Passing a Test


Written from the perspective of Cinder Falls

Summary: Cinder fails a test. In order to persuade Professor Port, Cinder makes a visit to his office prepared for strenuous activities.

The key to making men do your bidding is simple: unbutton the first three from the collar.

It was a simple mistake. I had forgotten we had an examination on the techniques of Grimm slaying and received an unsatisfactory grade. It'd be a hassle if I were to be called in for an academic counseling session with Goodwitch or some other hunter so I went to deal with the matter personally.

Entering Professor Port's office, I made sure my hips swung with each step.

The good professor was busily writing his memoirs, made apparent by his constant recollection of various scenes in his dramatic life ending with, "...and that is another chapter for my memoir."

"Professor Port," I greeted with a smile.

"And there I was naked with nothing but a toothbru-Ah! Miss Fall, to what do I owe the pleasure?" His bushy mustache shook as he spoke.

Approaching the desk, I sat on the edge with my fingers aiding my balance.

"There seems to be an issue with my grade on the last exam," I said crossing my legs. I had deliberately shortened the skirt. "Isn't there anything I can do to perhaps… raise it?"

He raised an eyebrow. He was definitely intrigued.

"Well, well… whatever can be done?" He leaned closer. I could see his lips licking his mustache.

A sultry laugh. "Perhaps there's a way I can earn some extra credit…?"

An intrigued stroke. "And whatever assignment shall I give you, Miss Fall?"

Leaning forward, I offered him a generous view. Stimulating the blood tends to lead to more impulsive actions.

"I'm sure an arrangement can be made…" I simpered, raising a slender finger to my lips.

"Really…? I have just the assignment in mind." He murmured, muscles taut with restraint.

"Lovely," I breathed, licking my lips.

In my other hand, I readied a sleeping needle. The moment he stepped within range, it would go straight for a neck vein. It will be a simple matter to knock him out. A few incriminating photos and he'll be just another puppet dangling from my strings.

"I'll accept no matter what it is."

"Very well," grunted Professor Port.

He stood up.

My eyes followed him.

He leaned towards me.

I stared back.

He smirked.

I smirked back.

We got closer, closer, and closer still, our noses were almost touching.

It was an agonising silence. The tension was so thick.

I breathed in.

He breathed out.

My hand twitched, waiting for him to close the gap.

And then he moved.

And then there was nothing.

"Now as I was saying, there I was naked with nothing but a toothbrush…"

And so, this is the story of how Cinder Fall, a trained professional in the art of seduction, ended up spending the next few hours polishing trophies while Professor Port went on and on about his glory days.

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