you like everyone calling you Potter than?"
The boy thought for a moment. "Alright, I see your point. But what should I call you than? Can I call you Sev?"

(A/n: from now on, Snape will be called Severus or Sev.)

Severus wrinkled his nose. "Absolutely not. You may call me Severus, that's it, not Snape, not you-greasy-git, and certainly not Sev. Do you understand me."
Harry smiled. "Well, it is a dare after all, I have no choice, do I?" He looked rather happy at being able to call the Potions Master, Severus. At this rate they would be getting off of the island in no time at all. But strangely enough, Harry didn't seem to eager about leaving anymore. He was rather enjoying his time with Severus, despite them both bickering all the time. "So now, what do you choose?"
Severus thought for a moment. "Dare." And to the mans surprise, Harry began to fidget nervously as he mumbled something. "Speak up. How do you expect me to answer if I can't hear you?"
"….Uhm." He cleared his throat, looking at his hands and blushing furiously (something he had been doing more and more often in Severus's presence). "I….I want you to show me….how the dream ends."

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Severus looked shocked, his cheeks going as red, if not redder, then Harry's. "Wh-what!"
"Well…it's been bothering me all day. It just doesn't seem wrong. I-I mean, we were both having the same dream, a-and then we kissed each other and it felt….right. And I want to see how the dream ends….for us both. I don't want to keep wondering anymore." He looked defiantly up a Severus's shocked face. "And you can't tell me you haven't wondered what will happen either."
By now Severus's cheeks were a bright red. "Well of course I've wondered, how could I not," He admitted. "But we can't, because no matter what you and I think, we both know it's wrong. I'm at least 20 years older than you."
"But you don't look it!" Harry pointed out. "And you look even prettier than most girls I know."
Severus snarled at that statement. Feeling a little embarrassed that he was being compared to a girl. "Not to mention what your parents would think, as well as that dog, Black."
Harry scowled. "My parents are dead and there not coming back. And as for Sirius, where was he my whole life? He has no say in how I run my life, guardian or not, he was never there for me so why should he care what I do!"

To say that Severus was shocked would be a huge understatement. He had never known Harry to speak of his parents that way. He sounded cold and determined, to say the least, like he would get what he wanted no matter what he had to do or who he had to hurt.

"I've been alone my whole life Severus, and no one is going to start making my decisions for me now. Especially about how I live my life. Not my parent's, not Sirius, not Dumbledore, and not Voldemort."
"….No, Harry." He said, fighting with himself in the process. His whole body was telling him yes, but his mind was screaming no. "I am not going to have any sort of relationship with a half-rotting creature from hell."
That statement was a bit harsh, but Harry didn't seem the slightest bit discouraged. "I can fix that so my body would be entirely vampire, no more rotting or scales, just pale skin and fangs."
Severus was beginning to become desperate. His body was beginning to react and Harry seemed to have thought this all through.
"Listen to me, Potter. I can't have sex with you. I don't care if your over the legal age, you still have the body of a child, your only, what, 5'3."
"5'4." Harry corrected.
"Exactly my point. I'm much bigger than you are, and you can and will get hurt if we do anything. I may not be the nicest person in the world, but I'm not going to hurt you like…that."
"But I want you to!" Harry screamed. "Stop playing Severus! You know you want this as much, if not more, than I do, so just do it. I'm offering myself here and you know the dream has been driving you crazy so just do what you have to do! Besides, It's a dare! You can't back out." He said, looking at Severus pleadingly. "Please. You know you need this just as much as I do."

Severus closed his eye's. He had a feeling he would regret this.
It took him about half a second to make his decision before he had pounced on Harry pining him to the floor, and began tearing his clothes off.
He didn't care about anything anymore. Harry had been right, it had been driving him crazy for a month now, all that frustration and need that had been all shoved down was now taking over. The world around him just seemed to blank out, as did thought's about everyone else. Right now it was just him and Harry, and they both needed this.
Meanwhile Harry was transforming himself into a vampire, feeling his fangs grow hollow and his skin heal up. It was something he didn't do to often because it took a lot out of him, and once he was done, the boy lay under Severus, panting hard and unable to move. He had kind of expected this to happen, but it was still a pain in the ass.
He was at Severus's mercy now, unable to stop him if for some reason he didn't want to continue. But he wasn't scared, he knew Severus would never purposely hurt him, and he was actually showing his immense trust in the man by leaving himself helpless.
Severus, of course, didn't notice this. He had thrown Harry's robes aside and was running his tongue down the soft skin of the boys flat stomach, noticing the taste of blood in with the taste of peppermint.
He knew Harry was strange, but that taste was just bizarre.
Harry moaned as Severus went lower, teasing the sensitive flesh between his legs with his tongue. Flicking his tongue across the head and down the whole length, driving the boy completely insane.

"P-please Severus." He gasped, eye's dark with lust, making his eye's look like freshly spilt blood. "Please, I-I need-" He groaned in frustration as Severus's tongue left him.

The groan soon turned into a gasp as he felt a hot mouth come down to cover his cock completely. Harry was absolutely mindless, writhing and bucking his hips as the wonderful suction began getting stronger, bringing him closer and closer to his peak. It didn't take long for him to come, being a teenager with a lot of pent up sexual tension, it seemed like heaven.
With a loud cry, Harry threw his head back, his spine arching off the ground as he climaxed. His body growing hot and white lights flashing behind his eyelids for a moment that he wished would never end.
Severus watched as Harry collapsed to the ground, looking like he had passed out, breathing hard and completely limp, satisfied was the only way to describe it. A soft, content look was on his face, making Severus smile.
But now it was his turn. He was as mindless as Harry had been, tearing off his own robes and tossing them aside, he wasted no time in lifting Harry's legs over his broad shoulders and driving himself into the limp body under him with a loud gasp as the sensations began overwhelming him.
He completely missed the choked scream and the fact that Harry went tense, his muscles clamping down, trying to get the huge invader out of him.
Severus wasted no time in pulling out and driving back in, as hard and as fast as he could, feeling himself beginning to reach his climax. He was moaning loudly, a month of frustration, tension, and longing was being poured into that one moment as he went stiff and drove into Harry's body one more time, releasing his seed deep into the body under him with a loud cry.
After a moment he went limp, collapsing on top of Harry, and fell asleep, completely exhausted.
He was oblivious to the trembling boy under him who was struggling to breath and looking wide eyed at the ceiling. It was a long time before Harry went to sleep.

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Severus woke slowly, blinking his eye's wearily.
With a groan, the Potion's Master sat up, rubbing his eye's and trying to clear his head. It was a while before he actually remembered what happened last night and looked down to see if Harry was alright.
It was a huge shock to his system when he saw Harry, laying on his back, his leg's spread open like some sort of sacrifice with bruises coloring his delicate hips and wrists. But it was the blood that made his stomach turn. There was so much of it, running down Harry's thin thighs and staining the carpet red.
Severus stared in horror, not noticing that Harry was looking at him with an amused smile on his face.

"Sev. You look like someone just killed your best friend."
Severus jumped. "H-Harry. I-I'm sorry. I don't know what happened."
"Don't worry. It's not so bad, it just hurt's to move. And don't you start blaming yourself, I knew the risks when I asked you, so it's my fault, not yours."
"B-but look at you. There's so much blood."
Harry grimaced. "Yea, I know. It wasn't exactly how I imagined my first time would turn out."
"F-f-first time! You were a virgin?" He gasped. Looking absolutely horrified at the thought. "You were a virgin and you let me…… YOU IDIOT!! Why didn't you say something! Or better yet, not have even opened your big mouth in the first place!!!" Severus screamed. "What were you thinking you moron!? Don't you have any common sense?!"
Harry blinked innocently. "Oh, come on. You and I both know we needed that, so why start agonizing over it now, when it's over and done with." He said reasonably. "Listen, I swiped a numbing potion from your robes so I don't feel anything, you can just whip me up a healing potion and I'll be good as new."
Severus was still in shock, but his normal personality was coming back and he was mad. "You senseless moron. I'm not giving you anything, you can just deal with the pain when the potion wears off!"
"Wh-what!!? You can't be serious! Do you know how much it's going to hurt."
The Potions Master gave Harry a piercing glare as he pulled on his robes. "I don't really care, Potter. Maybe the pain will knock some sense into you." He looked as if he seriously doubted it though. "I hope you learn a lesson from this."

With that, Severus stormed off, leaving Harry on the floor, looking at him with a shocked expression.
'Oh well' Harry thought 'I should have known better anyways.'
He sighed, this was going to be a very long day.
He had no idea just how long, because an hour later, Hedwig landed on the island with the Daily Prophet clutched in her talons. The headlines lines were bold, screaming out to whoever read them:
Harry Potter at Hogwarts!!!

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